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Update Google Plus through SMS

Google Plus has been making waves ever since it was announced. Within just two weeks, it has managed to amass millions of users, and millions more are desperate to get in. The biggest strength of Google Plus is its engagement factor. Google has finally made a social product that’s genuinely fun and addictive to use. As a result, we are seeing people like Kelvin Rose ditch their blogs in favor of Google+.


If you are one of those folks who are already hooked, and you are from India, then there is some good news for you. Now you can update your Google Plus status, on the go, via SMS. All you need to do is send an SMS to 9222222222 with your message text.

You can even specify post visibility while updating via SMS. Here are the modifiers you can use:

  • @[circle name] – To share your update with selected circles.
  • @extended – To share your post with your extended circles.
  • @public – To make your update visible to everyone (including search engines).
  • @[email address] – To share your update with a particular person.

If you don’t specify anything, your post will be shared with everyone in your circles.

It’s slightly odd that this feature is currently available only in India. Normally, the focus during early field testing is strictly on US residents. However, Indians might also represent the ideal demographic for this feature. India is a country where mobile phone penetration is very high, but smartphone penetration is low. Additionally,SMS is dirt cheap. The Indian masses will almost certainly appreciate this feature. But, the question is, how many of the masses are using Google Plus? In these early days, it’s mainly tech and social media enthusiasts who are dominating the social graph.

Why Google+ Can’t Replace Your Blog

We all know how well Google+ has been received by the early adopters and geeks. Ever since Google made entry to the Google+ club exclusive, people have been clamoring to get invites. I, myself, have been using it since it launched and I really love it.

You can check out our reviews of Google+ here:

Everything+: How Google+ Changes (And Will Change) The Social Landscape

Google Plus After One Week: Can it Challenge Facebook?

Today, Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, announced that he would be forwarding his personal blog to his Google+ profile.

Kevin Rose:“Decided to forward http://kevinrose.com to my Google+. G+ gives me more (real-time) feedback and engagement than my blog ever did.”

While I agree that Google+ is an awesome service, and that it’s finally good to see a competitor to the almighty Facebook, moving your personal blog to Google+ is a very bad idea.

While it may be easier to maintain your Google+ account, and way cheaper (actually free), you still need your own personal space on the web.

Here’s why!

1. You won’t make any money off it

While you do save hosting and domain costs, you also cannot make any money off your Google+ account. Except maybe by doing paid status updates (which I’m sure will come soon), which is sure to piss off your circles.

2. Google WILL make money off it

This is what annoys me more. While you definitely won’t be able to make a dime off your Google+ profile, Google definitely will. Google has confirmed that it will be bringing ads to Google+. Like Facebook or Twitter, I don’t think they will be offering any cut to you for the visits you get them through your profile.

3. The novelty will wear off

While it’s still exclusive, everyone wants to get in. After a while, it might become boring. Most social networks die that way. They become uncool. It happened with Friendster, Myspace, Orkut and now as some are suggesting, Facebook. And once it does, you won’t see the same levels of ‘feedback’ or ‘engagement’ on your Google+ profile. In which case, you are screwed, because…

4. You might not be able to get off

Suppose, that Google+ doesn’t manage to make it. It may seem unlikely now, but it is a possibility. Once you have invested your energy in your Google+ account, you may have to migrate to some other platform, or maybe your own blog. Google may even offer you a way to export your posts, but how will you build up your link equity again? You will have to start from scratch again, which any blogger will tell you, is very difficult.

5. A blog is a blog

Twitter is great for sharing short updates, Facebook is great for stalking people, rearing virtual cows and building virtual farms, Google+ is great for compartmentalizing your friends into different circles, and selectively share content, but a blog is a blog. Nothing can ever replace your own blog. No social service, however cool it may be, can ever represent you on the web as well as your own personal blog can.

Besides you can always share your blog posts on Google+ to get more traffic from your circles if you want.

