Google Wave: First Impressions

Like an excited little kid on his birthday, I practically squealed when I synced my mobile phone’s email client with my Gmail account and saw that a certain correspondent whose email ID was [email protected] sent me an email with the subject line Your invitation to preview Google Wave. I jumped out of bed, turned on my laptop and accepted the invite and started Wave-ing. It’s been a couple of hours since I woke up and I took a break only to brush my teeth and wash my face. I have been Wave-ing since seven in the morning (here).

Here, I present a visual journey through Wave, captured with screenshots. Since I have no contacts associated in Wave, I cannot tell you how it works as a collaboration platform. It does, however, look very interesting. So without further ado, here are the screenshots with explanations. Click through each picture to see a larger version.


The extreme left side is divided into two bars, Navigation and Contacts and reminds one of Gmail’s extreme left sidebar. The center is the message view with each message having the picture of the contact who is participating in the wave, while the extreme right bar is the Wave view. Doctor Wave is shown as a contact, while an embedded video of him introducing us to Google Wave is in the Wave bar. Notice the previewsubtitle to Google Wave on the top left.


Clicking on new wave takes us to a composer that feels similar to Gmail’s rich text formatter. The screenshot gives an example of some of the features. The first line is the subject line of the Wave. Add participants to the wave by clicking the +’ button, or dragging contacts from the Contacts panel. Add tags and files at the bottom of the Wave for organizing and sharing information, respectively.


You can reply to a message by simply clicking the lower border of that message (known as a blip). The same formatting options are given, while a built-in spell checker allows you to correct your errors (more on this in a following screenie).


Copy paste a YouTube URL and voila, you get an option to embed the video! Some more multimedia can be embedded, methinks. For the sake of this post, I have stopped at just one.


The final embedded video (of Monty Python, no less!) along with the spell checker (called Spelly) that manifests itself as a small blue button with a downward pointing arrow when your cursor hovers next to the wrongly spelled word.

Final Word:

Though it seems novel, it is not as much fun without contacts. I will be sending a few invites in due course of time and collaborate information with people to see how well Wave does as a collaboration platform. Check in again for a post detailing the collaborative prowess of Wave!


For the Developer Preview, check this earlier post by Unitechy.

Google Wave Hands-On Review

Google Wave is an awesome real-time service for sharing docs, sending emails and much more. In-fact it is the most anticipated product of the year and people are already desperate to get their hands on a invite.

Luckily we have access to a developer preview of . Here is a hands-on review of Google wave that talks about some of the features of this much anticipated new service from Google.

Welcome to Google Wave

Once you login to your Google wave account, you will see your Inbox. You can check your recent messages and reply to them from the Inbox.

Google Wave Inbox

You can also sort your messages by using tags. This is a bit similar to the label feature in .

To start a conversation or discussion with contacts you can create a new wave in your account.

To create a new wave: Click on the New wave tab, and start typing. After typing your message just hit done and a  message with add participantswill pop up. You can add participants from your contacts with whom you want to share your wave updates.

Add New Google Wave

You can add unlimited contacts to a wave. However, the contact you want to add should also be using Google wave.

After you have added the contacts you can type your messages in the wave. The messages will automatically be streamed to the contacts in real-time. This will include even the corrections you make while typing. For example, if you make spelling mistakes and hit backspace, everything will be visible to the person you are chatting with.

This feature already exists while editing in collaborative mode.

Google Wave Gadgets

In addition to creating waves, you can also add gadgets to your Wave homepage. Google provides an API for developers to develop their own gadgets. Here are few of the gadgets that I tried.

Google Maps


You can access Google Maps to find directions and more in Google Wave.

Online Invitations


The Online invitations gadgets is a kick-ass tool that allows you to send invites directly within your email message. You do not need to create calendar events to send the online invitations.

There are several other gadgets available in Google Wave that are pretty useful.

Best Google Wave Features

The best feature in Google Wave according to me is the ability to embed your Google wave anywhere on the Internet. You can embed your Google wave on your blog, forums and even inside email messages.

