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Download Google Chrome OS for VMware

Google OS was unveiled earlier today along with the opensource source for the operating system. We shared some screenshots and videos of Chrome OS earlier today. however, the folks at gdgt.com were good enough to compile the source and create a working version of Google OS which can be run on the virtual machine VMWare.

Here are some exclusive screenshots of the working version of Google OS on VMWare and Virtual Box.

The login screen is of a typical OS, but you cannot create users locally. You will have to use your Google Account to login to Chrome OS.









I tried creating Applications shortcut, however, there was no desktop or applications menu to access them, will dig more and post more screenshots whenever available.

Download Google OS at Gdgt.com [Thanks @ginatrapani]

Google Chrome OS Real Screenshots and Video

OS has finally been unveiled by Google at a press event today along with an announcement of open sourcing Chromium OS code. If you been curious about Chrome OS, here are some real screenshots, and a video which explains what Google Chrome OS is all about.

What is Chrome OS?

This is a video which explains what Chrome OS is and the idea and reasons behind creating it.

Chrome OS Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Chrome OS in action, courtesy The Next Web and Engadget.











Google Open Sources Chrome/Chromium OS Code

Google OS which has been through a lot of speculations is finally seeing the light of the day with Google open sourcing the Chrome OS or Chromium OS code.

Today we are open-sourcing the project as Chromium OS. We are doing this early, a year before Google Chrome OS will be ready for users, because we are eager to engage with partners, the open source community and developers. As with the Google Chrome browser, development will be done in the open from this point on. This means the code is free, accessible to anyone and open for contributions. The Chromium OS project includes our current code base, user interface experiments and some initial designs for ongoing development. This is the initial sketch and we will color it in over the course of the next year.

This is not the actual OS that Chrome will be releasing. Chrome OS is slated for launch on netbooks sometime next year, however with open sourcing the code, Google is hoping for more developers and partners to dive into the code and make it better.

Considering that the code is now open source you might as well see some Chrome OS flavors coming out in near future. This is again a big problem considering the number of flavors of Linux available today. Many may call that choices, but it clearly an indication that the community wants to build and promote their own versions rather than having a unified goal.

Chrome OS is basically built around a web browser just like . According to a video by Google, which you can view below, Chrome OS is all about living in the cloud using a web browser. The video also rants about how long it takes for a traditional OS to load, and according to some reports Chrome OS boots in as low as 7 seconds, which is good considering that takes anywhere between 12-15 seconds.

However, it is too early to start comparing Chrome OS with and other OS leave aside Windows 7. Only time will tell how good Chrome OS is and whether its launch will help Google dominate a user’s desktop, at-least on Netbooks.

What is your take on Chrome or Chromium OS? Do let us know through your comments.

Apple Tablet, Fake Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Store Removes Crapware, Digg Frontpage Updates, Apple meets BlackBerry, Google GPS sinks Tomtom and Garmin [WUITW]


Apple Looking to release Tablet Soon – According to Business Insider, Apple Engineers are busy making rounds of China, where most of Apple’s prototypes are created. They hint that the Apple Tablet is imminent to arrive sooner than later.

Microsoft Banishes Trial/Crapware from PCs sold in Microsoft Store – Lee Matthews from DSQ, points out how Microsoft is doing away with the excessive trialware and unwanted crapware from PCs sold in the Microsoft Store. Good news for people who have had who buy new PCs. If you have a PC loaded with crapware, try out a software which will help you clean up pre-installed crapware from your system. For the curious types, here is a ware dictionary, which explains the different types of Software (i.e. Trialware).

Digg Playing Around With New Frontpage Feature – Digg is playing around with a new feature, where they will allow users to vote on whether or not   story should make it to the Digg Front page. Nothing is sure for now, but this would be a good feature to have, considering the amount of gaming that goes on with Digg.

Apple iPhone Closing in on Blackberry – Apple iPhone has always been a consumer favorite, but looks like it is making inroads into RIM’s pre-dominant business device, Blackberry. According to TUAW, recent stats show that, iPhone is quickly climbing up the charts and closing the gap on Blackberry.