I think Danny Sullivan pretty much hits the nail on the head when he says: “With respect to +Kevin Rose, you should no more move your blog to Google+ than you should have to Geocities. Tap into social networks, use them to build your engagement, sure. But your own domain is for life. Google+ is not. Tomorrow, Google could close it, and while you can export your content, you cannot export all that link equity with it. Your posts will 404; that’s not engagement. That’s annoying. Being master of your own domain isn’t just a funny Seinfeld episode. It’s common sense, and it shouldn’t be forgotten the moment a new flavor of social media Kool-Aid comes along.”

Google+Facebook: Get Going with Facebook Without Leaving Google Plus

google-plus-facebook-iconUPDATE: This plugin has been reported as spam and the links are disabled till further updates. Refer the comments section for more details.

ight from the launch of the new social network, there has been huge buzz around Google Plus. Now that Google has opened doors to everyone, it would be worth watching the public response. With Google Plus giving Facebook a run for their money, here is something that can make things even worse for the latter. Here is a browser extension that will let you access Facebook from within Google+. So you won’t have to miss out on your already over-burdened social-life (thanks Facebook) while being on Google Plus.

1. Head over to the Google+Facebook download page and get the extension for your browser. Use the Google+Facebook button.


2. Allow the download to start if your browser (most likely Firefox) blocks it. Install it as you do for other add-ons or extensions.

3. Now log into your Google Plus account and you will notice a Facebook button to the left of the Home button in the top navigation. Click on it.


4. You will now need to use the fConnect button to connect your Facebook account.

5. Once prompted, allow the request for permission to access your Facebook data.


Voila! you will now be able to check your Facebook wall feed from right within Google Plus. You can also update Facebook using this added functionality.


The extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Users of both the service will naturally love the added usability of Google Plus. However there are limitations to the extension currently. You cannot comment or like any of your friend’s activities or updates the Facebook way unlike any other popular apps. Well that would mean I’m too demanding. Whatsoever, it definitely is a good attempt to bring things together specially when socializing is the word of the day.

NOTE: You can also try and get a Facebook lookalike Google Plus and vice versa with a little help.

Google Plus vs Facebook – Funny Images

Couple of weeks back, Google introduced the new social networking feature, Google + which can currently be accessed via invite only. Within 24 hours of it’s launch, Google had to shut down the invite feature due to the insane demand of G+ invites. However, it was reported that Google Plus was open to public for a while , but within couple  of hours it was closed down again.

Although there are many people who are craving and still trying their luck to sign up or get a Google Plus invitation, several others who are already on Google+ are mocking at Facebook by creating some funny images and sharing them across their Stream.

In this post, we have complied a list of funny and extremely amusing Google+ vs Facebook images. Most of these images were shared by Google Plus fans who think that Google Plus’ elegant design and features is way better than Facebook’s UI and features and its worth moving to Google+ from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Don't Mention Google Plus Live vs PlusI Was On Google Plus First


Gang Sign

I Cab Explain

Google Plus vs Facebook Zidane

Football- Google Plus vs Facebook

Snooker: Google vs Facebook

Google Slaps Facebook

Moving to Google Plus

Google Plus Cruise Ship

Facebook vs Google Plus

Google Plus Hook Me Up


Facebook vs Google Plus
Please feel free to share any other funny images that I’ve missed to include in the list. You can do so by adding it in the comments section below.

P.S. Please be aware that Google has shut down the invite and sign up feature for Google Plus. There are spammers who are taking advantage of the invite feature by selling invites on eBay and elsewhere. These invites are fake and please do not consider them.

We have explored Google+ to the full extent since a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

Google+ Open For Everyone With a Google Account

For the past week or so you might have heard a lot about , it was launched on 28th June and opened for invites shortly thereafter.  However, for over a week, Google stopped accepting new users and also denied existing users from inviting new ones.

