Google Buzz Tools: Search Engine, Widget Creator, Browser Extensions and Add-ons and Desktop Tool

has not made a splash as expected, however, it is slowly being used by a wider range of people. So what about a Google Buzz search engine, or a tool to access Buzz from your desktop or a Google Buzz widget creator?

Well, Google is definitely not working on creating any of the above things, but we have you covered, here are some nice tools which will allow you to use Google Buzz better.

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Google Buzz Search Engine


Buzzzy is a search engine which allows you to search for topics across several social networking sites, including , FriendFeed, Google Reader and Google Buzz.

When you search for a term using Buzzzy, it will crawl the public timeline on the social networking sites and display results to you from them. Pretty useful if you want to see who is sharing your content on Google Reader and Google Buzz. For Twitter, you might want to take a look at how to track your brand or website on Twitter.

Google Buzz Extensions and Add-ons for Browsers

If you are a user, there are quite a few   you can make use of. For the simple update counter, you can make use of Google Buzz Checker. Mobile Buzz allows you to access the mobile version of Buzz from within Google Chrome and Chrome Buzz allows you to view updates from your friends, and post to Buzz and comment.

There are a few extensions for Firefox users as well, including an extension called Buzz it, which will allow you to add any webpage to Buzz. An extension called WiseStamp, which allows you to add your latest buzz update as your Gmail signature

Google Buzz Widget


Want to share your Google Buzz updates with the rest of the world? Buzz Counter is a handy service which will allow you to create a widget out of your Buzz updates and display it on any webpage. Please note that you will have to make your profile public for this widget to work.

Google Buzz for Desktop

Many social networking services can be accessed through your desktop. However, Google Buzz is not that highly adopted yet, but a tool called Google Buzz for Desktop will allow you to access Google Buzz from your desktop. However, this tool is far from usable right now.

Are you using any other tools to access Google Buzz? Do share them with us through your comments.

Sponsored Images Show Up in Google Image Search

I rely on Google Image Search to search for images which I can use in several projects. Until recently, I have been used to seeing text based ads in Google Image Search, however, while searching for an image today, I came across a new "Sponsored Image" result within the search items.

Sponsored Image in Google Image Search

I am not sure about when this started, but a TechCrunch report dated back to 2008 had talked about this, however, there was little or no discussion about it in any other than that. Again, I have been extensively using Google Image search for a while now and haven’t come across this earlier.

Google Image search is a very popular service after regular Google search and there have been text ads earlier, but never image ads. So is Google finally implementing the Sponsored images into image search?

For those curious about where the sponsored image result appeared can click on this link. Have you seen such sponsored images in your image search results before? What terms did you search for to see this? Let me know through your comments.

Facebook Goes After GTalk, Launches Chat With Jabber Support

Quite recently, Google released , a direct competitor to sites like , and FriendFeed. However, it looks like Facebook has given a tit for tat to Google with the launch of a Global Facebook Chat with support for the Jabber protocol and XMPP protocol.

Facebook Global Chat

Google Talk is IMHO one of the most easiest and simplest way of communicating with people. Google Talk worked everywhere and anywhere. Facebook Chat on the other hand was only limited to Facebook, however, with the opening up of Facebook Chat, Google Talk and for that matter other chat services like Yahoo will run into a major competitor with a solid user base of over 400 million users.

However, the means of communication has quickly grown and people use several modes to communicate with each other. Facebook chat just adds another way with which you can communicate with people. However, with so many different ways to communicate it definitely becomes difficult to manage everything.

What is your preferred way of communicating? Do you prefer email, instant messaging, social networking or any other forms of communications? Do let me know through your comments.

Google "Parisian Love" Parody "Parisian Oops" is Here

Yesterday, Google had aired an ad during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl, dubbed as "Parisian Love". The ad was cute and showed how people could use Google to search almost anything.

However, less than a day later a parody video has already debuted on the Internet. The video called as "Parisian Oops" has been released by the Upright Citizens Brigade Beta Team also know as The Brig.

The video mocks the original ad by Google and turns it into somewhat more adult in nature. Have fun watching the video below.

Original here, courtesy TechCrunch.

Yahoo! will be Firefox’s Default Search engine on Ubuntu

Rick Spencer is Engineering Manager at canonical. This recent email from Rick Spencer says that there are two new improvements in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and the developers have been asked to arm Lucid with these changes as it nears its release date.

Although these changes are sure to appear by default, the user will also have an option to switch back to the previous option in case they liked them better. The reason for this change, as told by Rick Spencer is,

I am pursuing this change because Canonical has negotiated a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo! and this revenue will help Canonical to provide developers and resources to continue the open development of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Platform. This change will help provide these resources as well as continuing to respect our user’s default search across Firefox.

The two changes mentioned in this letter are:

  • The default search homepage will change to the Yahoo! search homepage if we change the default search engine preference to Yahoo!. If we do not change the default search preference to Yahoo!, the current Google search page will remain intact as the homepage. This change currently applies to Yahoo! and Google only.
  • The default search provider in Firefox will be changed to Yahoo!. This setting can be changed by the above mentioned method.

This change brings up many questions like “Why Yahoo!?”, “Did Google disagree to continue with the deal with Mozilla?” and “Did Yahoo! promise better revenues than Google, so well known for its love of Open Source”?

How To Find Out When Google Bot Last Crawled Your Website

Google Bot is a web crawler that crawls your website and indexes content into Google, this information was earlier available to users in Google webmasters tools.

In the recent changes Google made to their webmaster tools this information is no longer available, so how do you find out the last crawl date for a particular website or webpage?

Well it is not that hard, with a simple search you can determine the last Google Bot crawl date and time.

Steps to Find Last Google Bot Crawl Date

Google Search

Step 1: Go to and paste the URL for which you want to find the last crawl date and hit enter.


Step 2: In the search results instead of clicking on the URL itself click on the Cached link.


Step 3: In the cached version of the webpage you will find the time when Google Bot last crawled your website.

Easy right? Alternatively you can bookmark the link so that you don’t have to perform steps 1 and 2 over and over again to find out the Google Bot crawl date.