Enable Google Multi Sign-in Feature

Google has been recently testing multiple account sign-in, which would allow users to sign-in with multiple accounts to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Sites and Google Code without having to sign-out of an account.

Google Multiple Account Sign-In

This feature has now been rolled out to users in phases and can be used to access multiple Google accounts. If you have not yet enable Google Multi Sign-in Feature, here are some simple steps for enabling the Google Multi Sign-in feature.

Step 1: Go to your Google Accounts Manage page (clicking on the link will take you there)

Google Multiple Sign-In Edit

Step 2: Click on the Edit link next to Multiple sign-in listed under Personal Settings. If you do not see the link it will be rolled out to your account shortly.

Enable Google Multi Account Sign-in

Step 3: On the Edit page, select the radio button next to "On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser." and then make selections from the checkboxes below after you have read the details. After you have done that, just click the "Save" button.

That’s it, you will now be able to check emails, calendar, docs and more from multi-account using a drop down provided at the top of the screen. If you want to add another account, just click on the down arrow key and click on the link which says Sign in to another account and then provide your login credentials to it.

If you want to disable the multiple account sign-in in Google, just follow the same instructions. However, in Step 2 click the Radio button next to "Off – Use on Google Account at a time"

This is definitely one of the most useful features I have seen with Google or any other service because it takes out the hassle of managing and maintaining several different accounts.

Google Testing Multiple Account Sign In

I have several Gmail accounts for various reasons, now checking multiple account emails through a browser can be quite a pain since you have to sign in and sign out to access those accounts. However, Google is testing a new feature which will allow users to sign-in to multiple accounts at once.


The new Multiple account sign in works with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, , Google Sites and Google Code, however, Google may add support for different sites too.

Multiple Sign in will allow you to open different Google accounts in different tabs and you might not have to open another browser for it. This is definitely a great feature and I am eagerly awaiting it’s release since it will definitely increase my productivity. What about you? If you cannot wait for the feature to come out, you can try out the Gmail Notifier for which notifies you whenever a new mail arrives in your Gmail account and supports multiple accounts.


Google Docs Viewer For Android, iPhone and iPad

Google has released a version of their Viewer with support for mobile devices including , and the .

Google Docs Mobile Viewer

The new mobile docs viewer allows users to view PDF files, .ppt, .doc and .docx from your Google Docs account on compatible mobile devices. It also supports pinch to zoom in or out on the iPhone, and iPad.

To view the new mobile docs viewer, just visit docs.google.com on your Android, iPhone or iPad and open any previous documents you have uploaded. More info at the Official Google Mobile blog.

Google Docs Adds OCR: Converts Images and PDFs to Text

Optical Character Recognition utilities are a handy breed of applications which can extract text from images. Unfortunately, most desktop solutions are prohibitively expensive for casual use. Free online OCR services offer a way out by offering simple and quick conversion for free. Sure, they don’t have all the features you can find in a full-fledged desktop suite. But, they are sufficient for most users.

Google Docs is the latest online service to get OCR capabilities. While Google has been experimenting with OCR in its Docs API since last year, it was added to the Docs frontend a little while ago. Now, while uploading any document, you will be provided the option to “convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents”.

To test the OCR service I used an image extracted from an Av-Comparatives report. While Google managed to detect most of text correctly, it failed to retain any formatting. It managed to detect correctly even non-dictionary words like ‘Kingsoft’, however failed to detect special characters like ‘&’ and superscripts.

Sample Document Used
Output Returned by Google Docs

Overall, the accuracy was quite good and to be honest a lot better than I had expected. However, there are obvious limitations to the product. Nevertheless, it’s a handy addition to an already impressive service.

Google Docs Gets More Collaborative and Real-time

Google Docs is still a no go, as far as most enterprises are concerned. However, Google is obviously desperate to claw away at Microsoft Office’s dominance. They have just announced a plethora of new features, which should make Docs a worthy alternative to Microsoft offerings such as SharePoint.

The document editor as well as the spreadsheet editor has been refreshed to provide significant performance improvements. The document editor now offers real-time experience, which means that you can view character-by-character changes as collaborators make edits. Also new to the document editor is sidebar chat, which was previously available in the spreadsheet editor.

New features in the spreadsheet editor include the formula bar for cell editing, auto-complete, drag and drop columns, and simpler navigation between sheets.

Google has also launched a collaborative drawing editor. Don’t be misled by its name, Google isn’t trying to compete with MS Paint. Rather, the drawing editor is intended for drawing flow charts, designs, diagrams and other fun or business graphics.


The drawing editor should become available later today, while the preview versions of documents and spreadsheets would be rolled out to all users within the next few days.

Google acquires DocVerse, did it acquire PDFMeNot too?

Google has announced an acquisition of the famous online collaborative tool DocVerse. The news of the acquisition surfaced in December last year and now it is through. There was another possible rumor of the acquisition of PDFMeNot.