Google Plus Open For Everyone

If you have been mystified with Google’s new take at social networking, here is some Google news. Google+ is now officially open to anyone with a Google account. All you have to do is to go to https://plus.google.com and Sign in with your account and you will be in. Existing and new users will also be able to invite anyone they want to join the service. So no need to ask anyone for invites anymore and also can finally get rid of those spammy Google+ invites.

By the way, we have been using Google+ for over a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

Have fun with Google+.

Update: Looks like there is some glitch, but the signups have definitely opened up and so have the invites. Please sign in in next few hours to get in. This is very much apparent because earlier Google did not allow users to Sign In, also invites are definitely back on.

Google Plus After One Week: Can it Challenge Facebook? [Editorial]

It’s been just over a week since Google Plus was unveiled to the world. Google’s big new announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, but the beauty and elegance of the product caught many off guard. The Google Plus launch will probably go down as a turning point in Google’s history. This will probably be the do or die moment for Google, as far its social media aspirations are concerned. Facebook has already established itself as the undisputed leader among social networks, and is currently well on its way to weaving itself into the very fabric of the interwebs. If Google fails now, it might not get the opportunity to fight another day. So it’s only but natural that the Google Plus launch caught the imagination of tech enthusiasts around the globe. The questions on everyone’s mind were Does Google ‘get social’? Can it finally succeed in challenging Facebook?


As expected from any major product launch, Google+ attracted everything from ebullient praises to utter disdain. I have been using Google Plus enthusiastically for the exactly a week now. In his initial review, my colleague Tony Price hailed Google Plus as one of the most amazing products he has ever seen. While my reactions are slightly more restrained, I am also amongst the hordes of geeks that Google Plus has succeeded in winning over. While the enthusiastic reception from early adopters is a positive sign, it doesn’t automatically imply mainstream success. Google is concerned by the growing influence of Facebook because through its ‘Like’ buttons Facebook is able to gather accurate personal data such as which movies you like, which movies your friends like, and which movie you might enjoy watching. Google is desperate to gain a foothold in the social web, because it can help them make sense of the semantic web, while supplying a treasure trove of additional data. However, in order to do this, Google Plus needs to achieve critical mass. Make no mistake, anything but large scale adoption will mean failure for Google+.

Be Careful Of Spammy Google Plus Invitations Spreading Virally All Over The Internet

No doubt Google plus is the new superman of the internet.

For the record, only a small number of users have been able to register for a Google Plus account, yet a large percentage of Internet population is still craving for it. People are going crazy for a Google plus invite and most of them are willing to try out every possible hack, in order to get their Google Plus profile up and running.

Getting into an invitation only system on a new service or social site is sometimes considered as a status symbol. And folks want to proudly declare I have a Google Plus account, I am so special. It’s human nature.

Sadly, Google had to halt the Invitation onlysystem of Google Plus because of insane demand from users across the Globe. Right now, signing up for Google plus is not possible either way, regardless of whether you have an email invite or not. Some users are slipping in while some can’t, it’s highly suspicious and uncertain at the moment.

This viral buzz is helping spammers and survey professionals make some business out of it.


Here is the deal. Some users are creating a fake email template which exactly resembles the invitation email of Google Plus and they are sending the fake invitation email to random users from an email list they bought. Here is how the fake email invitation of Google Plus looks like [courtesy: Naked security]


Clicking the Learn more about Google +link will not take you to the Google Plus sign up page. Instead, you will land upon a spam website which either sells cheap Viagra, pharmacy products or other random stuff that the spammer wants to sell. Here is one such example site:


Almost anyone will surely close this browser window but it’s also true that some users are really novice and new to the internet. They don’t know that most of the services provided by Google are available for Free. There is a chance that some people will think that they need to pay something for signing up into Google Plus and they might end up buying those bizarre products, only to find that they have been fooled and looted.

If you encounter such nonsense stuff, tell the truth to your friends. No one needs to pay a dime for a Google Plus account!

There are more ways to lure users into spam sites and take advantage of the buzz about Google Plus. Here is another one.


