Google Science Fair 2012 Winners

Some young minds with new ideas have competed in a worldwide competition to win the Google Science Fair 2012. Last year, Google kicked off the first of its science fairs and it was a sweeping success. Thousands of youth, ages 13-18, competed. This year was no exception. Last night, Google announced the winners of its 2012 competition and the projects were pretty impressive.

Google Science Fair 2012 Winners (Courtesy Google Science Fair YouTube Channel)

The grand prize winner this year was Brittany Wenger, a 17 year old from Lakewood Ranch, Fla. Her project was titled “Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer“. She developed a cloud based system to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer. In the project she pointed out the that Fine Needle Aspirates (FNAs) are the least invasive way to biopsy for breast cancer, however, they are often difficult for doctors to read making it hard to  come to any conclusive diagnosis. The system she developed uses an artificial neural network that can see patterns too difficult for the human eye. She used an FNA database from the University of Wisconsin to help in the determination of whether the tumor was malignant or benign. The network was tested with 6800 trials and achieved predictive success of 97.4% with 99.1% sensitivity to malignancy.

The event was co-sponsored by Lego, National Geographic, CERN, and Scientific American. The grand prize winner got  a $50,000 scholarship from Google and the chance to go on a National Geographic expedition to the Galapagos. They were also awarded the opportunity to intern at one of the sponsors companies, as well as many other prizes. Below, you can see the award presentation ceremony that was streamed live from Google last night.


It gives me great encouragement to see young people involved in such groundbreaking and relevant work. It goes to show that age doesn’t have to be a boundary for achievement. Google is already gearing up for next year’s event. If you or someone you know would like to sign up for next year’s Google Science Fair, go to for more information.

Google Science Fair 2011 Finalists’ Event To Be Streamed Live on YouTube

The first Google Science Fair Grand Finale is today and is just a few hours away. The finalists will meet will huge names in science today at the Google HQ in California. They will present their projects short-listed amongst thousands others to esteemed guests, including inventors and science Nobel Laureates.

The show is tonight, starting at 7:00 PM PST or 10 PM EDT. The whole event including the final awards event will be streamed live on YouTube channel.

From a pool of 7500 entries from over 10000 students from 60 countries, only 60 semi-finalists were chosen. The selection of 15 from these 60 was based on public voting. We had brought this story to you here. This is the biggest science fair in the world and, come next year, it’s expected to get bigger.

The categories for the entries ranged from renewable energy source to prosthetics.

The finalists are now in Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. The prizes include experiences at CERN, Google and Scientific American in addition to $100,000 in scholarship funds. The list of the 15 finalists can be found here. A list of judges along with a short bio of each of them can be found here.

Here’s a short promotional video released by Google.


If you want to get a head start and sign up for the 2012 version of the fair, here’s the link you’d like to visit.

Is a next Einstein on the way? Well, maybe…

Google Science Fair: Vote To Find An Einstein Of The Future

It’s up to you, dear reader, to select the next big innovator in science. The results of the preliminary round of the first-ever Google Science Fair competition are out and 60 semi-finalists have been chosen from thousands. Google claims to have received over 7500 entries from over 10000 students from across the globe. The public is now free to vote for these sixty semi-finalists.

The grounds for selection included creativity, resourcefulness, scientific merit and, importantly, relevance to society, both on a local as well as on a global level. The topics for the various projects ranged from innovative ways to solve the energy crisis from solar to oceanic energy harnessing to algorithms on auto-pilot modes of aircrafts, cancer treatment and algorithms for music analysis.

The names of the sixty finalists can be seen on the Google Science Fair blog. Vote here.

Voting opened today and will be open till the 20th of May. There are three age groups 13 to 14, 15 to 16 and 17 to 18 in which voting is being conducted. The People’s Choice winner, to be declared on 23rd May, will take home a $10,000 scholarship. The top 15 finalists will be flown to Google’s headquarters for final judging by a panel of distinguished scientists and innovators. This will be accompanied by a celebration party.

You can sign up for the science fair in 2012, so as to receive a notification when it is announced.

Do vote for your favorite candidate. You never know where the future Einstein might be hiding.