Gmail Gets New Experimental “20% Time” Features Today

It is a well known fact that Google is a employer that allows their employees to spend 20% of their time doing personal projects. The fruits of many such employees will be soon be made available to Gmail users with 13 new experimental features being added to it.

Gmail users should soon start seeing a additional Labs tab in their settings page which will list out the new features you can try out.

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Google Fails to Renew

The one who tells us to keep our domains registered for more than a year apparently forgot to do it themselves.

Miserably Google guys forgot to update their own acquisition, check out the screenshot below, and to top it they apparently forgot their own teachings to not update a domain for only one year.


Pic Credit: [TechCrunch]

The domain actually expired yesterday and is down for most of the US users was renewed as I wrote this post.

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Google Turns Off the Light

Well literally speaking they turned off the lights on their homepage in US, UK and Canada. If you are one them who are not seeing this home page then check out the screen shot below which I took at 4:31PM EST (Eastern Standard Time in US).


Well it’s a bit tougher to search now as its quite dark now.

Inspiration for this post even though I saw this earlier came from Google,Google Dark Homepage,Google Earth Hour