Google Doodle Celebrates Mark Twain’s Birthday

Today’s Google Doodle is an exceptionally beautiful tribute to one of the most famous American authors, Mark Twain. Pictured below, you can see that it is reminiscent of two of Twain’s most famous characters, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Mark Twain Google Doodle

This doodle reminds me so much of the innocence, and maybe a little bit of the mischief, of childhood. If you’re like me, seeing this will bring back the stories of two little boys who just wanted to experience their little world. It also reminds me of more innocent times when children were allowed to run and play without the fears we deal with today.

Mark Twain would have celebrated his 176th birthday today. According to Wikipedia, he was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30, 1835. His birthday came shortly after the closest approach of Halley’s Comet. An interesting tidbit is that Twain always said he came in with the comet and would probably leave with it too. As it turns out, on  April 21, 1910, the day after the arrival of Halley’s comet, Twain did indeed pass away.

His early years were spent in Missouri. Back then, it was a slave state and definitely influenced his later writings. As a young man, he apprenticed for a printer and, later, traveled and worked as a printer in New York, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. He educated himself in the public libraries. He later returned to Missouri and became a steamboat pilot.

It is said that these travels down the river are what inspired his name. Two fathoms was apparently a safe depth for a river boat to pass through. The word “twain” was an old fashion way of saying two. So when the riverboat captains measured two fathoms they would “mark” it “twain”.

Of course, most remember Twain for two major works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Some credit the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as the first great American novel. Hemingway was even quoted as saying, “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Though I am a fan of his literature, I am also a big fan of Twain’s witty quotes. Here are some of my favorites:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either.

The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.
What about you? Do you have any favorite Twain quotes that you would like to share with the rest of us? Take a moment to respond and let’s enjoy some of Twain’s wit and humor together.  


Google Thanksgiving Doodle

Google’s Thanksgiving Doodle allows you to decorate your own holiday turkey without all of the mess! In a matter of seconds, you can customize your turkey to your exact tastes. Pictured below is an example of what you’ll see when you go to today.

Google's Turkey DoodleThe Thanksgiving Doodle is really cute and fun. I look forward to showing this one to my kids. The doodle is interactive and allows you to decorate your turkey just the way you want. The turkey can be completely customized. You can even click each feather to change it to the color you want. You can click the turkey’s hair to get a variety of styles. You can also click the feet and choose from a wide variety of styles. My personal favorite is the roller skates. If you want a real surprise, click the turkey’s wing. I won’t spoil it for you.

This particular Google Doodle has a social networking aspect to it. Once you have made your turkey just the way you want it to be, click the “g+ share” button at the bottom. You will get the dialog pictured below.

Google Plus ShareThis will allow you to share your turkey design with your Google+ circles. If you don’t have Google+ you will be prompted to create an account.

If you don’t have a Google+ account, and you don’t want to create one, you can share your turkey a different way. Pictured below, you can see that there is a “link” option at the bottom of the Google Doodle. If you click this, a URL will pop out to the side and you can copy and paste it into an email or Facebook post.

LinkI hope you enjoy this little bit of fun today and, by all means, please share. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Google’s Children’s Day Doodle Sketched By 7-Yr Old Child Artist

If you happen to go to Google’s India page, and chances are that you will, you’ll witness a nice doodle made on the account of Children’s Day. What you may also know, if you’ve read it here, is that this doodle was sketched by a child artist 7 yr old Varsha Gupta from Noida, India.

Happy Children's Day from Google

The doodle is quite artistic, really. Just like different musical instruments come together with their varied sounds to create a heavenly contribution, so is India a country where people of different backgrounds (race, religion and customs) mingle to create a unified strand of humanity. The letters are represented by different musical instruments and they all come together, harmoniously, to produce the music of the word Google’. Just like India.

