Google Zeitgeist 2011 Reveals Top Searches Around the World

The latest edition of Zeitgeist, Google’s annual summary of the year’s trending searches, is out, and it all but reinforces that we have gotten our priorities horribly wrong. In a year in which we witnessed inspiring revolutions in the Middle East, tragic floods in South America and elsewhere, and devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Zeitgeist is dominated by celebrities and frivolous events.

Rebecca Black was the fastest rising search term in the US as well as around the world, while the Britons were captivated by the Royal Wedding, and Indians were perplexingly enough searching for Facebook on Google. Google Plus, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony, Battlefield 3, iPhone 5, Adele, and Steve Jobs were some of the other things the masses were searching for. The only news related search term to make it to the top ten was related to the TEPCO power outage.


The Zeitgeist is a reflection of public sentiment, and a sorry one at that. Enough Indian men were intrigued by a model’s promise of nudity to have propelled her into the top ten, while more pressing issues such as inflation and corruption didn’t even register. Year end reports published by Yahoo and Facebook also painted an equally embarrassing picture.

Zeitgeist 2011 features improved visualization tools and allows you to dig into month wise trend reports from across the globe spread over dozens of categories. Head over to and start exploring.

10 Most Popular Brands In India (Via Google Zeitgeist 2010)

Each year Google releases a “Year in review” called Google Zeitgeist with the help of which it showcases some wonderful data through the aggregation of millions of search queries that the search engine receives every year. This year, Google Zeitgeist for India had some nice revelations with the IRCTC (railway ticket booking) continuing to top the charts of the year-on-year fastest rising bracket for search queries in India.

The top three most popular searches among Indians on the web during the year 2010 were Songs, Facebook and Google. Amongst the fastest rising people, Indians searched for British actress Aruna Shields and this year’s new Bollywood sensation, Sonakshi Sinha and other favorites from Bollywood like Zarine Khan, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.

The zeitgeist also has a list of top 10 popular brands in India in terms of the search volumes generated by Indians on Google search. Here is the list:

Micromax Mobiles
Micromax Mobile ranks 4th among the top 10 popular brands in India during 2010

10 Most popular brands in India

1. Nokia

2. Samsung

3. Airtel

4. Micromax

5. Dell

6. Maruti

7. Vodafone

8. Apple

9. Sony Ericsson

10. HP (Hewlett Packard)

It is really nice to see a relatively new Indian brand Micromax making it to the top 10 in the list and that too it being the 4th most popular brand in India among the big guns!

What the World and Indians Googled in 2009

Google Zeitgeist is a yearly compilation of search queries run on Google Search. The top search queries are compiled after aggregating billions of queries source from multiple sources including Google search, insights for search and Google trends.

So what has the World been searching for in 2009? Not surprisingly, the top query of the year was Michael Jackson, followed by and . Another surprising fact was that New moon, the new movie from the Twilight Saga series came up tops in the 6th position, and the movie was just released last month.

Other popular queries included Lady Gaga, , Transformers, Eminem, and Beyonce.

Fastest Rising Queries on Google Search (Global)

  1. michael jackson
  2. facebook
  3. tuenti
  4. twitter
  5. sanalika
  6. new moon
  7. lady gaga
  8. windows 7
  10. torpedo gratis

Indians were more concerned about the Budget this year, followed by the new movie Kambakth Ishq and IRCTC, which is the biggest ecommerce site in India, run by the Indian railways. Not surprisingly Satyam share price was the 4th searched for query, Twitter, election results and Nokia 5800 made it to the top list too.

Among celebrities Katrina Kaif was the most searched for followed by Michael Jackson, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Shahid Kapoor. In other worthwhile searches Love Aaj Kal was the most searched for movie followed by Harry Potter and Slumdog Millionaire.

, , Yahoo Mail, Orkut and Indian Railways formed the most popular queries of the year. I had a bit of a laugh though when I looked at the most popular How Toqueries of the year, they included: how to kiss, how to hack, how to study, how to flirt and how to download.

According to the Google Zeitgeist 2009 for India here are the most popular queries:

Fastest Rising Queries on Google Search (India)

  1. budget 2009
  2. kambakth ishq
  3. irctc
  4. satyam share price
  5. bhuvan
  6. michael jackson
  7. twitter
  8. election results
  9. windows 7
  10. nokia 5800

Most Popular Celebrities on Google Search (India)

  1. katrina kaif
  2. michael jackson
  3. salman khan
  4. aishwarya rai
  5. shahid kapoor
  6. kareena kapoor
  7. shahrukh khan
  8. angelina jolie
  9. megan fox
  10. sachin tendulkar

So how many of the top queries did you search for this year? Let us know your thoughts through your comments.