How To Create Forms Using Google Docs

A lot of people know that Google Docs can be used to create spreadsheets, word documents and presentations, but not everybody knows that you can also create forms and surveys using Google Docs.

Here are some simple instructions on how to do that:

1. From your Gmail or Google account, click on Documents. This will take you to Google Docs.

2. In Google Docs, click the create new button on the top-left corner and select forms.

3. If you want to customize the look of your form, click on Theme and choose a theme you like.

4. To add new questions or boxes to the for, click the add item button.

That’s it. You can add questions, paragraphs, check boxes, lists and multiple choice questions to your form. Once your form is saved, you can email it to the recipients or embed it on a website without any hassle. You can also come back to the form to view the responses or make any changes to your   form.

Share Folders & Sub-Folders in Google Docs

makes online collaboration and sharing very easy, by allowing you to share documents with several people, and also allowing several people to edit them in real-time. However, what if you want to share a entire project research with your team? Would you send out share invites for each and every document?


Turns out that you don’t have to do that anymore. Google Docs has started to allow users to share entire folders and sub-folders, in addition to sharing individual documents.


The share process for folders is similar to sharing individual documents. However, instead of using the dropdown menu to share, you will need to right click the folder and choose the Share option from it.


If a folder has been shared, you will see a share icon on the folder. Whenever you create a new folder or document in the shared folder, it will be automatically be shared with other collaborators.


You will need to expand the Folders shared with me section, to view the folders that have been shared with you. You can then edit or view the documents based on the permissions that have been setup for the shared folder.

According to an Google help page, when you share access to an entire folder, all the sub-folders and documents will have the same share permission. So, please take care to ensure that you do not share any unwanted documents by mistake.

Allowing users to Share folders is definitely a good move from Google. Since we often create several documents related to a topic, it’s now much easier to share several documents at once.

Share folders and multiple file upload in Google Docs [Official Google Blog]


Open PDF, PPT and TIFF Google Docs Viewer

More often than not, you will come across webpages which include files, PowerPoint files and TIFF files for downloads. Instead of downloading the files to your local disk, you can view them directly in your web browser using the newly introduced Google Docs viewer, with the help of a handy script.

Once you have installed this script, it will scan the webpage for PDF, PPT, TIFF, and TIF links, and prefix "" to the URL. When you click on the link, it will automatically open in Google Docs Viewer.



In addition to that Google has also introduced a new feature in search, where users can directly view PDF files from search results in Viewer.

Google Docs viewer is definitely a really good service at allows you to open and view files online with ease. Have you used Google Docs Viewer? Do let us know your thoughts about it.

Google Nocs – a Web Enabled Notepad for Saving Text Online

I’m a big fan of the Google online services. I use Gmail, Reader, Blogger, Docs and more. Guess what happened when I spotted a new application that lets me write text files to Google Docs?

When I found Nocs, and saw that it’s free open source software, I had to try it. Here’s what the web page says about it.


A Windows Notepad style application that uses Google Docs for synchronizing text files.

* all the basic functionality of the Windows Notepad
* login with a Google account
* change the Google account on-the-fly
* encrypt your documents
* auto-save after a specified timeout
* find & replace with regular expressions

I downloaded the install file for Nocs. It was a little over 1 MB in size. It’s a standard MSI (Microsoft Installer) file and it installed quickly with no fuss.

On start up, the first thing Nocs did was to prompt me for my Google Docs password. Once that was entered it tossed me into a very drab and basic looking text editor. There are no surprises here. It only has the same basic functions as Windows Notepad.


The real magic happens when you save a file. It quickly adds an entry in a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account. That’s not exactly the same as uploading a text file, but you’ll never know the difference.

How large can the text files be?

Each text file you upload is represented on Google in a two column spreadsheet. Column one contains the name of the text file and column two represents that text that you upload. When I saw the way that it worked, my first question to myself was, “How many characters can it store in each cell in the spreadsheet”. This would actually limit how large your text files can be.