The child artist

A mouse-over reveals that the doodle is created by Doodle 4 Google India 2011 winner Varsha Gupta. Clicking it takes you to a page returning search results for Children’s Day’. For me, the imperfections in the doodle are essential. This was evidently crafted by the innocent hands of a child and it shows. This is also what makes it so special. At least for one day, we might stop being professional or perfectionists and simply remember our childhoods, when having fun was top priority. It’s tough to maintain that in life.

Chacha’ Nehru (or Uncle’ Nehru) would have been quite thrilled at this, given that he adored children and rightly considered them to be the most potent force in India. Today is his birthday and this is Google’s way of saying Happy Birthday’ to a visionary and a builder of independent India.

We at Techie-Buzz say Congratulations’ to Varsha Gupta and Happy Birthday’ to Chacha Nehru.

Google Honors Madame Marie Curie With A Doodle On Her Birthday

She is the epitome of true grit, all packaged in a gentle feminine form. A scientist par excellence, a double Nobel Prize winner, a pioneer on many fronts and an exemplary human being, Madame Marie Curie showed how much a human can endure and still succeed! Today is her birthday and Google duly honours her with a doodle.

Madame Curie

The doodle is a simple image of Curie holding up a flask with a fixed chemical apparatus on the table in front of her. Her work, involving the extraction of minute quantities of radium and polonium from uranium ores, must have involved more complicated apparatus setups. Click on the doodle and you’ll be redirected to a page returning the search results to her name. The doodle is a simple one, a humble offering of respect, just like Marie Curie might have wanted to be.

Her Life

Born in Poland on this day in 1867, she was the fifth and youngest child. Tragedies in her life started early, when she lost her mother at an early age, followed by her elder sister. Jolted twice, she renounced her faith (Catholicism) and became agnostic. Her academic pursuits would take her to Sorbonne; there she would obtain a degree in math. She would also start working with magnetism, which would eventually prove a great source of attraction between her (then Marie Sklodowska) and her future husband Pierre Curie.

The Physics and Chemistry that she did

The physics world was rocked by the discovery of unknown rays given off by certain substances in the late 1890’s. It was Becquerel’s seminal discovery of radioactivity that set Marie and Pierre on a hunt for a new element radium! Nothing was known about radioactivity not even the harm that it does.

Madame Marie Curie and Pierre Curie together in the lab

From a ton of pitch blende (Uranium dioxide – ore from which Uranium is extracted), less than one-tenth of a gram of radium chloride was extracted. This was 1898. Polonium, discovered by the Curies in the previous year, was easier to extract. Both were much more radioactive than Uranium. Madame Curie wrote a characteristically tepid sentence, which was immensely insightful:

The fact is very remarkable, and leads to the belief that these minerals may contain an element which is much more active than uranium.

Becquerel was her doctoral advisor; she obtained her DSc from the University of Paris in 1903. In the same year, she received her first Nobel Prize – in Physics and with Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel.


Her struggle restarted in 1906 with the death of her husband. She continued her work, but failed to get a position at the University of Paris, just because women were disallowed from such a position. She was, however, received with honour at Sorbonne, the first woman to hold the post of a professor.

She was attacked by her detractors and there were many when news about her alleged affair with Paul Langevin surfaced in 1910-11. In 1911, she received her second Nobel Prize this time in Chemistry and alone!

The 1911 Solvay conference, one of the most prestigious meetings of scientists in history. Seated, second from right is Madame Curie. Note the young Einstein standing on the right.


She would die in 1936 due to the very radiation that made her a celebrity. She campaigned widely for more funding for radium research. She founded the Curie Institute, which produced more Nobel Laureates, including her daughter Irene Joliet-Curie and son-in law Frederic Joliot-Curie.

Madame Marie Curie is a symbol today, a reminder that science is not merely a great idea occurring inside the head of a genius. It’s a body of knowledge, requiring immense dedication, sometimes even courage, to acquire.

Madame Marie Curie, on your birthday, we salute you!

