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Sticky Notes Extension For Google Chrome

We have updated the earlier list of Google Chrome Extensions  and we will continue doing it in future, you may want to bookmark the page to know about the latest extensions released for Chrome.

Just a few days back we had told you about a to create notes in Firefox, if you are user, we came across a similar extension that will work for Chrome.

The Sticky Notes Extension will allow you to create and save notes in Google Chrome.

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Once you have installed the extension, you will see a icon below to create notes, clicking on that will open a new note tab, you can easily change the color and other preferences for the note page.

Download Sticky Notes Extension

Toons Buttons For Google Chrome

If you are bored with the look of your theme, you can always install a new Google Chrome theme, however if you want to add some interesting icons to Chrome without installing a theme, you can do that with the Toons Buttons Google Chrome Extension.

toonsicons_google_chrome toonsicons_google_chrome_1

The extension just changes the default icons that are used by Google Chrome, however you can only install extensions on dev build of Google Chrome, if you are not using it yet, you can read the following articles to get started.

Download Toons Buttons Extension

Google Chrome OS Leaked Screenshots

Update: Engadget has confirmed that the screenshots are fake.

Before even the news of Google launching a operating system could settle down, Engadget has acquired a set of leaked screenshots of the Google Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS Boot Screen Google Chrome OS Version

Google Chrome OS Closeup Google Chrome OS Screenshot

There is nothing much to give away from these screenshots and these may be completely faked and photo shopped, however the leaker claims that these images were shot when a Google rep was demoing the OS to a Acer rep, however we are pretty sure that there will be more sets of screenshots leaked in the near future, we will keep an eye for those.

[via Engadget]

Why Google Chrome OS Will Not Beat Microsoft?

We talked about how Google was developing their own operating system, in that post we had said that we would do a more detailed post about what things look for Microsoft & cover other discussions, here is what we actually think about the Google OS post.


Microsoft May Not Sit Up And Take Notice

For 100s of reasons, Microsoft may take notice of this announcement, however there will be no board meetings, there will be no developer talk and there will be no panic.

There have been so many variants of Linux coming up that have just been there, done that and remained, if anyone wants to challenge Microsoft they need to convince people to start using them.

And Microsoft themselves have not been able to convince people to stop using IE6, so forget about others convincing people to change their OS.

Google Is Doing More Than They Should

Agreed Google is really big, they do a lot of things, but most of the times they close down really good projects, for reasons unknown to the rest of the universe, and by good projects we mean really good one’s.

Google Notebook and Google Browser Sync are two real good examples of Google closing down good projects.

Both of these products were really useful and could have been continued, however Google chose to close them down.

It is really a corporate decision, but we would really like to meet people who forced that one onto users.

Coming back to the point, Google OS is still not out for public usage, and we bet that many manufacturers may want to put a Google OS on their systems, but we bet that many people will ask this question Ok what else can I do other than searching? Where is the operating system?.

Of course Google will definitely publicize their OS using ads, however will it work, will people relate to Google with a OS like they do with search? A thing we are sure the Google marketing department is thinking hard about with this announcement.

Search, Emails, Calendar and Docs Don’t Make A OS

While Google made a announcement they forgot to tell users how and what applications they would support, agreed that these 4 things are required, but at the end they do not really make a OS, unless you can support applications that people use on a everyday basis, no one is really going to support you.

There is WINE, but hey you are selling this to public not geeks, unless you develop applications to work with your system, no one is going to bother about using you, netbooks are fine as the main aim of it is to provide users with portability without carrying a huge laptop around, however what does portability mean when you can’t access applications that are essential.

Lighter, Faster, Meaner, Google OS Is Just Another Linux

The biggest problem with the open source community is that you can fork and create your own variants, there are so many variants of Linux that we stopped counting, that is where the open source philosophy is lacking, everyone thinks they can do better than someone else, and there is no restriction.

Once Google open sources, there may be ten different OSs that crop up based on that, and then you have to decide which one to choose.

There is no problem with open source, the problem exists because there is no control, there is just forks and forks which are different from each other.

Of course Google will control their own fork, but they are creating something out of something else, leaner and meaner.

