Bing Real-Time Live Search Mocks Google Streaming Results

The world is waiting for Google to unveil the new real-time search as you type in the Google Press Conference scheduled in some time. You can also try out the Google Real-time search as you type, however, Microsoft Fan, Long Zheng has created a similar Live search experience using Bing’s API and Ajax.

Bing Real-time Search Results by Long Zheng

This is definitely a slap on the face for Google who have been working on the streaming search results for a while now, however, unlike the efforts Zheng put in, Google might have done a lot more.

So is the Google Streaming Search better than Zheng’s Bing Real-time live search? You can try both for yourself and decide by visiting Google’s streaming search results here and Zheng’s Bing Live Search here.

Try Google Real-time Search Results As You Type

Google will be holding a press conference today to unveil new search features including the Search as you type results. However, you do not have to wait till Google unveils it to the public to start using it.


Google’s Instant Search results page is already up and you can use it to see how the new interface works by heading to this URL. Using the search box provided, you can type in your search query and the results will update as you type.

I tried it out for several queries and not only is it super-fast, it also is very useful when you might not be sure what exact search keywords you should use. This is fantastic, go give it a try here.

(Source: TNW)

Watch Google Streaming Search Press Conference Online

Google today is holding a press conference at the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in San Francisco. The conference is about new a faster search experience that will be unleashed by them.

Google Logo

Google had also unveiled an animated interactive yesterday known as Google Balls/Google Dots which was pretty mysterious as unlike other Google Doodle’s this one did not have a link or did not celebrate any particular event. This has led many people to suggest that it was a part of Google’s conference to be held today.

Google usually broadcasts all their conference live on . You can watch the Google search press conference today on YouTube. According to Search Engine Land, there may be several new introductions to Google Search which include 30 results per page among other things.

It would be interesting to see if Google does add the Search as you type feature which was spotted earlier by a user and AJAX results so that it becomes a better experience to search.

If you are looking to watch the Google Search Press Conference online, you can visit Google’s official channel on YouTube at

Mysterious Animated Google “Google Balls” Doodle Is Crazy

Oh Google and their . ¬†Just a few days after Google added a “Buckyball” Doodle, they have now added a mysterious new Animated aptly dubbed as “Google Balls”, which dances along with your mouse.

animated_google_doodleGoogle Doodle’s ¬† are historically known to celebrate events such as a birthday of a historic person or invention among other things. The changes to the Google Logo are apparent through a link they add to their Doodle’s, however with this new animated Doodle, there is no link and the balls just bounce around when you move your mouse over it.


According to Washington Post; who have also speculated on what the Doodle’s significance is; the new Google “Google Balls” doodle might be an inspiration about a news conference that Google is holding at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, this new Google “Google Balls” Doodle is definitely driving people nuts Smile. Do you know what the significance of this new Animated Google Doodle is, if yes, do let us know by commenting.

(h/t @Sathyabhat)