Google Doodle Celebrates Mary Blair’s 100th Birthday

In honor of the great American artist who is notably known for her work done for The Walt Disney Company, the Google Doodle is celebrating the artist’s 100th birthday by publishing a creative doodle on its homepage. The doodle is quite impressive and is based on the art of her work.

Google Doodle Celebrates Mary Blair's 100th Birthday

The Google Doodle went live just moments ago, however there are a set of viewers who are still not able to view the doodle. It’s probably due the dateline thing.

Mary Blair:

Mary Blair is recognized all over the world. She was one of America’s greatest artists and is best remembered today for work done for The Walt Disney Company. You might not recognize her, but I’m sure you would have heard of the films Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Song of the South, and most famously Cinderella, for which Blair has produced the concept.

She was born on October 21, 1911 in McAlester, Oklahoma. She moved to Texas during her early ages, and later to California when she was about 7 years of age. Mary graduated from San Jose State College and won a scholarship at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angele. In the year 1934, she married to a notable artist named Lee Blair who had won a gold medal in the art competitions of the Olympic Games for his “Rodeo”.

Life and Career of Mary Blair

  • After marriage, she worked in the animation industry in the Ub Iwerks (FYI, Ub Iwerks was the creator of Mickey Mouse)
  • She worked on art for Dumbo, an early version of Lady and the Tramp and a second version of Fantasia which was released late in 1990s.
  • She worked on two partially animated features Song of the South and So Dear to my Heart.Mary Blair
  • In early 1950s, Mary Blair was credited with color styling on Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.
  • Mary resigned from Disney after the completion of Peter Pan and worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.
  • In 1967, Mary created mural art for the Tomorrow land Promenade, which is a 90-foot-high (27 meters) and remains a focal point of the Disney’s Contemporary Resort hotel at Walt Disney World, which was completed for the resort’s opening in 1971.
  • On July 26, 1978, Mary Blair died of a cerebral haemorrhage.

Awards won by Mary Blair:

  • 1991: She won the Disney  Legend  award
  • 1996: She received the Winsor McCay award from ASIFA-Hollywood

Mary had an incredible sense of imagination and childhood, and her work’s has inspired many of the illustrators from the mid 21 century. Here are some of the best examples of her work:

Here’s a video presentation of the artist’s works –

[Slideshow via]

Google Celebrates Its 13th Birthday with a Doodle

The search engine giant and one of the best known brands on the internet, Google has just turned 13 today. Google is celebrating its birthday by dedicating itself a Google birthday Doodle, marking the 13th anniversary of awesomeness.

The Google Doodle always comes with hidden meanings, and has so much to say. Today’s doodle comes with a cake lighted with 13 candles and 3 caps. It also has 3 gifts placed on the table. In my perception, it means to me that each of the caps belong the “Google Guys” – Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt – the three key persons who founded Google in September 1998.

Google 13th Birthday!

One cannot imagine life without Google. Google search along with its several other awesome services has played an important role in our life. “Google” itself has become a synonym for “web search”, and no doubt it is the most preferred search engine.

In celebration of Google’s birthday, here’s a look back at Google’s birthday doodle since 2002 –

2002 – Google’s First Birthday Doodle

Google came up with its first birthday doodle in September 27, 2002. The search engine giant turned the letter “L” into a 4 along with a virtual birthday cake accompanying it. During this year, Google introduced some major features, which include –

2003 – Google Turns 5

Google celebrated its 5th birthday by presenting a doodle similar to its 4th birthday. The letter “L” was changed to 5 and had a cake along with a cap on top of the “O. During this year, Google acquired and introduced Google AdSense.

