Google Launches Site To Teach Technology To Your Parents

A few years ago when I left for the United States, I started teaching my mom to use the computer and use basic tools like the web browser and instant messenger so that she could email or chat with me.

Parents Tech Support Site from Google

However, since then there have been several times when either she or my dad had problems with the PC and had to call someone to fix it. Some of these problems were really small and could probably have been solved without any help, however, teaching it to them was quite difficult if not impossible.

I think that there might several other children who have gone through these experiences including many Googlers who have now launched a site called where they allow kids to teach their parents technology by sending basic how-to videos to them. It is not just limited to parents and can be used for any person who isn’t that technically savvy.

Google Care Package

Right now Google has over 50 videos which teach people things as basic as copy & paste, sharing files online, sending emails, changing and taking screenshots among other things. So the next time someone asks you about such things, you can just create a Care package and send it along to them so that they can easily learn to do things.

I just wished that they had done this few years ago so that I could send it to my parents Smile. However, I seriously think that they don’t need any help now and can manage everything on their own.

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread Keyboard On Any Android Device

Last week, Google introduced the latest version of Android Gingerbread. The new updated version of Android brings with it many changes including a new spiced up UI and a new multi-touch keyboard. The new keyboard not only looks sexy but is a pretty good improvement over the older default Android keyboard.

Now, the awesome modding community of Android has already ripped apart the keyboard from the Android 2.3 Gingerbread SDK.


To get the new Android 2.3 keyboard on your device, users can simply install this (Alt. link) APK file on their Android handset. However, users must make sure that their handset is running on Android 2.2 (Froyo). If for some reason, the APK refuses to install on your phone then users can flash this (Alt. link) file on their phone using CWM (ClockWorkMod) Recovery.

For people, who don’t know what CWM is, I would recommend them to simply try and install the APK file on their handset. The keyboard works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S running a custom ROM based on Android 2.2.1. However, the only thing which does not work is the Vibrate On Keypress’ option.

Nevertheless, I will recommend all Android owners to give this new Android 2.3 keyboard a shot.

Source: XDA (Sadly, I lost the link to the thread so if anyone manages to find it, please do link me to it.)

How To Install The New Android Market On Your Android Device

Yesterday, the team behind the Android Market introduced a new updated version of the Android Market. The new updated version of the Android Market will be slowly rolled out to all the Android devices running 1.6 and above in the coming weeks. However, for impatient Android users like us the folks over at Droid-Life have managed to get their hands on a fully working apk file of the new Android Market from a tipster.

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The Droid-Life folks tried the apk on various handsets and they successfully got the new Android Market. Even I managed to get the new Android Market on my Samsung Galaxy S running a custom ROM based on Android 2.2.1 via this apk. Interested users can download the new Android Market apk from here.

The apk should also work fine for all Android devices running Android 2.1. If this apk does install the new Android Market on your handset running Android 1.6 or higher, do drop in a comment and let us know.

After using the new Android Market for sometime, all I can say is that its brilliant! Not only is the new UI slick, its fast as well. The Android Developers team has definitely done a good job here. The Android Market is finally on par with Apple’s AppStore now in terms of UI at least.

Google Destroys 25 Laptops to Drive Home Chrome OS Cloud Features

is something Google is betting on to succeed when it comes out. They even want people to get a Chrome OS laptop for free so that they can test it and help them improve it further.

So what is so good about OS? Cloud computing and living in the web. To drive this point across Google created a video which shows how quickly you can get back your data and other things even if your laptop has a disaster.

Check out the video below to see how Google is driving the Chrome OS in the cloud point to users.

Why the New Android Market is Bad News for Both Users and Developers

The Android Market might have a lot of shortcomings, especially when compared to Apple’s App Store. However, it has one big advantage – it allows users to return purchased apps for a full refund within 24 hours of the first purchase. Unfortunately, the recently rolled out overhaul of the Market will neuter this advantage by slashing the refund window to just 15 minutes.


Google claims that this will benefit developers, and that might indeed be true for some devs. However, it might also end up hurting several others.

For short games, comics, and (in general) apps with less content, the twenty four hours refund window led to lost sales as many users downloaded paid apps, utilized it to the fullest and then returned it. These are the apps that will benefit the most from the reduced refund window.

On the other hand, apps that regularly add new content through updates, and apps that can’t be exhausted within 24 hours (e.g. system tools, keyboard apps, media players etc.) stand to lose the most from the Market update. One of the benefits of Google’s previous refund policy was that it encouraged users to purchase and try new premium apps. I have purchased multiple apps from the Market. Some of them I liked and I kept them. While others didn’t live up to my expectations, and I simply refunded them. The twenty four hour refund window enabled me to judge an app before spending money on it. This allowed me to be more adventurous, which in turn led me to purchase a greater number of apps.

The new fifteen minutes refund period is simply too less to judge the quality of an app. Heck, on my EDGE connection, the download alone can take more than fifteen minutes to complete. The lack of availability of demo version for many apps, coupled with the truncated refund window is bad news for both users and developers. I can understand the reasons for reducing the refund period; however, anything less than 90 minutes is simply too little time for users to even get an abstract idea about an app.

Android Market Gets A Major Overhaul; App Refund Window Slashed To 15 Mins

Over the last few months, Google has been adding many new features to the Android Market including a Related’ tab. Now, the big G has decided to give the Android Market a major over haul. The Android Developers have announced via a blog post that they have given the Android Market a significant update’.

The new updated Market client brings a totally new UI with a carousel on the home and the category screens of the market’.


The carousel displays the promoted applications in a bid to make them more popular. Along with this, the update also adds two new categories Live Wallpapers and Widgets. Users should also bid adieu to the tab’ approach of the old market. The new Market displays all the relevant information about an app in one single page. Google has also added content rating for applications.

