Google Chrome Extension To View DropBox Folders and Download Files

Dropbox – as you may know, lets you upload and store files in your Dropbox account from any computer. You can use Dropbox to sync folders on different computers, share files with your friends and so much more.

The Google Chrome extension for Dropbox lets you quickly access the folders and files of your Dropbox account from the browser. You do not need to open your Dropbox account in the browser every other minute.

Install Dropbox extension for Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, you will see a dropbox icon added next to the address bar as shown below:


Clicking the icon opens a new panel where you can see the entire list of files and folders of your Dropbox account. The “Recent Events’ tab shows which files were recently uploaded or modified.


The folders are arranged exactly in the same way as it appears in your Dropbox account and you can click a file to download it in your computer. The extension does not support downloading files by drag and drop and you have to use the desktop tool to upload files any way. (Tip: How to send email attachements to Dropbox automatically)

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension provides easy access to your Dropbox account but it has no options to configure (don’t click the optons button, it doesn’t works). If you love Google Chrome and upload a lot at Dropbox, this extension is worth a try.

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5. (Average)

View Selection Source in Google Chrome

View Selection Source is a very handy feature in Firefox, which allows you to view the HTML source code for only the selected content. This can come in pretty handy, when you want to view the HTML source for only a certain part of the page, or want to view HTML source of AJAX content without having to view the entire source or debugging AJAX requests using another add-on.

View Selection Source In Google Chrome

If you are user, you can use a new called View Selection Source to get the same functionality in Chrome. To view selection source, just select the area for which you want to view the source for and click on the "View Selection Source" icon in the toolbar.

Techie Buzz Verdict

View Selection Source is definitely a handy extension for developers and designers. It will save you time when you want to see the style used for only a section. However, this add-on does not work for AJAX content, so it would be good if the developer would add support to view source for dynamic content on a webpage.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

Download View Selection Source

Capture Screenshots from Google Chrome With WebPage Screenshot Extension

While browsing the web, sometimes you would like to capture a screenshot from the browser itself. If you love using Google Chrome and want to capture a screenshot without using any other utility, Webpage Screenshot extension will be useful.

This extension provides three preset options – capture the visible region, capture entire page and capture after resizing the browser window. After installing the extension, you will see an icon placed just to the right of the address bar as shown below:


You have the following three options to take the screenshot from Google Chrome:

Capture screenshot of the whole page: Click the “All page screenshot” button and the extension captures the full screenshot and opens the image in a new tab.


From the new tab, you can select to zoom into the image and save it in PNG format.


Resize the image before the capture: This feature lets you first resize the browser tab and then capture the screenshot. To do that, select the desired width and height of the image that you want from the drop down menu.


Capture screenshot of only visible region of a page: This feature is unique and I haven’t seen the same in other browser extensions or Firefox add-ons. You can click the “Visible screenshot” button to capture only the portion of the webpage which is visible in the screen. So if you want to capture an area which lies in the bottom of the page, scroll down and hit the”Visible region” button. (also read: Aviary Google Chrome extension for capturing screenshots)

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension is good since it comes with preset options but you cannot select a region using your mouse and capture an area. This is the most desirable feature required in a screenshot application, which is missing.

Techie Buzz rating: 3.5/5 (average).

Twitter Reactions: See Twitter Reactions of a Webpage From Google Chrome

You may know about web services that lets you see who favorited your tweets. But what about reading all the tweets, RT’s about a particular page from Google Chrome? What if you could see who first retweeted a page? Twitter Reactions, an extension for Google Chrome let’s you achieve the same with almost zero effort.

Install Twitter Reactions extension for Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, click the small Twitter button placed at the right of the Chrome address bar. You will see a vertical grid consisting of all the Twitter juice about the current page.


The tweets are arranged in ascending order, which means the recent tweets are thrown at the top. Apart from reading the tweet, you can click through the links in the Twitter reaction grid to open the profile of the person who twitted that link.

But how many tweets? Well, I tried the extension on this page and found more than 20 tweets stacked in the order they were tweeted. Twitter reactions is a great way to see the archive of tweets that have gathered over time on any given web page. If you have a blog and want to know which of the pages in your site gets Twitter attention, this tool is a must use.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension solves the problem of manual checking, but a little more creativity would have been perfect. I would love to see a counter showing the number of tweets so that I do not have to reload the grid and count the retweets on my own.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Get Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome

Here at Techie Buzz, we are always in the look out for new Google chrome extensions releasing every day. VerticalTabs the name itself is self explanatory, is a new extension which shows all the active tabs in a vertical grid layout.


Earlier we have seen Tabjump, a similar extension which lets you jump to different tabs from a vertical grid layout. Vertical Tabs works much the same way as Tabjump but it has some additional features which are worth a try.

Features of Vertical Tabs

Quick navigation: All the open tabs are arranged in order and you can quickly jump to an active tab by clicking the extension button placed next to the address bar. Tabs can also be closed from the grid by clicking the small cross placed at the right top in the vertical list.

Search for tabs and filter: Just type a few words which you think is present in a tab title and the extension can filter the list of tabs to match with your search.


Set tab width and title size: This extension can help you reduce the width of tabs, if you think they are too wide. You can also limit the title text of tabs from the extension options. A tab counter showing the count of the currently open tabs is placed next to the address bar.