Google 6th Birthday

2004 – Google Celebrates 5th Birthday

Google had too much of cake in its last 2 years of celebration and decided to go on a diet on its 6th birthday. The 6th anniversary of Google doodle saw balloons and the letter “O” replaced with 6. In this year, the company said that it sold 19,605,052 shares with an opening price of $85 per share. At present, Google’s stock price is $531. It introduced the following services –

  • OrkutGoogle 6th Birthday
  • Gmail
  • Google Official Blog
  • 100+ Google domains
  • SMS for mobile
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Book Search
  • Opened a Tokyo R&D centre

2005 – Google Turns 7

Google certainly missed the cake in its 6th birthday and this time it decided not to go on a diet. The Google doodle included 7 pieces of cake along with the letter “L” replaced with 7. This was a big year for Google, as we saw several number services launched including Google Maps and Google Talk.

Services launched by Google during this year were –

2006 – Happy 8th Birthday

Google continued the tradition of celebrating its birthday with a Google Doodle and a cake. But this time it was a one-cupcake birthday celebration, with the second “G” turned into an 8. This was yet another big year for Google as it debuted more interesting new service –

2007 – Google Celebrates it 9th Birthday

Google’s 9th celebration doodle placed a piñata – type of container that is decorated, filled with toys and or candy. During this year, Google –

  • Introduced Docs in 11 more languages
  • Gmail was open to everyone
  • Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Blogger in 8 more languages
  • Google Hot Trends
  • Street Views for Maps
  • Google GearsGoogle 9th Birthday
  • Maps on the iPhone
  • YouTube in 9 more domains
  • Google Apps in 28 languages
  • Google Earth (and Sky)
  • AdSense for Mobile
  • Presentations in Google Docs
  • Introduced Android

2008 – Happy 10th Birthday!

Celebrating its 10th decade, Google decided to create a doodle with its first logo when it was initially launched. During this year, the most notable event for Google was the launch of first the Android-based phone, T-Mobile G1. Along with that, Google also –

2009 – Google’s 11th Birthday

On its 11th birthday, Google kept its doodle quite simple as it just replaced the “L” with 11. However, there were no birthday cakes this time. Probably the doodle was made simple to indicate that it was just another “Google year” and it was working real hard to revolutionize the web.

In this year, Google announced Google Chrome OS for netbooks. It also made its debut on Twitter and tweeted its first message with a stream of 0s and 1s, which indicated “I’m feeling lucky”

On May 14th, Google was down for a few hours due to a simple traffic jam at an Asian data centre. This outage left 14% of its user base without Google’s several online services. However, Google apologized for the inconvenience caused in a blog post

In the same year, Google introduced the following services

2010 – Google Celebrates its 12th Birthday

By now, Google became a part of everyone’s life. The 12th Google birthday doodle had a candle which represents the “L” in the Google logo. The doodle is a painting by an American artist Wayne Thiebaud, who was known for painting images of cakes, ice creams, toys and candy.

In this year –

Google Doodle Commemorates Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday

Today’s Google Doodle is sure to spark your inner child. Google commemorates the 75th birthday of the man who fascinated children and adults alike with the creation of  the Muppets, Jim Henson. This whimsical tribute appears atop the main Google Search page.

Jim Henson Google Doodle

The Doodle features several  imaginative  characters which interact with your mouse and keyboard. Click on one of the characters and they magically come to life. They will follow your mouse around and respond to your tapping the arrow keys on your keyboard. Here’s a little trick, if you click on either the second guy or the fifth one, tap your arrow keys on your keyboard 10-15 times, a funny animation will appear. So as not to spoil the fun, I will refrain from spilling all the details in this article.

Jim Henson was a beloved puppeteer and creative genius who was behind shows like Sesame Street and his most famous work to date; The Muppets. He enthralled children and adults alike. According to Wikipedia, it was in 1969 that Joan Ganz Cooney, of the Children’s Television workshop, approached Henson about working on Sesame Street. His career seemed to soar from there. In 1976, the Muppets took to the television airwaves and were syndicated worldwide. In 1979, the Muppets hit the silver screen with the debut of “The Muppet Movie”. It was a major success.  Henson’s work did not stop with the Muppets. As a matter of fact, he collaborated on many other projects including George Lucas’s blockbuster, “The Empire Strikes Back”, where he assisted in the design of Yoda.