I did a quick search on the net and I found that each cell in a Google Spreadsheet can hold roughly 30,000 characters. I noticed that each character in my text file was represented by about 4 characters in each cell. So, a quick guess would be that you can only send a little over 7500 characters in your text files. Only time will tell if I’m guessing right.

Is Nocs portable?

I copied the Nocs program folder to my thumb drive then uninstalled Nocs from my hard drive. I tried running Nocs from the thumb drive and it seems to work ok. As I said above, only time will tell if this will continue to work for me.


Nocs is another way to stay connected with your data no matter where you are. It’s still in beta testing so you may run into a few bugs. However, I can heartily recommend it. It does what it’s supposed to do and it doesn’t screw up anything else. Next I’m hoping they’ll figure out a way to let two or more people work on the same text file at the same time.

You should be aware that you can also use Microsoft Office with Google Docs and OpenOffice with Google Docs by installing a plugin. That’s actually a better solution, but it’s overkill if you only need to upload plain text like you find in Notepad.

Download Nocs

Gladinet Adds Cloud Backups For Google Docs Documents

Even though already stores in the cloud, it does help to have a of your document somewhere else, in the past we have told you about tools that help you backup your Google Docs documents to your desktop.

google docs cloud backup

Gladinet a popular cloud storage solution that allows you to access and store documents in the cloud by hooking into services like Windows Live among Amazon S3 others have now released a new version that will also let you backup your Google Docs documents to anywhere else in the cloud.

Definitely helpful when you use the web as a primary storage for documents and still want to keep it safe and secure.

For more information on how you can backup Google Docs using Gladinet visit this article, for complete release info visit here.

Backup Your Google Docs With GDocBackup

We have previously mentioned a few ways to back up your Google Docs files. However, the tools and methods we mentioned previously worked for a limited number of scenarios. Gladly, there is an application now that will work for everybody.

GDocBackup is a freeware utility for Windows and Linux, that lets you backup your Google Docs to your local drive. After you have downloaded and installed GDocBackup from here, it will prompt you for your Google account details. Once you have entered your user name and password and specified a folder location, GDocBackup will download all your files from your Google Docs account.

You can also specify the formats you want to download your documents in such as downloading presentations as PDF files. After the first backup, each subsequent backup will only download the new files that have been added to you Google Docs.

Backup Google Docs Files

Most of the time we try and files to the clouds using several sites, however it is always good to keep several backups just to be safe.

not only provides users with a Microsoft Office alternative but also provides users with a option to upload and store files online.

However if you do not trust the cloud for data storage you are always better off keeping backups locally, if you have many documents on Google Docs, you can easily export them or sync them with your local documents.


The LTech Google Docs Backup provides users with an option to backup and download their documents to their local drive. You can choose between various options to backup Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

However this will only work for Google Apps Premier and Education editions.

If you are a regular Google Docs user and , you can export your Google Documents too with a Greasemonkey script, you can find the script and other useful things in our earlier post: Getting the best out of Google Docs.

Download Google Docs Backup [via a tweet & Read Write Web]

Auto Spell Check Can Really Do Good For Google Docs & Gmail

We had told you about 3 which added couple of new features including auto spell check corrections for common typos users make, this feature can be immensely useful for people who write a lot.

People usually spend around 2-10% of the time to correct spelling mistakes and typos on an average, the time thus spent could in the end account for a huge amount of time waste.

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Edit Google Documents In Microsoft Word

Thought the basic concept of was to provide users with a free or low cost alternative to the popular document processing software Microsoft Office, there have still been several users who prefer the comfort provided the familiar interface of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more by Microsoft.

If you are a Google Docs user who prefers to use Microsoft Word, a small and nifty little application called OffiSync should bring cheers to you.

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Google Docs Adds Flowcharts & Drawing Support

has been adding several new features to our recommended Microsoft Office alternative and Microsoft Word alternative, the latest one being the ability to create flowcharts and diagrams in your documents.

In the past we have told you about tools to create flowcharts and diagrams online, however with the introduction of this new feature in Google Docs, you can easily skip those alternatives.

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