There is a YouTube video which claims that the person who uploaded the video has some sort of Free key, downloading which will give you a free Google plus invitation right away.

YouTube is filled with such videos about free key generators and software serials and the sad thing is that most of them works as promised. YouTube is a gold mine for finding pirated stuff, since moderation of embedded content within a video is really difficult and takes human eyes. GFI labs has some more insights about the video.

After watching the video, click that shortened link and you will land on a typical survey site, as shown below:


The above page claims that if you complete a two minute survey, you will be able to download a Google Plus key, which is a fallacy in itself. There is no such download and if at all you complete the survey and get something out of it, you won’t be able to sign up for Google Plus using whatever key that site provides.


Keep yourself away and tell as many friends as possible that these are spam sites which should be avoided at all costs. I am very sure that someone will soon create a fake Google Plus signup page and try to hijack Google account of novice users, who do the biggest mistake on Internet believing their own eyes.

Always check the URL of the site which asks you to login with your Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or other online accounts. remember that if the site is legitimate, they will use the API and never ask for your username or password in the first place.

If you see that the web address of a site is different and not a part of the host service, there is a high chance that you are being targeted by a hijacker or spammer. Never ever use such suspicious third party sites and don’t forget to tell your friends, colleagues and family members about spam and malicious sites that evolve on Internet every single day.

When you are educating users about spammy links and malicious sites, you are contributing towards building a safe internet which one day might get rid of the spam completely.



Bring Facebook Like Looks to Google Plus and Bring Google Plus Features on Facebook

Google Plus is undeniably the hottest social network this week. It has registered an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Facebook might be the most populous social network currently but I see no reason why it would not lose that title soon. We have done a complete coverage of Google Plus. Invites are not working at present, but you can always make use of these Google Plus tips to enhance your experience.

The battle for the social space is clearly between Google and Facebook now, and this ensures that both these companies will continue to improve their products briskly. However, the process of switching social networks can be an annoyance when some friends do not migrate over to the other network. Here is a little something you can do about it until they do migrate eventually.

Use Google Plus like Circles on Facebook

If you have some stubborn friends who just won’t move over to Google Plus from Facebook, and some other unfortunate ones who did not get a chance when invites were open, you have an option. There is a way you can use Google Circles in Facebook (courtesy of a few Facebook engineers). Head over to Circlehack and connect with your Facebook account. Once there, you can create circles (very similar to) the way you do on Google Plus. These circles are actually lists in Facebook and the exact procedure is outlined here. Creating circles is the only fascinating thing about this hack. It does not convert into an enriched Facebook experience in any way though.

What you should watch out for is the big feature Facebook will announce next week.


Use the Facebook theme on Google Plus

I am not sure why someone would want to do this but just for the heads up, yeah it can be done and here is how you can do it.

The first step is to install stylish for you browser. Next, go to this page for the Google+ Facebook uesrstyle. Reload your Google Plus page  and you will see a Google Plus with the blue looks of Facebook.


From most of the feedback and user reactions, I can say Google Plus has what it takes for domination in the social networking space. It will definitely get better with slight more polishing. What is left to be seen is whether users migrating over from other competing social networks find it usable enough or it falls flat on its face like Google Wave.

Google Offers Virtually Unlimited Storage on Picasa Web Albums for Google+ Users

Google-PlusOne of the many awesome features of Google+ is that its Android app automatically and instantly uploads any new picture or video that you capture. Google rightly points out that “taking photos is fun, sharing photos is fun, but getting photos off your phone and on to the web is pretty much the opposite of fun”. Now Google+ takes over the responsibility of uploading media for Android devices. Earlier Microsoft and Apple had announced similar features for Windows Phone and iOS.