OEMs Don’t Give You Free OS, So The Whole Concept Of Free Is Flawed

If you buy a laptop or a netbook from a retailer, your OS does not come for free, no matter whether they give you Windows or Linux.

OS manufacturers make money no matter what you use out of the final retail cost, so the concept of a free OS is largely a flawed medium when it comes to buying computers.

Keep this in mind, no Linux distro comes free when you buy a OEM laptop, desktop or netbook, it is a largely wrong concept people are used to.

Google OS Is Still Not Here, So Why This Discussion?

That is why we are here, to discuss and analyze things before they leave their stables, to analyze and let you know your technology head on.

Of course things may not turn out as we discussed it here, however it may happen and it is our honest opinion.

Go ahead and let us know your thoughts, the post is incomplete without them.

Google Building A Real Operating System

If you have not been in hibernation for the past 4-5 years, you might have been hearing rumors about how Google was secretly building a operating system to rival Microsoft.

In fact Google already built a OS for mobile phones called Android, which has had a pretty successful run so far.

To put all speculations to rest Google has finally made a announcement with regards to a operating system they are developing called OS.

Google Chrome OS as they are going to call their open source operating system is based on the fundamentals of the Google Chrome browser, it will be a lightweight operating system that will be initially targeted at netbooks.

It does make sense for Google to target netbooks since they usually do not have a very high configuration and a lighter OS will definitely boost the productivity.

Google Chrome OS will basically focus on speed, simplicity and security and will be designed to be fast and lightweight. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market in 2010.

Google Chrome OS will basically focus on bringing ease of use of the web, like many of the Google products have been.

Now the bigger question, is this going to be a direct attack on Microsoft who is now the world leader and dominates the operating system. Well you can say it is a direct attack, but there is still a long way to go before Google can make inroads into Microsoft domination.

We will leave that discussion for another post, right now this is a really big news, Google has really made several people nervous about this announcement and yes this includes both Microsoft and privacy pundits alike who will be watching the release of this OS with hawk eyes.

Hopefully Google should come up with some demos of the OS soon, 2010 is still a long way away and we bet many of us really want to have a go at it much before 2010.

Introducing the Google Chrome OS [Official Google Blog]

How To Undo/Reopen Closed Tab In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome allows users to undo tabs that they have closed in two different ways, in this post we will look at the 2 days to undo closed tabs in Chrome.

First Method To Undo/Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

This is probably the easy way to undo closed tabs, not that the 2nd way is harder but using this step you can quickly open closed tabs.


To open a closed tab, simply right click anywhere on the tab area and click on Reopen closed tabs to reopen the closed tab, you can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen closed tabs.

Second Method To Undo/Reopen Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

The second method to undo/reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome is to open a new tab and scroll down to the bottom of the tab, in the right hand side of the new tab you will see a list of recently closed tabs, just click on the links to reopen the close tabs.

Firefox 3.5 Review: Below Par And Puts Too Many Unwanted Things Into The Core

This is my personal review so I will go with my own opinions, however 3.5 is a bit faster than the earlier versions, even with Firefox 3.5 they have not learnt a lot of things they should have learnt, several things that matter in user experience have been left out, and several things including tab management which people install as add-ons but never use have been incorporated.

This leads to a larger question, people install things that are popular but never use it, and still it gets incorporated into the browser?

However things like getting Firefox to install add-ons or themes without restarting the browser gets left out of a major release, and its has been a major call for many people all over since Firefox 2.

Agreed that in Acid tests or whatever Firefox or whichever browser has been fastest, but who other than tech blogs who write about acid tests care about them? Do you as a user really care about what they are, or do you care which browser is really fast for you, in my opinion and have been much more faster than what Firefox 3.5 is, try moving the browser around after loading few tabs, the sheer moving will tell you which browser is lighter.

Agreed Chrome does not have extensions yet, however in dev versions  extensions in Chrome run independent of the browser, so you can kill them and still continue to use the browser, why not such features in Firefox 3.5.

When Firefox is 2nd in the market why does it have to do catch up with which already has that feature to kill independent tabs.

It’s a flaw in how Firefox has grown and how it has been able to sustain it, the add-on community grew it up to such a level that people liked Chrome but wanted it to have extensions support before they moved to it.