Google wave also acts like a wiki collaborative tool. Anything posted in Google wave, by you or your contact can be edited by anyone.

Google wave also has a playback feature allowing you replay the wave to see if you missed out on any conversations or other things. Users are notified about changes made in the new or old wave through the browser.

Uploading pictures, videos or any other file is very easy with Google Wave. You just need to drag and drop the file inside your mail. The file will be automatically uploaded and inserted into the message, ready to be sent out to your friends.

Google Wave Picture Messages

Voila!! the file is inside your wave ready to be shared. You can view files inside certain wave as slideshows or even copy them to a new wave.

Documents sharing is again very easy. The best part is the undo feature which allows you to revert back changes any number of times.

Overall Google wave is worth waiting for. Google Wave invites will be on its way sometime soon. We will definitely try and hand out few invites to our readers so keep tuned for more information about the invites.

Google Wave Invites to be Sent Late US Time [Sydney Morning Time]

For those who are eagerly waiting for a Google wave invite you can hold your horses till Australia wakes up.

A Google Wave developer tweeted this about 3 hours ago.


Since the Wave team, who will be supporting the platform is in Sydney you have to wait till they can wake up.

Right now the time in Sydney is 3:15AM so you can safely assume to start getting Google Wave invites by around 7PM EDT or 4PM PDT on September 30th.

Sorry to be the deliverer of a bad news :-). Keep your fingers crossed will you. Thanks Karthik.

Google Wave Invites Getting Closer

google_wave_logo Google Wave is almost an internet phenomenon right now. People who have access to it are praising it to no ends and people who don’t are eagerly awaiting their chance to get their hands on a Google Wave account.

Back in July we told you how Google would be giving away 100,000 Google Wave invites to users who signup early.

Google will be giving away the invites starting September 31st 2009. If you have not yet registered for it here is a chance to get into Google Wave early.

To be considered for a Google Wave invite, head to this form and register for a early bird account.

Microsoft Wave? A Potshot At Google Wave

OMG Microsoft is at it again, this time around their UK team has launched a new website called as Microsoft Wave, the name is pretty similar to a service Google is working on called .

Now don’t get confused, this service is in no way related or similar to Google Wave, however the name does create a confusion.


Just a little while back Microsoft took a direct potshot at popular browsers including, and with their campaign, where the Microsoft Australia team launched a $10K IE8 promotional campaign using .

Well only time can say what Microsoft is thinking, however it is becoming more and more clear that they are using their European teams to take potshots at rivals back in US. Thanks @WinObs

100000 Google Wave Invites Coming Soon

Mashable reports that Google will be sending out 100,000 Google Wave invites to users starting September 30th 2009.

This revelation was made on the Google Wave developers blog where they said;

In other news: this morning we announced that we plan to start extending the Google Wave preview beyond developers on September 30th. This will take place on rather than the separate "sandbox" instance we are currently using, and we plan to involve about 100,000 users. In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up on


The invites will be sent out to users who have offered to help report bugs and more, we had covered earlier how you can signup for a early bird Google Wave invite.

If you are a developer you might be able to get a invite earlier, to get started you can take a look at the Google Wave APIs and also some of the sample applications.

This is definitely interesting news since Google Wave is by far one of the most awaited products from Google, and many people are dying to get a invite to use it.

Have you been waiting for a Google Wave invite? Let us know about it.

Image Credit: O’rielly Radar

Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Google Wave is by far the most exciting product of the year, it has definitely created a lot of ripples over the internet.

Google wave is basically a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, which will combines emails, web chat, wikis, social networking and project management and collaboration in a single communication client.

Watch the video to see what Google Wave is all about, we are keeping our fingers crossed to get a invite magically so that we can do a full review soon :-).

Google Wave Demo

If you are looking to get a early bird invite for Google Wave, head our and fill this form, you may get lucky and get a invite soon.

P.S. Leave a nice and funky message to the wave team, maybe they will send out a invite to you, just kidding.