Google Celebrates PAC-MAN Birthday With Playable Doodle

are often a part of the Google homepage, either to celebrate a great personalities birthday or a great invention. Today’s though is a unique one which celebrates the 30th birthday of PAC-MAN.

Google PAC-MAN 30th Birthday Doodle

What’s so unique about today’s Google Doodle? Well, you can actually play the PAC-MAN game by either using the Insert Coin button next to Google search or waiting for a few seconds. The game also has a Easter egg which is activated when you press the Insert Coin button twice in a game. Once you do that, a new character Ms. PAC-MAN will enter the game.

Another unique thing about today’s doodle is that, instead of the usual 24 hours, this doodle will be displayed to users for the next 48 hours.

However, I must warn you that keeping the page open for long can kind of annoy you since there is no stop button anywhere to close or pause the game, so make sure you go to Google to search :-P.

Rest aside, I have always been a big PAC-MAN fan and have played the game on arcades, consoles and even on an emulator. So my hearty birthday wishes to the little guy.

Happy Pi 3.14 Day, Google Doodle Does Mathematical Genius

It’s Pi day, as in the date today is 3.14, which is similar to what Pi represents in it’s basic form. To celebrate the day and mathematicians across the world, Google has come up with an excellent .

Google Pi Day Doodle

However, a much bigger Pi day will come in 2015 in March, when the date will be 3.14.15 or as Mathematician’s would like to say 3.1415.

We at Techie Buzz want to wish every Mathematician out there a Happy Pi Day, without you technology would be nothing.

Google China Gets a New Doodle Representing 4 Inventions in China

The Google China controversy has snowballed into a huge media event and has already received condolences from Chinese users. However, it looks like Google is continuing to do what they do, before they may or may not pull out operations from China.

Google China Doodle

If you visit Google’s China page today (, you will be greeted with a which showcases the 4 great inventions of China.

What are the 4 Great Inventions?

  1. Paper Making
  2. The Compass
  3. Gun Powder
  4. Movable Type

If you want to read more about the inventions, you can visit this page (English Translation). Incidentally the first result which shows up on clicking on the Google Doodle is from Baidu, the biggest search engine in China.

Google India Doodle Celebrates Makar Sankranti

Today’s Google India homepage sports a new which celebrates Makar Sankranti, the festival of kites in India. The new Doodle is brilliantly done and features kites in it.


We take this opportunity to wish all our Indian readers a Happy Makar Sankranti. To view the new doodle, you will have to visit Enjoy.

Thanks for the tip J3rwin

Sir Isaac Newton’s Google Doodle at Google NZ

Google has put up a really awesome doodle on the Google New Zealand homepage ( to celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday.

Isaac Newton's Google Doodle

The Google Doodle for Sir Isaac Newton is the first animated doodle I have seen from them. When you load the page you will see an Apple tree over Google’s logo, after a second or so, one of the Apple’s drop from the tree, this is to support Sir Isaac’s gravitational theory, he had formed when he saw an Apple drop from a tree.

Why Google chose New Zealand? Not sure, the doodle is not yet available in other Google sites.

Thanks arpitnext.

Google Tributes Mahatma Gandhi on His Birthday

It was really good to see Google celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday by adding a doodle on their home page. The doodle replaces the G in Google with a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

The doodle is to celebrate the birthday of Gandhi, also known as Gandhi Jayanti which is a national holiday in India.


Mahatma Gandhi was (and is still) known for his non-violence and charisma, and played a big role in achieving independence to India.

It is definitely good to see Google paying tribute to a great personality. You can see a doodle that pays tribute to Gandhi by visiting the Indian page of Google Search (

Google Doodle 4 Google Winning Logo

Don’t be surprised if you see a new logo on the Google homepage today as seen in the screenshot below, it is the the winning logo from the Google Doodle,Google Logo,Google