Google Tasks Extension for Google Chrome

is a really handy service that was originally a part of , which can now be accessed individually. We have already told you about a desktop tool to access Google Tasks, however, if you are a user, we came across a which will allows you access your Google Tasks quickly and easily.


Once you install the extension, you will see a tasks bar at the right hand corner of the screen, whenever you load a webpage (you will only see if when you open a webpage).


Clicking on the Tasks bar will display your Google Tasks to you, you can complete old tasks, add new ones or delete completed tasks using this extension.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[3] If you are a Google Chrome user and want a task manager, that you can access in your Gmail account, as well as integrate with Google Calendar, this extension is a recommended download. Using this extension will make task management that much easier.

The fact that you can edit, delete and add new tasks without having to use Gmail or the standalone Google Tasks website, allows you to use it like just another desktop task management software.

Techie Buzz Ratings: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Google Tasks Chrome Extension

Access Google Talk & Google Tasks in Browser Sidebar

I use extensively on a day to day basis for research, regular surfing and more. In addition to that I also make use of Google Talk for communicating with others and Google Tasks for taking important notes.

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I came across couple of bookmarklets that will let you access Google Tasks and Google Talk in Google chrome any browser’s sidebar without having to use any additional .


This feature is derived from an earlier bookmarklet that allow you to split screens in Google Chrome.

To get Google Tasks and Google talk as a sidebar in Google Chrome your favorite browser copy the bookmark code below and create a new bookmark in chrome.

Google Talk in Sidebar


Google Tasks in Sidebar


Have fun managing your tasks and chatting with your friends.

[via Chrome Plugins]

Google Tasks Graduates With Honors, Moves Out Of Labs

Google has been coming up with several features, however many of them are usually in the Labs, where they go through rigorous testing before they some of them finally graduate to become stable products.

Once such interesting product in was Google Tasks which allowed you to quickly take notes or add your emails to notes.

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Over a period of time Google Tasks was integrated into Google Calendar and you also had the option to access Google tasks from your desktop, it was getting more and more useful over a period of time.


The team has finally graduated this feature out of labs, however surprisingly this was the shortest period we have seen a feature graduate out of labs, which would mean that is more stable and widely used.

Starting today you will see a link for tasks under the contacts link in Gmail, the feature no longer requires users to enable it in Gmail Labs.

If you have not yet been using this, we definitely recommend you give it a try.

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs [Official Gmail Blog]

Google Calendar Gets Tasks Integration

Google Calendar has been one of our favorite services to manage events, appointments and reminders, along with getting free SMS reminders for them. Google Tasks on the other hand is a fairly new product and has definitely grown in usage by Google users who would prefer to have all things in one place.

Google has now finally integrated Google Tasks into Calendar making it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.

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Google Tasks On Your Desktop [Featured Download]

In the past we have told you about getting Gmail on your desktop and getting Google calendar on your desktop, however Google tasks is another interesting new service, which allows you to create tasks from your email, or use it a regular To-Do list manager.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if you could access Gmail tasks from your desktop? Well if you said yes, we just came across a interesting application, which will allow you to access Google Tasks from your desktop.

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