Google Desktop 64Bit OS Support

, our recommended way of indexing and finding content on your personal computer, has just announced that they will be supporting 64bit OS starting today.

This is good news for people who have a 64bit PC but have not been able to take advantage of this really awesome tool that allows you to search every nook and corner, emails, chats and more just like you have been searching with Google.

Over time Google Desktop has improved and is much more faster than when it started out, so if you have shunned it before give it a try once more.

It also searches across multiple computers on the same network. Download Google Desktop

Google Desktop now supports 64 bit Windows [Official Google Desktop Blog]

Google Reader Desktop Gadget

It has been long since we have been told you about several Google Reader desktop clients, however the search for a really good one was still left unfinished. That though was only until we came across the Google Reader Gadget for which was today officially announced on the Google Reader blog.

The Google Reader gadget for desktops is really a nice alternative for reading feeds on your desktop, it’s lightweight and offers much of what online Google Reader had to offer.

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Google Calendar On Your Desktop

Quite sometime back Google had released a useful Gmail Gadget for the Desktop, using which users could keep a eye on their email from the comfort of their desktop, turns out Google didn’t stop there and they have now introduced a new gadget for Google Calendar users.

The Google Calendar Gadget for Desktops will help you keep track of your appointments from your desktop, new improvements to the gadget include a cleaner interface, support for Google Apps calendar and three different viewing modes.

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Gmail Gadget For Google Desktop

I have always been a big fan of for quite some time and use it as my primary search tool for the desktop, the good thing about Google Desktop is that I can also use several useful Gadgets that allow me to monitor websites from the desktop, maintain a to-do list, track Google AdSense earnings from the desktop and more.

Google Desktop also featured a handy gadget that would allow you to view the incoming emails in and your account, however the gadget was pretty basic and you could not search emails or do other tasks with it.

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Find PNR Status in Google Desktop Sidebar [Indian Railways]

Indian Railways are usually fully booked and many people buy tickets in waiting lists so that they can get a confirmed seat, if any other person cancel the tickets.

While booking tickets users are given a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) that they can use to track the status of their bookings.

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Monitor Website Uptime With Google Desktop Gadgets

We have told you about a free service called Montastic that helps you monitor website uptime as well as a really handy desktop website monitoring tool that will help you monitor websites as well as automatically reboot your servers when it has a downtime.

If you are a Desktop user, there are quite a few gadgets that will help you monitor your website from your desktop. Here is a list of the gadgets you can download and start monitoring websites from your sidebar or even as floating gadgets.

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