Henson passed away from Streptococcus pneumonia on May 16th, 1990. His legacy still lives on at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, which still collaborates with the entertainment industry today. The Jim Henson Company has a wonderful podcast tribute set up on their website.

Personally, this doodle stirs both fond memories from my childhood, as well as a little sadness at the loss of such a great man. It is hard to even fathom how many countless hours I spent watching the magic of Henson’s creations on TV. I learned my ABC’s and 123’s from Sesame Street characters. I laughed to tears at the antics of the Muppets. To this day, don’t be surprised if you hear me doing my rendition of the Swedish Chef. Even my children have been inspired by Jim Henson’s magical creations. It warms my heart to see this tradition carry on.

How about you? Did Jim Henson’s work inspire or entertain you in any way? Let’s make today’s comment section a tribute to this great man!

Google Honours ‘Uncle’ Anant Pai With A Doodle On His 82nd Birthday

Reading is more than just an ability it is a source of immense joy and even a melting pot of nostalgia. No one got this message across better than the lovable Uncle Pai. Google pays tribute to everyone’s dear Uncle by dedicating a Google doodle in his honor. Today is his 82nd birthday; today (17th September) is the birthday of a precious part of our childhood.

The Legacy

Anant Pai was more than an educationist he was one the best India has ever seen. He was more than an awesome cartoonist. He was more than a story writer. He is a part of life for thousands who have grown up reading his works and then wished that they remain kids, just so that they can share the innocence of Uncle’s creations. Anant Pai, more lovingly known as Uncle Pai’, created the ultimate storehouse of children’s knowledge Amar Chitra Katha, which literally translates to Immortal Picture Stories’. Figures show that Amar Chitra Katha sells 3 million books on average per year, since its inception in 1967, with over 100 million sold over these years. But these are merely figures the number of lives these books influenced is much higher.

Uncle Pai: A sketch (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Google’s Appreciation

Google’s doodle (first pic, above) depicts Uncle Pai sitting in his office, surrounded by shelves full of his own creations. Two such pictures, one in which Uncle Pai is sitting and the other in which he is standing, form the doodle, with the writing of Google’ connecting the two. A mouse-over reveals that it is meant to celebrate Anant Pai’s 82nd Birthday’. Clicking will lead to a search page searching for the name of Anant Pai’.

So Many Childhood Memories

It’s difficult for me to be merely professional while writing this, since it evokes so many gorgeous memories of my childhood. Who could forget the lovable Suppandi, the simpleton servant, who would happily get his orders mixed up and produce some innocent humour? Remember Shikari Shambu, whom the world reputes as a brave hunter, but is really meek and gentle? Somehow, in spite of bungling up everything, he would still end up the winner, protecting his own reputation and also delighting young hearts.

A bit of the Tinkle Universe (Shikari Shambu on the left and Suppandi on the right)

Want to sketch a character, who is evil, but is still loved? Take some inspiration from Tantri the Mantri. He is the evil minister to the innocent king Raja Hooja and is constantly planning to usurp the throne. The king trusts him with all his heart and, somehow, Tantri never succeeds in anything that he conspires to do. These are only the most famous characters in the Tinkle series a flagship program of Amar Chitra Katha. Apart from these, Tinkle used to be famous for the Uncle Pai’s own column, where perfectly scientific ideas were explained to children in an easy-to-digest and, most importantly, fun manner.

Apart from these, Amar Chitra Katha published graphic novels of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Panchatantra, all well-known Indian epics or collection of moral stories.

Ask anyone who has read Amar Chitra Katha’s publication what their favourite childhood memories were. Uncle Pai and his creations will definitely be among them. As for me, I wish I could laugh out as loudly as I did as a child, when I read about Suppandi messing up on his job. No, I no longer possess that innocence. I’m just happy that I was lucky enough to have Uncle Pai by my side, when I did possess it.