Firefox 3.5 has great features, but there is nothing to write home about, after few days people will start complaining how Firefox uses lots of memory, and Mozilla will start saying a barebone version of Firefox does not utilize that much memory, but Mozilla if you can build a platform that eliminates add-ons that eat up memory you would do good, rather than just blaming them for having a bloated Firefox.

I use Firefox, but not as much as I did before Google Chrome came up, once Google Chrome has something like Firebug and Webdeveloper I am dumping Firefox until they really come up with something that wants me to use them again.

I am a Firefox fan and will remain one, however Chrome stole your thunder and IE8 did it too, so buck up and do a bigger and better release soon.

Microsoft Announces $10K Competition To Promote IE8 in Australia, Takes Potshots At Firefox, Safari And Chrome

Microsoft’s marketing campaigns sometimes do not make any sense at all, however here is another campaign they have undertaken to promote , with this competition they aim to grow their market share in the browser wars.

Rather than innovating something like Opera Unite did, they are rather taking potshots at , their biggest rival in the Internet browser industry.

The newest campaign for IE8 is targeted at users in Australia, where Microsoft is challenging users to find the ten grand that is buried somewhere on the page, however they cannot do it when they use Firefox or for that matter any other browser other than IE8, in-fact it even calls Safari the browser from Apple boring.


You can see the details on Microsoft’s Ten Grand Is Buried Here campaign, however right now this site works only on IE browsers.

Just for fun Microsoft makes fun of any browser other than IE8 that you use to visit the above site, for example if you use , you will see a message against Chrome and so on.

Surprisingly when you visit the page using Opera, you will see a message saying “your browser” instead of Opera.

Wow Microsoft we admire your guts, however a Mozilla fan and Ubiquity developer went ahead and registered another domain called TenGrandIsBuriedThere.com, this is going to be fun now. Thanks Mitcho.

What do you think about the campaign? Would you switch to IE8 to win 10 Grand? Let us know about your views and opinions.

Google Chrome Direct/Offline Installer

If you have been affected by the last dev release of where there were several bugs that crashed chrome for no reason at all and are not able to upgrade to the latest version, here is a link to the offline installer for Google Chrome

Remember this is a dev channel so don’t download it unless you have been using the dev channel for Chrome.

Download Google Chrome

Don’t Update To Google Chrome Dev v3.0.187.0

If you are using the dev channel for do not download or update the browser to v3.0.187.0, this version is very unstable and crashes the browser whenever you visit the menu item.

This update also breaks favicon’s for several sites, to limit the problems, this update has been disabled from going through the official channels, the Official Google Chrome releases site also makes a note of this issue.

This release has been stopped. The browser crashes whenever you click on a menu item. We’ll be releasing a fix later today. [mal, 11 June 2009]

So expect a new release shortly, if you have upgraded to this version you have no need to worry about installing the new version, the Google Updater automatically does that in the background, you do not have to visit the About Google Chrometo update to the latest version, visiting the option will crash the browser.

Auto Spell Check Can Really Do Good For Google Docs & Gmail

We had told you about 3 which added couple of new features including auto spell check corrections for common typos users make, this feature can be immensely useful for people who write a lot.

People usually spend around 2-10% of the time to correct spelling mistakes and typos on an average, the time thus spent could in the end account for a huge amount of time waste.

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Google Chrome Extensions List

has added support for extensions, a feature many users are eagerly awaiting for, however there are a few extensions which are already worth using.

Here is a list of extensions that you can install and use in Google Chrome, you can checkout a handy tutorial on installing and uninstalling extensions in Google Chrome.

You might also want to check a Google Chrome Extension Manager, that allows users to disable/uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome 3 Released: Includes Auto Spelling Corrections and Support For Video Tags

Just a few days back Google released a faster version of , however those who are using development and beta versions of Chrome have already been moved to version

This version adds a couple of exciting features, first of all it adds support for using the video tag as proposed in HTML5.

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How To Install and Uninstall Extensions In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome now supports the addition of extensions in the development channel, though there are not many extensions available right now, the few that are there are worthwhile using.

So how do you install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome? The process is pretty simple, here is a step by step guide that will teach you to install and uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

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