Google Plus is tightly integrated with Picasa Web Albums, and it leverages Picasa for all media uploads. Unfortunately, Picasa offers only 1 GB of storage for free, and has a tiered pricing plan for folks requiring more. One major concern among Google+ early adopters was that they were going to run out of space sooner or later. Obviously, 1 GB is nowhere near enough for most users. These days, even smartphones are capable of capturing HD Videos that alone can gobble up gigabytes of storage. Thankfully, Google has realized this, and has decided to offer virtually unlimited storage on Picasa to Google+ users.

Hawk eyed readers might be wondering exactly what “virtually unlimited” storage is supposed to mean. Well, Google isn’t exactly offering unlimited storage on Picasa. It is still offering 1 GB only for free users. However, photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards that storage quota for Google+ users. Even better, the Google+ mobile application automatically resizes your photos to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) to ensure that your uploads don’t count towards the storage quota. If you don’t use Google+, then the maximum resolution permitted is 800 x 800. You can still upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Once you exceed your storage quota, Google will automatically resize all new uploads, unless you upgrade to a higher storage plan.

Everything+: How Google+ Changes (And Will Change) The Social Landscape [Editorial]

A couple of days ago, Google released one of the most amazing products I have ever seen into the world of limited Beta. After much anticipation, a colleague of mine gave me an invitation to Google’s newest attempt at a social service. After using it for a couple of days, I think I am ready to express my thoughts on what Google+ means now, and what I think it will mean in the near and not-so-near future.

Amit, one of the other authors here at Techie Buzz, has posted the technical aspects of what Google+ is and how it works already. As such, I won’t be covering that. If you are looking for any sort of help getting started with Google+, I recommend that you read Amit’s other article, Google+ For Dummies.

Within this post, I will be sharing what I think makes Google+ a real game changer in the social space. I will talk about the features that make it, in my opinion, the best social network available. I will cover that I think makes Google+ great, from the sharing to the feedback. After all that, I will make my predications for the future as it pertains to Google+.

Google+: Circles Changes Everything

As long as I have been using social networks, I have run into one consistent complaint. With every network I have joined, they have told me who I could share with. Twitter made everything I tweeted publicly available. While that’s fine, I wasn’t ever completely satisfied.  With Facebook, they told me I could limit it, but if I did, then only the people who were my friends would see it. There was no going back to Public. While I understood the idea, I still wasn’t satisfied.

Then came Google+, with its fantastic management tool known as Circles. Thanks to Circles, G+ has given me what I have been wishing for: the ability to selectively share. What I mean is that I can choose to share certain things with certain circles. If I have a piece of family related news, I can share that with only my family. If I have a great piece of public news, then everyone can see it.

I feel like the beauty of circles works both ways. If people use it as it was intended, we will create a social space where over sharing is less of a problem. We won’t be put off by people telling us about their doctor’s appointment like they do on Twitter. Thanks to the selective Streams, you can catch up with your family and friends without having to read every update from active users like Chris Pirillo or Robert Scoble.

Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join Google+?

Google recently launched a new social networking site to compete with called . The service is definitely good and worth using, however, Google+ invites are hard to come by.

Mark Zuckerberg Google Plus

That said, someone big and important has joined Google+ and it is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. While, Mark’s activity stream is barren right now, his circles show that he has been friending several other Facebook employees and adding them to his Circles.

Mark Zuckerberg Google+ Circles

We are not able to confirm yet whether the profile is real or not and anyone could simply create a new profile and add people from Facebook to their circles. If it is indeed Mark Zuckerberg, then Google must have definitely created a lot of waves for him to check it out personally. We are investigating whether the person in question is indeed Mark Zuckerberg or an impersonator.

More updates to come…

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(h/t @vimoh)

Google+ Banned in China

Google-PlusIt’s been barely two days since Google Plus was unveiled, but China has already decided that it has seen and heard enough. Even before most Chinese people have had the chance to get their hands on a Google+ invite, the Chinese Government has banned the Google’s new social network.