Google Celebrates Birthday Of The Discoverer of Vitamin-C With A Sweet-and-Sour Doodle

Today’s doodle will not be described using the words normally used to describe other Google doodles. Let’s not use awesome’, graphic’ or artistic’ for this doodle, even though all three are applicable. Let’s just call it sweet, with some vital tinge of sourness.

The Doodle

Google celebrates the 118th birthday of Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi with a doodle that looks like a label for a mixed fruit drink and appropriately so. For health freaks and everyone else, Szent-Gyorgi is the discoverer of Vitamin C and is famous for explaining that it occurs in copious amounts in citric acid. He also did vital work describing the reactions and their mechanism in the citric acid cycle, one of the oldest biological cycles on Earth.

The 'Vitamin C' Doodle

The doodle prominently depicts two oranges with many other citric fruits, like lemons and strawberries, in the background. The font used for writing Google’ has an oriental feel to it. A distinctive feeling of this being a fruit drink label is enhanced by the imperfect arc and a couple of fold marks. (pic above)

Click and you'll get this

Mouse over the doodle and it shows Albert Szent-Gyorgi’s 118th  Birthday. Clicking on the doodle links to the search for the name Albert Szent Gyorgi, which is usual with Google Doodles.

The Man

The Hungarian physiologist was born in 1893, September 16 (of course, that’s why the doodle), survived the two world wars, including an arrest warrant by Hitler, won a Nobel Prize for Medicine, co-founded a cancer research institute and even entered politics. He served as a medic in the First World War, but soon became disgusted. After shooting himself in the arm and claiming that he was critically injured by enemy fire, Szent-Gyorgyi was quickly sent back home on medical leave. He played no further part in the First World War. His pinnacle achievement came in the early 1930’s, while he was a professor at the University of Szegad. He worked on the citric acid cycle, identifying the products, most notably the role of fumaric acid, and explaining reaction mechanisms. This would become famous as the Krebs cycle, but is also known in Soviet circles by the more appropriate name Szent-Gyorgyi-Krebs cycle. Both Szent-Gyorgi and Krebs were awarded the Medicine Nobel Prize in 1937 for their seminal work. Later in his life, he also co-founded the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

No, this is not the best that Google has come up with in recent times, especially given the awesome Freddie Mercury video doodle. However, it is sort of cute, simple and definitely sour.

Google Celebrates Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday With A Video Doodle

I woke up this morning and noticed that Google is celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, one of the greatest rock starts of all times and a brilliant songwriter. Google honored Freddie with an amazing music video doodle on its home page.

The doodle has a play button, which when clicked plays an animated music video “Don’t Stop Me Now”, one of Queen’s biggest hits that was written and sung by Freddie Mercury. This is the second video doodle that Google has ever put up on its home page. The first video doodle was on the occasion of Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday.

Google Video Doodle - Freddie Mercury 65th Birthday

“It has a lot of fun, goofy stuff to celebrate what an incredible song writer, fashion icon, and musical innovator he was,” doodle team creative lead Ryan Germick told AFP during a visit to their base at Google’s headquarters in the California city of Mountain View.

“Freddy Mercury was an awesome performer, an ambitious creator and pioneered really audacious concept records,” Germick said. “We just love him; we’ve been blasting Queen for the last couple of months and it is always joyful.”

Freddie Mercury was born on 5 September 1946 in Zanzibar, and grew up in India until his mid-teens. His parents hailed from Bulsar in Gujarat. Mercury formed his first band The Hectics while studying at St Peter’s School, Panchgani.   Freddie later formed a rock band named Queenalong with guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in April 1970. Freddie was a great musician, singer, songwriter and the lead vocalist of the band.

On November 24th, 1991 Freddie died peacefully at his home in London of AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia.

If the doodle isn’t showing up on the Google search page in your region yet, you can see it  here.  Clicking on the doodle will bring up this video:

If the above video is not working, then click here to watch it.

This song is  one of my favorite songs by Queen: