Google Chrome Extensions Officially Open

has finally taken the plunge into extensions through the official Google Chrome extensions gallery.


Chrome Extensions gallery is pretty similar to the Google Gadgets gallery and allows users to download, rate and comment on the extensions. An advantage for Chrome extensions over is that you do not have to restart Chrome after installing the extensions. To manage the installed extensions, just type chrome://extensions in the browser Omnibar and hit enter.

Right now there are around 400 extensions available for download, however we expect this number to go up in the next few weeks. If you have been wondering which Chrome extensions to try out, take a look at our non-exhaustive, Best and Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions Gallery [via Official Google Blog]

Google Chrome for Mac Coming Soon

The Chromium team has updated the Roadmap for Mac OS X which includes several features that needs to be tested and included in for Mac OS X.

According to Neowin, the release of Chrome for Mac was supposed to be in December 2009, and it looks like they will be on schedule. An interesting paragraph in the roadmap reads:

Now that we have an initial beta release under our belts, our goal is to fill in the missing features and release on a regular schedule. WinChrome’s track record demonstrates our desire to release early and often (4 major releases in about a year), so expect frequent releases that add needed functionality and improve the user experience.

So all you Mac fans who are eagerly awaiting the official release, there will be some good news in the near future. We will keep you updated as and when a stable release for Mac is available for download.

IE Tab Extension for Google Chrome

Have you ever come across sites which state that they will only work in Internet Explorer (and actually do)? Well so have we, but since I started using , I am too lazy to fire up IE just to load the site, so I skip it altogether.


Must Read: Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Google Chrome

However, does have an called IE Tab, which provides rendering from IE engine within Firefox. Turns out that there is now a which does the same.


The IE Tab extension for Google Chrome will allow you to render sites in Internet Explorer engine from within Google Chrome. This extension can come in pretty handy when you want to visit websites which only work well in , but don’t want to disrupt your browsing session.

Download IE Tab Chrome Extension | Author home page

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Download

We have been covering several for sometime now. The official extension gallery will take a little more time to open up, so we decided to put up a list of the most useful Google Chrome extensions that we have covered till now. We also decided to throw in some other Chrome extension which we haven’t written about to make the list a comprehensive one.


For your convenience we have segregated the extensions into several categories for easier browsing.

Bookmarking & Session Management

Read It Later Extension – Quickly add content to your Read It Later account in one click.

Bookmark All Tabs Extension – Allows you to bookmark all open tabs at one, allowing you perform maintenance and then reopen it again later.

Delicious Extension – Quickly Bookmark a webpage to your Delicious account.

Chrome Session Saver Extension – Allows you to save all the open tabs as a session and open them up later.

Google Bookmarks Extension – Adds a Google bookmarks button which displays the bookmarks from your Google Bookmarks account in a dropdown list.

Blogging & Developer Related

Allow Right Click Extension – Allows you to perform right clicks on webpages which have disabled it.

Pagerank Checker Extension – Similar to the Pagerank Checker for Chrome which we had covered earlier, however, this one adds a icon in the toolbar.

IE Tab Extension – This extension will allow you to use Internet explorer rendering to display pages in Google Chrome.

XML Tree Extension Adds XML rendering support to Google Chrome.

Proxy Switcher Extension – Allows you to quickly switch between proxy servers in Google Chrome.

Chrome Window Resizer Extension – Allows you to quickly resize the current window to match your browsing experience.

WhoIs Checker Extension – Allows you to quickly check details about the current website you are viewing.

Auto Reload Extension – Auto Reload webpages after certain time intervals.

Web Developer Mini Extension – Shows you some useful options which will come in handy for web development.

iMacros Extension – Record and Play macros in Google Chrome to quickly perform repetitive tasks.

NoFollow Link Checker Extension – Checks and highlights nofollow links on the current webpage.

Feedly for Google Chrome

are finally coming of age. We have told you about several extensions in the past, but the introduction of Feedly for Chrome is definitely a huge step forward.