Google’s troubles with the Chinese Government are well known and documented. Last year, Google pulled out of China, after a very public war of words with the government. Google alleged that elements with the probable backing of the government had hacked into its services to access data belonging to human rights activists. It’s not clear exactly which aspect of Google Plus aggravated the Chinese, but both Great Firewall of China and Just Ping are confirming that Google Plus is inaccessible inside China.

Google Plus is a new social network that was recently unveiled, and has since been dubbed as a potential “Facebook Killer” by pundits. It attempts to offer the best blend of openness and privacy through its strong focus on Circles (groups). If you have just received an invite, don’t forget to check out our Google+ setup guide. If you are still waiting for an invite, take a look at our screenshot tour. Due to excessive demand, Google has stopped handing out any more invites, but you can drop your mail in the queue to be notified as and when more invites become available.

Google+: What It is And How it Works [Screenshot Tour]

So you have successfully created your Google Plus profile, still getting the hang of it, and want to know the inside details and working of Google plus. If you haven’t joined Google Plus yet, try requesting an invitation for Google Plus here and read our guide on setting up your Google Plus profile for the first time.

What Is Google Plus And How it Works?

Google Plus is a new initiative from Google, which aims to simplify your social sharing experience and connect with people who matter to you in real life. But wait…don’t we already have Facebook, Twitter and dozens of social sharing sites already?

Yes, but Google plus takes a different approach towards social sharing, and this guy has better privacy control on the features provided.

Don’t you hate it when a random friend adds you to a stupid Facebook group? Do you go mad when you receive tons of spam mentions on Twitter? They are all public and anyone can find it via a simple search [@your_Twitter-handle]. Are you fed up with people who mass tag you in photos and videos, which really gets in the way of your social privacy? You don’t want to remove those friends from your social life, it’s just that you want to prevent them from doing the same nonsense over and over again.

Enter Google Plus same social sharing and connections but no more fiddling with user privacy. In Google Plus, your friends or followers will have to take prior permission from you, if they want you to tag in a photo or video. There is no Wall so the question of spam links and malicious apps being posted on your profile is burned to death.

If you tag someone in a post, and share it only with him, none else can see it. Not even mutual friends !

How Circles In Google + Works

Everything in Google + works through Circles.

A Circle is an identifier for the network you create and it is visible to you only. You can create as many circles as you want, and add friends to one or more circles that you have created. No one except you will be able to see the name and visibility of your Google Plus circles.


The best thing regarding Google Plus is that Google will automatically scan your email contact list and Android contacts and suggest you people whom you might want to follow. You may add these people to your circles through a beautiful and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

If you want to follow a celebrity or a famous person on Google Plus, simply search for his name on the search box and add him to a circle you have created. Again, this circle is visible only to you so you can safely name it anything you want.



Your Google Plus Life Stream

Your Google Plus life stream will contain updates from all the people whom you are following. This includes photos, status updates, videos and comments from people whom you have added to your Google + circles.


Filtering Updates From Specific Circles

On the right pane, you will notice that all the circles are listed one after another. Click the name of a circle and you should see the filtered life stream, containing updates from people who have been added to that particular circle only. This is super useful and helps you to stay in touch with family members, and friends, so you never miss out catching up the updates of quietpeople among those who are highly active on Google plus.


Your Google Plus Notifications

On the top right corner of your Google plus profile, you will notice a sleek notifications button. This little kid will continue monitoring your Google plus activity and alert you whenever someone comments in a post you commented earlier, someone replies to your status update or tags you in a photo uploaded by you.


Further, you will see a brief preview of which of your friends are participating in a discussion within your circle. This is really nice and quite similar to Facebook, the only difference here is that there would be no notification like Mr X tagged you in a photo. Anyone who wants to tag you in a photo will have to obtain your prior permission, which is very very useful and a godsend.

Chat With Plus One Buddies Or Email Them

Every social network has an option to send instant messages to their followers and friends and Google Plus is no exception. The chat widget is placed down the bottom of right pane where you can click the name of a person and send him an instant message right away.