As it is suggestive from the name this software comes from the same developers who created BugMeNot. The Online PDF tool is an Australian startup and there were reports of it being acquired by Google earlier this week. The report surfaced on Digital Inspiration but now, Digital Inspiration has another update which says the acquisition report is not true. Though, the official PDFMeNot website redirects to Google docs, there is no news on why it is so!

The second is DocVerse which makes Google apps better by providing collaborative working platforms for popular MS Office document files. In a blog post on this acquisition, Google has remarked saying,

We recognize that many people are still accustomed to desktop software. So as we continue to improve Google Docs and Google Sites as rich collaboration tools, we’re also making it easier for people to transition to the cloud, and interoperate with desktop applications like Microsoft Office.

DocVerse brings the functionality of Google Docs to the desktop. Although not free, its integration with Microsoft Office will prove to be fruitful. And in the midst of all this, Google might just make this tool free.

Google Docs Adds Server Clipboard For Managing Copied Items

Google has announced the launch of a new online Clipboard for , which will allow users to copy and store items in the cloud so that you can paste them into different documents with proper formatting intact.

Google Docs Cloudboard

Users can copy text to the server clipboard and reuse them across multiple documents in Google Docs. Once you have copied the text using the "Copy selection to server clipboard" item from the clipboard icon, you will be able to access it across multiple documents.


As you can see from the screenshot above, Google Docs will allow you to paste the text with the formatting intact as HTML or just copy the text itself as plain text. This feature will come in pretty handy when you want to copy an excel spreadsheet into a new one or a presentation slide into another document type.

The copied items will automatically expire after a month, however, if you want to clear the items, you can click on the clipboard icon and select "Clear all items" from the dropdown list.

What do you think of the new Google Docs server clipboard, will you make use of it? Do you find it will add value to how you create documents online? For more information about the new clipboard feature in Google Docs, visit this help page.

Memeo Connect – Access Google Docs on Desktop

Google Docs has recently announced two new features. Primarily, you can share any folder as a whole and secondarily, you can upload and save any file of any type to your Google Docs account. Taking advantage of these two features, Memeo has created a new Google Docs desktop collaboration tool Memeo Connect.

[Download Memeo Connect]

The three main features of this tool are :

1. Access Or Edit Documents on Multiple Computers

This proves to be a very useful tool if you have to work on multiple computers. Memeo synchronizes all your edits done on Google Docs documents across any number of computers you use. So, if you are half-done editing a document while in office, you can finish the job on the go or when you reach your home computer.


2. Working Offline And Auto Update

This is an extension of the previous feature. i.e if you are half-done editing your documents on your laptop while you are at home and suddenly you get a call for an urgent presentation at office, you could finish the edit on your way there without needing to stay connected to internet. Now when you reach to your office just connect Memeo to the internet and all the offline edits will be auto updated into your online copies stored on Google Docs.


3. Migration

This feature is brought forward to leverage Google’s decision of allowing any kind of file storage on Docs. This makes it easy for collaboration within a team. You can possibly share a PDF file or PowerPoint presentation with your team member without necessarily sending him an email. The sharing is pretty easy because all you need to do is drag-and-drop the file within the Memeo Connect and the file gets uploaded to Google Docs once you are online. Now you can share the file with your team members easily.


Memeo Connect needs a Google Apps Premier Edition and a full license worth $9(per user annually) for proper functioning. It has a trial edition(with full functionality) though, but still you will need the Google Apps Premier Edition for it.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Memeo Connect is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. It is aimed to solve the anomaly between Microsoft’s and Google’s different approach to process documents. Though its a failure as of now, because Google’s poor formatting is unable to comply with that of MS-Office. It also deals with another task of keeping files synchronized across multiple computers. The tool generates a PDF version of all the Google documents for offline viewing, which is also a nice addition to this new tool. This is a nice tool for collaborating, with a reasonable price.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 3.5/5 (Very Good)

Google Docs Opens File Storage to All Files, GDrive Cometh?

Google Docs is slowly but surely becoming a medium for files and documents. Earlier, Google Docs allowed users to upload word documents, PDF files and other office related documents. However, they have now opened up storage to essentially all types of files.


In addition to that, they have also jacked up the free storage limit to 1GB with an option to buy additional storage space at $0.25 per GB. If you are looking for an easy way to upload files to Google Docs, you can use the desktop uploading tool for Google Docs. In addition to that, you can also export all your Google Docs as a Zip archive.

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So is Google trying to take over your files too? Is this a side introduction of GDrive, the much hyped and not-yet-delivered product from Google?

Don’t want to store your files on Google Docs? Take a look at all the free online storage options we have covered in the past.

Google Docs Now Lets You Zip And Export All Files

You could always download any files you wanted from your Google Docs account, but recently Google implemented a much more convenient solution to backing up your files. Now you can compress all your Google Docs files in a single zip file and download to your hard drive.

The feature may not be available for all the users yet as Google is rolling it out slowly. To do so, simply select all your files and click on the More Actions button. This will allow you to select the export option from the list and export all the files as a zip file.