I have been using the extension for some time and was pretty impressed with it. If you want to learn more about Feedly you can read our earlier review: Bring Google Reader to Life with Feedly.

Download Feedly for Google Chrome

How to Search Without Ads in Google Chrome

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the sponsored results and the textual ads in the default Google search results while I’m using the Google Chrome web browser. The sponsored results and ads aren’t only a distraction, they will also sometimes lead you to scams and rip-offs. It all depends on how well Google decides to police their income streams.

Here’s what the search results normally look like. Do you see the sponsored results and ads? (red rectangles)


That’s exactly what I don’t like and I’ll show you how to banish these awful ads from your Google Chrome web browser.

We’ll set you up with a new search engine called Scrooglebecause it’s the only search site that does not contain advertisements or sponsored results. They don’t keep search records, they don’t leave cookies behind, and they provide completely anonymous searches even at work or on a public network. Don’t worry that you’ve never heard about them. Here’s the Scroogle story in a pictogram:


To set Scroogle as your search default, follow these simple steps:

1. Use the wrench pull down menu to open the Optionsdialogs.


2. Click the Managebutton in the Default Searchsection.


3. Click the Addbutton to add a new search provider.


4. Add Scroogleas the search provider and in the URL field, enter the following text:


5. Click OKto save the new search engine. Next use the Make Defaultbutton to make Scroogle your favorite search engine.


6. Click through the Closebuttons and you’re ready to rock the web!

Be sure to add a comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Google Chrome Extensions to Go Live Soon

Google has announced that is almost ready for Chrome extensions. Extensions will be officially available at the Google Chrome Extensions gallery. However, the gallery is currently available only for developers to upload their extensions.


Most of the extensions uploaded by developers will be reviewed automatically. However, extensions which use the file system will be reviewed manually.

If you are a developer and want to upload your Chrome extension, head to the Developer Dashboard and add your extension to the gallery. We assume that the official launch of the extension gallery will happen later this week or early next week, however, you do not have to wait that long, you can always browse our list of and start using them in Google Chrome.

Cooliris Extension for Google Chrome

Cooliris the popular service which allows you to view images and videos as 3D slideshows on , , Safari, Flock and the iPhone, is now available for downloads for .


The Google Chrome Extension will allow you to view images from websites as 3D slideshows instead of the plain old boring way websites display it to you. Once you have installed the extension, click on the Cooliris icon in the toolbar to launch the photos from a website as a 3D slideshow. Depending on the number of images available, it might take a few seconds to load the 3D slideshow.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Cooliris has a proven record of turning boring images into really good slideshows. If you are bored and really want to enjoy the images you are viewing, give Cooliris a try.

The is 2.6MB, not sure why, but most likely it may be to display the slideshows.

Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Download Cooliris Extension for Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome OS Torrents

We recently told you about download Google Chrome OS for VMware from In addition to that you can also download OS through torrents. The Chrome OS image from torrents can be run using Virtual Box from Sun.


Once you have downloaded the torrent you can read this step by step tutorial by TechCrunch to install Chrome OS in Virtual Box.

The default login to Chrome OS is your Google username and password. For more screenshots of the Chrome OS build, visit the Chrome OS for VMware post.

Download Google Chrome OS Torrent

Download Google Chrome OS for VMware

Google OS was unveiled earlier today along with the opensource source for the operating system. We shared some screenshots and videos of Chrome OS earlier today. however, the folks at were good enough to compile the source and create a working version of Google OS which can be run on the virtual machine VMWare.

Here are some exclusive screenshots of the working version of Google OS on VMWare and Virtual Box.

The login screen is of a typical OS, but you cannot create users locally. You will have to use your Google Account to login to Chrome OS.









I tried creating Applications shortcut, however, there was no desktop or applications menu to access them, will dig more and post more screenshots whenever available.

Download Google OS at [Thanks @ginatrapani]