Fake Google Chrome OS Makes Rounds of the Internet – There has been no dearth of fake OS videos and images, however losers are still playing around on the curiosity (Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? ;-)) of people. PC World reports about some fake Google Chrome OS builds doing the round of the Internet.

Motorola Droid’s Google GPS tanks TomTom and Garmin shares – Google’s announcement on offering free turn-by-turn navigation on the highly anticipated Motorola Droid, has had some after effects on the NYSE, lowering the share value of the GPS market leaders TomTom and Garmin.

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Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Google Chrome OS Event Tomorrow

We had earlier told you that Google was planning to unveil the highly anticipated Google Chrome OS in mid-October. It turns out that they are quite on schedule.


According to PC World,  Google is planning to unveil more details about OS in an engineering open day conference to be held tomorrow in their Mountain View headquarters, San Francisco.

It looks like we will finally have some concrete details about how Chrome OS will look and perform like. However, don’t expect much details to flow out of that meet.

Google Chrome OS has been a victim of the several fake leaks, in the form of leaked videos and several fake pictures floating around the internet. Let us wait and hope that  we get enough details tomorrow to find out what Google Chrome OS will actually be.

Google Chrome OS is scheduled to hit the netbook market in late 2010, however, knowing Google, it might just popup earlier than the scheduled release.

Google Chrome OS Video [Fake]

Looks like someone had a lot of time on hand or really didn’t have anything else to do, so he/she came up with a video, uploaded it to and tweeted about it on .

That was enough for many of the top blogs go bonkers over a very secretive OS video being leaked on the internet. If you haven’t watched the video yet we have it for you, the initial screens look a bit real, but you can spot the obvious towards the end.

Fake Google Chrome OS video

Google Chrome OS Theme For Windows

OS has been making a lot of noise with fake screenshots cropping up on the internet and going viral, however not many people may have actually seen the OS, other than the internal secret Google army who are building it.


If you are looking to get a similar look and feel for your Windows XP based PC, a designer at Deviant art has come up with a Google Chrome OS transformation pack that can be applied to Windows XP (this did work for us on ).

The theme changes the icons and start menu on the system, however this is not how the Google Chrome OS may eventually look like.

Download Google Chrome OS Theme for XP [via]

Acer Backing out from Android Project?

Just after a month Google announced its new product, Chrome OS, Acer has decided to backout not to speak about the launch of its android based netbook.

Back in June, the demo of Android OS on the netbook didn’t quite appeal to the people. There is not much demand for the android based netbooks in the market, if you see the trend. Even though, Android seems strong for the smartphones, its integration with the netbook is not.

Asustek too is not quite enthusiastic about developing more Android based netbooks until 2010. Though Asus plans to release its products,Eee PC T91, Eee PC T101, which are planned to release by year end.

Does Acer and Asus feel that installing Chrome OS in their netbooks will increase their sale? I think yes. Android for netbook was a tweaked OS and i’m not sure how strong it would hold the netbook and its softwares. Whereas, Chrome OS by Google is a dedicated OS for netbooks.

Google Chrome OS Leaked Screenshots

Update: Engadget has confirmed that the screenshots are fake.

Before even the news of Google launching a operating system could settle down, Engadget has acquired a set of leaked screenshots of the Google Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS Boot Screen Google Chrome OS Version

Google Chrome OS Closeup Google Chrome OS Screenshot

There is nothing much to give away from these screenshots and these may be completely faked and photo shopped, however the leaker claims that these images were shot when a Google rep was demoing the OS to a Acer rep, however we are pretty sure that there will be more sets of screenshots leaked in the near future, we will keep an eye for those.

[via Engadget]

Why Google Chrome OS Will Not Beat Microsoft?

We talked about how Google was developing their own operating system, in that post we had said that we would do a more detailed post about what things look for Microsoft & cover other discussions, here is what we actually think about the Google OS post.


Microsoft May Not Sit Up And Take Notice

For 100s of reasons, Microsoft may take notice of this announcement, however there will be no board meetings, there will be no developer talk and there will be no panic.

There have been so many variants of Linux coming up that have just been there, done that and remained, if anyone wants to challenge Microsoft they need to convince people to start using them.