Contrary to Facebook and Twitter, there is no way to send private messages to your Google plus friends and contacts. Instead, there is a handy option called Email’ placed right below the profile photo of your Google Plus friend, click it and you can send a private message directly to his email inbox.


Please note that your friends can choose whether he wants to allow you to send him an email or not. In some profiles, you may not find the Email Meoption, this is because the person has customized his email settings to suit his needs.

Controlling Email Notifications

For all your Google Plus activity, you will receive email notifications to the email address you used to sign up for Google Plus. Individual notification settings can be toggled from the notifications page


Google plus In Android

Android users can install the official Google plus application using this link. Here are some screenshots of Google plus application for Android [thanks Sathya]


There are a lot of other tips and tricks for Google plus which you should learn. We are still digging out more features, settings and shortcuts for Google plus, come back soon!

Google Plus For Dummies: Setting it Up For The First Time

All right folks, calm down.

Google’s latest social gig Google Plus is out and lots of people are jumping in right away. At this moment, Google Plus is available as invite only, we have some invitations to give away here.

Google plus is a new initiative from Google which aims to redefine how social sharing works. With Circles, Hangouts and lots of innovative features, Google plus is definitely here to stay.

Things To Know Before You Setup Your Google Plus Profile

Before you ask anyone for a Google plus invite, here are a few things you should know:

1. Google Plus works only with Google accounts that have an active Google profile. If you haven’t created your Google profile yet, you won’t be able to sign up for Google Plus.

2. Only regular Gmail accounts are supported and you can’t use your Google apps account to setup a Google Plus profile. if you ask anyone to send you an invitation to your Google Apps email address, you will never receive it in the first place.

3. If you have a Yahoo or Windows Live Hotmail account and you have used it to sign up for a Google account, you are good to go. But make sure you have created your Google profile and it’s visibility is public.

Setting Up Your Google Plus Profile

When you click the invitation link sent to your email address, you will be taken to Google Plus where you have to sign in with your Google account. That’s it, you are on board and in full swing to use Google Plus. Here is the first screen:



After you have  successfully completed signing up for Google Plus, you will need to know a thing or two about how Google Plus works and what are it’s inside twists and perks.

Part 2: What is Google Plus And How it Works

We have put up a step by step screenshot tour for Google Plus which will help you learn about the basic features of Google plus. You will learn more on how circles work in Google Plus and how social sharing and conversations happens almost in real time.

Update:  Don’t miss out on some really good articles on using Google+ along with several other editorials we have written for you.

Google+ Early Users Given Invites To Hand Out, Get Yours Here

As we are all aware at this point, Google launched their newest project revolving around social interaction yesterday. Google+ is already one of the most talked about things on the internet. It has caught Twitter by storm, and people are raving about both the web interface and mobile app , which is currently only for Android Phones.

Google Plus Invites Screen

The biggest complaint among users up to this point was the inability to invite anyone new to the service, beyond an initial 10 or 15 people. Google recently changed that policy, giving all existing users (myself included) a currently unknown number of new invites. They warn that these invitations are not unlimited, however.

It seems that Google recognizes that the biggest issue they will have with Google+ is getting people to use it. I felt that not letting users send out invitations was a poor choice for Google. It would appear that they heard all of our cries for Google+, and have given us what we really wanted.

While a full review is coming in the next day or so, let me give you a few of my early thoughts on Google+ right now. To put it simply: It’s awesome. I think that the full integration with their mobile platform, the beautiful linking of social and search, and the great web interface all make Google+ a defiant player in the social space.

As I said, there will be a full review of Google+ as a product and a service coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that. If you have any questions about Google+, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Comment and Get a Google Plus Invite
Update: Google has closed Google+ invites for now. We will send out more when they open back up. Thanks for your patience.

Update 2: Google+ is now open to everyone with a Google+ account, please visit https://plus.google.com and sign in with your Gmail account to get access to Google+.

Update 3:  Don’t miss out on some really good articles on using Google+ along with several other editorials we have written for you.