Using Google Chrome as a Calculator & Unit Converter

There are tons of good things in which make it a really awesome browser, the lack of extensions is slowing going away and there are tons of Google Chrome Extension available to users.

Other than that there are quite a hidden gems in the browser including a truly awesome auto-spell check and corrector.

But did you know that you can use Google Chrome as a calculator and unit converter? And not just for basic calculations and conversion , but for pretty advanced calculations too? Well you do not have to use any additional extensions or enable additional features to use Google Chrome as a calculator.


To perform calculations using Google Chrome, just type the calculation in the Omnibar (address bar) and you should instantly see the result for the calculation in the dropdown with a =sign, to copy the answer just scroll down to it and copy it from the Omnibar.


Similarly you can also use the Omnibar to perform unit conversions as shown in the screenshot above, once again you can perform both simple and advanced conversions using the Omnibar, copying the answer is similar to how we did it in the calculation above.

This and many more features make Google Chrome a really must use browser, however we will explore more such hidden gems in future.

What do you think about the feature? Will you stop using your regular calculator now?

Though we already knew about this feature, the inspiration for this post came from here.

How To View Browsing History As Drop Down In Google Chrome & Opera?

Web browsers store history about the sites you have visited in a window or tab to let you easily go back and forth, you can use the back button or use a Alt with either the right or left arrow key to navigate the history (learn more Alt, Shift, Ctrl shortcut keys).

However and offer users with a arrow to view the history as a drop-down list, however the arrows are missing in both and .


However the missing arrow key for drop down navigation does not mean that the feature in itself is missing, to access the backward or forward history as a drop down list in Google Chrome and Opera click and hold on the forward or backward button instead of simply clicking on it.

opera_click_and_hold_for_history google_chrome_history_drop_down

Once you click and hold for a second you will see the history as a drop down list, you can then select which webpage you want to navigate too from the list.

Three Things To Do After Installing Google Chrome

This is a guest post by Shankar Ganesh from Killer Tech Tips. If you want to write a guest post for us, feel free to contact us.

is a pretty slick and fast browser that is out in the wild today. Although it hasn’t captured a big market share, I bet a lot of people will begin using it the day Google Chrome makes it easier for developers to make add-ons.

Although Google Chrome is radical in many aspects, it still comes with a few annoyances that you should disable or remove, and here’s how you can do that:

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Save a Extra Click While Pasting URLs in Google Chrome

It’s been Google Chrome overload from us for the past two days, but we really summed everything up with Ultimate list of tips and tricks for Google Chrome, there are few things which have not been spoken about and we will try and pop-up in between with tips, the rest and best tips will automatically be included in the ultimate list.

The default behavior for browsers while opening a new URL from text in the Clipboard would be to paste the text and then click on the Go button or hit enter.

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