The maximum apk file size has also been increased to a whopping 50MB, in order to support richer games. The above changes will surely please any Android user. However, the next one is surely going to disappoint them. With this update, Google has reduced the refund window of an application from 24 hours to only 15mintues.

The new updated Market is available for all Android handsets running Android 1.6+. The update will be rolled out to all Android handsets in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, this update will solve all the issues most of the Android critics had with the Market and will bring the Market up to the Apple AppStore level.

Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian–#2

Welcome to the second edition of Best Mobile Apps Of The Week. I hope you liked our first edition of the Best Mobile Apps of The Week. Hopefully, readers will like the second edition as well. In this edition, we will introduce our readers to a scrobbler client for Symbian, a video streaming app for iOS and an application to control iTunes playback on your PC/laptop via your Android handset.

Here are the featured mobile apps of the week for iOS, Symbian and Android:

Air Video (iOS)

Air Video for iOS is one brilliant application. The application streams the video present in the user’s PC either via Wi-Fi or via 3G to his/her iOS based device. The biggest advantage of Air Video is that it is able to stream videos in almost any format to your iOS device. The application also has a very handy feature of converting videos on the fly and streaming it right to your iOS device. Users need to make sure that the Air Video server application is installed on your PC so that the application can work properly.


Air Video is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and users can download it from the AppStore for $2.99.

Mobbler (Symbian) is a very popular Internet radio site. Many clients are available for various operating systems. For Symbian, Mobbler is a very popular radio player and scrobbler client. The application allows users to listen to a variety of Internet radio stations offered by

The application is pretty slick as well and supports some useful features like scrobbling all your tracks when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network etcetera. The application supports the different versions of Symbian S60v3 (FP2), S60v5 and Symbian^3.

Symbian users can download Mobbler for free from here.

Remote For iTunes (Android)

In our first edition of the Best Mobile Apps of The Week, we told you about a very handy application for iOS Remote. Today, we would like to introduce you to the Android alternative of Remote Remote For iTunes. Remote For iTunes works exactly like Remote for iOS does. The application allows users to control the media playback of iTunes running on their PC or Laptop via their Android handset through Wi-Fi.


The interface of the application is a pretty simple as well. According to me, one drawback of the application is that it does not feature the CoverFlow UI. Nevertheless, the Remote For iTunes is a must have application if you use iTunes on your PC.

The only difference between Remote for iOS and Android is that while the former is available for free, the latter costs $4.99.

How 4Chan Anon Games Google Trends

4Chan has been notorious at trending topics on Google Search for a long time now. Google Trends basically track number of searches made for a particular term and then automatically pushes it up the trends if there are lots of searches happening for the same topic. Once a search term enters the trends, it can be viewed at

Many of Google search trends in the past have led to nothing and instead are some sort of pranks played by 4Chan Anon users on someone or the other. Quite recently 4Chan Anon members started to attack several big sites including MasterCard, Visa and PayPal among others for Operation Payback for .

Boing Boing did a good post on the tools being used by them to carry this attack. In that post, they had a link to an interesting image on how 4Chan wanted to spread rumors of it having access to Credit Card numbers of MasterCard users which can be viewed here. In that image, there was a section where instructions were posted on how to get into trending topics in Google Search.

Google search "MasterCard deemed unsafe". Go to Paste Google search URL into url bar. Press Go!.

Doing this will automatically increase the number of records Google gets for a particular search and then get it into the trending topics and to the eyes of more users. This is not the first time that Google search trends have been gamed and it has been methodically carried out by lots of users in the past. However, 4Chan definitely has the clout to get it done. Such trending topics are also a cause for a lot of spam in Google News.

4Chan Anon group has definitely become quite an influence on the Internet and have probably reached a place of dominance where they can control it. Whether it is right or wrong is for you to decide.

I have contacted Google on this issue and am awaiting a response from the in this matter.

Google Showcases the Cr-48, First Chrome OS Laptop

Chrome OS is now official; Google is definitely making a play for a share of the laptop market. It announced Chrome OS and the Chrome Web Store at its event yesterday. It also showcased the first laptop powered by Chrome OS – the Cr-48.

Google Cr-48 Specifications

Cr-48 Chrome OS

12.1 inch display
Full size keyboard
Oversized clickable touchpad
3G connectivity
802.11n dual-band WiFi
8+ hours of active use
8+ days of standby
Webcam for video chat
100 MB free data usage / month (Verizon US only)
Plans starting at $9.99/month (US only)

At 12.2 inches, it is a bit bigger than I expected it to be. 10.1 inches would be the perfect size for it, primarily being a netbook OS.

No other details are out yet; you cannot even buy it yet. Google is offering free laptops to those who qualify for the pilot program though, here’s more information about that.

Google Groups Revamped, Adds Hints of Google Wave

Google Groups is one of the most popular way to have discussions with people. You can also have private Google Groups which can be used to share ideas or discuss anything between a group of people.

New Google Groups

Since Google Groups had launched, there were hardly any changes made to the UI. However, it looks like Google is now revamping the groups and adding a more user-friendly UI to it. At first glance, the revamped Google Groups show hints of , the failed Google product which is now rechristened as Apache Wave.

The new UI, has a sidebar which allows you to quickly navigate between groups and recently viewed topics. The main topics area has been revamped too to make it easier to browse and reply to threads. The new UI also has a new Overview section which displays the topic summary, links used as references in the post and the conversation thread.

Overall, the new Google Groups UI is pretty easy to navigate and is really fast. You can give the new Google Groups UI a test by visiting this page and clicking on the "Switch to new Groups" button. You can also watch a video embedded below to see what the new Google Groups looks like.

Click here if you can’t see the video. More at the Google Apps blog.