And Microsoft themselves have not been able to convince people to stop using IE6, so forget about others convincing people to change their OS.

Google Is Doing More Than They Should

Agreed Google is really big, they do a lot of things, but most of the times they close down really good projects, for reasons unknown to the rest of the universe, and by good projects we mean really good one’s.

Google Notebook and Google Browser Sync are two real good examples of Google closing down good projects.

Both of these products were really useful and could have been continued, however Google chose to close them down.

It is really a corporate decision, but we would really like to meet people who forced that one onto users.

Coming back to the point, Google OS is still not out for public usage, and we bet that many manufacturers may want to put a Google OS on their systems, but we bet that many people will ask this question Ok what else can I do other than searching? Where is the operating system?.

Of course Google will definitely publicize their OS using ads, however will it work, will people relate to Google with a OS like they do with search? A thing we are sure the Google marketing department is thinking hard about with this announcement.

Search, Emails, Calendar and Docs Don’t Make A OS

While Google made a announcement they forgot to tell users how and what applications they would support, agreed that these 4 things are required, but at the end they do not really make a OS, unless you can support applications that people use on a everyday basis, no one is really going to support you.

There is WINE, but hey you are selling this to public not geeks, unless you develop applications to work with your system, no one is going to bother about using you, netbooks are fine as the main aim of it is to provide users with portability without carrying a huge laptop around, however what does portability mean when you can’t access applications that are essential.

Lighter, Faster, Meaner, Google OS Is Just Another Linux

The biggest problem with the open source community is that you can fork and create your own variants, there are so many variants of Linux that we stopped counting, that is where the open source philosophy is lacking, everyone thinks they can do better than someone else, and there is no restriction.

Once Google open sources, there may be ten different OSs that crop up based on that, and then you have to decide which one to choose.

There is no problem with open source, the problem exists because there is no control, there is just forks and forks which are different from each other.

Of course Google will control their own fork, but they are creating something out of something else, leaner and meaner.

OEMs Don’t Give You Free OS, So The Whole Concept Of Free Is Flawed

If you buy a laptop or a netbook from a retailer, your OS does not come for free, no matter whether they give you Windows or Linux.

OS manufacturers make money no matter what you use out of the final retail cost, so the concept of a free OS is largely a flawed medium when it comes to buying computers.

Keep this in mind, no Linux distro comes free when you buy a OEM laptop, desktop or netbook, it is a largely wrong concept people are used to.

Google OS Is Still Not Here, So Why This Discussion?

That is why we are here, to discuss and analyze things before they leave their stables, to analyze and let you know your technology head on.

Of course things may not turn out as we discussed it here, however it may happen and it is our honest opinion.

Go ahead and let us know your thoughts, the post is incomplete without them.

Google Building A Real Operating System

If you have not been in hibernation for the past 4-5 years, you might have been hearing rumors about how Google was secretly building a operating system to rival Microsoft.

In fact Google already built a OS for mobile phones called Android, which has had a pretty successful run so far.

To put all speculations to rest Google has finally made a announcement with regards to a operating system they are developing called OS.

Google Chrome OS as they are going to call their open source operating system is based on the fundamentals of the Google Chrome browser, it will be a lightweight operating system that will be initially targeted at netbooks.

It does make sense for Google to target netbooks since they usually do not have a very high configuration and a lighter OS will definitely boost the productivity.

Google Chrome OS will basically focus on speed, simplicity and security and will be designed to be fast and lightweight. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market in 2010.

Google Chrome OS will basically focus on bringing ease of use of the web, like many of the Google products have been.

Now the bigger question, is this going to be a direct attack on Microsoft who is now the world leader and dominates the operating system. Well you can say it is a direct attack, but there is still a long way to go before Google can make inroads into Microsoft domination.

We will leave that discussion for another post, right now this is a really big news, Google has really made several people nervous about this announcement and yes this includes both Microsoft and privacy pundits alike who will be watching the release of this OS with hawk eyes.

Hopefully Google should come up with some demos of the OS soon, 2010 is still a long way away and we bet many of us really want to have a go at it much before 2010.

Introducing the Google Chrome OS [Official Google Blog]