Android Theme For Google Chrome

The robot is one of the most charming things I have seen in a long time. Now, you can get that little robot as a companion for the browser, by using the unofficial Android theme for Google Chrome.


Overall the theme looks pretty decent, however, the green color use for the toolbar hits on the eye, and it also misses transparency. The grey on top definitely could do with some updates.

Nevertheless, if you are a Android fan, head over to this page to install the Robot theme, which is inspired by Android. For more themes for Chrome head over to our Google Chrome Theme section.

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Theme for Google Chrome

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 is not scheduled to release until late April 2010, however, there are several people who are eagerly awaiting for the next release of Ubuntu. If you are one of them and also use , here is a Ubuntu Lucid Lynx theme for you.

Lucid Lynx Theme for Google Chrome

The background of the theme uses the theme from Lucid Lynx and also changes the colors to the one’s used by Ubuntu. Theme installation is easy, just download the Theme file from here and install it. If you are looking to revert back the theme to the default one, just go to "Options -> Personal Stuff" and click on the "Reset to default theme" button.

Google Chrome Adds Artist Themes

Couple of months ago Google added themes for their web browser . However, not many actually like the themes that were available for install. In addition to that the number of available options were pretty limited.

Google today announced a whole lot of new artist themes for Chrome, which will definitely be liked by the masses. There are several themes that are based on celebrities and popular brands.


If you have been waiting to apply themes to Chrome, but did not like the previous lot on offer, go ahead and try out one the new artist themes.

Fast, simple and now stylish: Google Chrome with Artist Themes [Official Google Blog]

Google Chrome Gets Themes Support

The latest development version of (version which was a bug fix over has added support for installing themes to the browser, unlike the earlier route of installing themes in Google Chrome.

The newer version also does not require you to enable extensions using the enable-extensions switch, the browser can now automatically handle it.


At present there are two sample themes available Camo and Snowflake which you can try out on the newer version. Downloading and installing themes are easy just download the file and it will change the theme without restarting the browser.

How do you manage themes in Google Chrome? This version includes a basic theme management in Options > Personal Stuff tab, right now you can switch back to default theme or get new themes.


The get new themes points to a non-existent Google Chrome Theme gallery page, however that should not be the case in the future.

The one feature that is missing however is the ability to find and see installed themes, but that too will be fixed in the future.

And in addition to that the new tab page will be available by default now, it also adds support for the well received HTML 5 video tags.


Download Mac Theme, Firefox Theme, Safari Theme and Opera Theme for Google Chrome

Google Chrome themes are spreading like wildfire and there have been so many releases in the past few days, here are a list of the best themes you could use for Google Chrome, don’t forget to read our article on the Chrome theme manager which will make it easier to manage themes in Google Chrome.

If you are Firefox lover, you would definitely love the Firefox 3 theme for Google Chrome.


Download Firefox Theme for Google Chrome

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Install and Manage Google Chrome Themes with XChrome Theme Manager

Update: Google Chrome now officially supports themes, you can read more about installing and using official Google Chrome themes.

We had done a post earlier about how to install themes in Google Chrome, but things change so soon and we already have a unofficial Google Theme manager called XChrome. XChrome takes the hard part out of installing themes.

So unlike earlier, you do not have to copy and replace the default.dll files, XChrome Theme Manager will easily do it for you.


XChrome theme manager is definitely useful since it automates the process of installing new themes, and maintains a history of themes you have installed for Google Chrome, The software is still in beta stages so you can expect bugs in it. In addition to installing themes you can also edit them and create your own Google Chrome theme with the included Theme maker.

Download XChrome Theme Manager [Link removed due to Malware alerts]

How To Install Themes in Google Chrome?

Update: This article might be outdated, please check the bottom of the post for new updates on installing themes and extensions in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome was released only yesterday and there are several tips and tricks already making the rounds including our own Ultimate list of tips and tricks for Google Chrome. The good thing about the Internet is that you can find interesting things quickly.

One such thing we came across was changing the default theme for Google Chrome, though this is not available as a option it can be easily done by following these steps. Google has its own Theme Free Chrome Themes website, but it is not live yet.


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