Techie buzz Verdict

Vertical tabs is easy to use and does what is says. One thing I would want in the next release is the implementation of keyboard shortcuts. This will reduce the effort of using our mouse and we can quickly switch to a tab by spotting the favicon.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

New: Orkut Extension for Google Chrome

orkut_chrome_extension_2Today, the folks at Orkut released an extension of their own for the  Google Chrome browser. The extension provides a fast and easy way to access different features of the service and stay updated about the activities of your friends on the social network.

After you install the extension, a small icon will appear on the toolbar, which when clicked, will provide various options to choose from. For one, there’s a Share this pageoption, which will let you post the current page you are on to your Orkut profile.

You can search and open profiles of your contacts, check updates to your account and get alerted of the scraps you’ve received.

As a matter of fact, the extension supports notifications that will alert you of new pictures, status messages, videos and scraps from your friends as well as application updates.

Download the new Orkut extension for Google Chrome here.

Manage Google Chrome Tabs the Better Way With TabJump Extension

While working with too many tabs in Google Chrome, sometimes you may feel lost. You often forget the tab containing a particular page as too many tabs shortens the individual page titles. Two quick ways to move between tabs are using Ctrl + Tab or using keyboard hotkeys such as Alt + 1, Alt + 2 and so on. But if you have say 20 tabs open, that’s way slow.

TabJump is a new Google chrome extension which can be used for highlighting frequently used tabs as well as the related ones. TabJump lists recently closed tabs as well so if you had accidentally closed a few, you can quickly restore them with a click. A similar extension is LockTab – which alerts you whenever you try to close an open tab or window.

Download TabJump Google Chrome Extension

Suppose you were reading three articles on Techie-Buzz and after some time, lost where the tabs are placed. Just click the TabJump icon from the address bar and the extension shows you all the tabs from Techie-Buzz.


Clicking a tab stack takes you directly to the tab so you never have to worry and gaze on the large amount of opened tabs in Google chrome. When you hit the lock button, the extension locks the current tab so that you when you try to close it, you are shown a warning message.


Techie Buzz Verdict

One of the features which I like about the extension is grouping related tabs together. This helps when you want to trim down to a specific site. However, I would like to see more features such as closing tabs in bulk, changing the order of tabs by drag and drop in the upcoming versions

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5 (average). Extension For Google Chrome

greenshot_2010-01-28_23-21-50 Most of us here at Techie Buzz use Google Chrome (the rest use Firefox, so don’t throw IE bombs at us). And we are pretty crazy about Chrome extensions. When Chrome was new in the game, extension support was one thing that was keeping many users at bay from using it. But now that it has, in fact thousands of extensions, there is nothing stopping users from enjoying a mix of speed, features and reliability.

We have written about a few useful Chrome extensions before, many of which were greatly received by users. Coming to our entry for today, we have an extension for to talk about. Now is a very simple file hosting service, over which people can quickly share files of any type and then share the drop’ with whoever they want using a short, dedicated link. has come up with a Google Chrome extension today, that allows creating drops’ on the fly. It lets you add data to an already specified drop or you can let it make a new drop every time. Moreover, the extension can scrape off all types of data from a page and then throw it into a drop. Although, the extension is pretty young and doesn’t yet support drag and drop like its Firefox counterpart (Google Chrome doesn’t yet support drag-drop for extensions), even so it is a fast way of uploading files on the web.

Download for Chrome

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Theme for Google Chrome

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 is not scheduled to release until late April 2010, however, there are several people who are eagerly awaiting for the next release of Ubuntu. If you are one of them and also use , here is a Ubuntu Lucid Lynx theme for you.

Lucid Lynx Theme for Google Chrome

The background of the theme uses the theme from Lucid Lynx and also changes the colors to the one’s used by Ubuntu. Theme installation is easy, just download the Theme file from here and install it. If you are looking to revert back the theme to the default one, just go to "Options -> Personal Stuff" and click on the "Reset to default theme" button.

Lock Tab Alerts You Before Closing A Tab or Window in Google Chrome

One of the most annoying problems I have had with is the fact that it does not alert you whenever you close the entire window with multiple tabs open. This can lead to problems at certain times as you have to go back to the history to find out which tabs you accidentally closed.

Quite sometime back, I had told you about a solution to overcome accidental browser closure in Google Chrome, however, I just came across a which locks tabs and alerts you when you try to close it or load a new URL in it.

Lock Tabs in Google Chrome

Once you install the Lock Tab extension, you will see a small lock icon in the address bar, clicking on this will lock the tab by adding a small JavaScript code to it.


If you try to close the tab or load a new URL in it, you will see a alert as shown in the screenshot above. This will happen when you try to close the tab you locked or the entire Chrome window. If you want to close down the tab or window, just click on the "Leave this Page" button. This extension is definitely useful and will get you over some of those Oops moments where you accidentally close your browser by mistake. To unlock a tab just click on the lock icon once again.

Update: I just ran into a similar extension called "Windows Close Protector" which does the same job. Once you get a solution there is no dearth of options eh ;-).

Techie Buzz Verdict


In my experience of using Google Chrome I have always had the problem of closing entire windows accidentally, and since Chrome has explicitly refused to add an option to set an alert before closing the entire browser window, this extension is definitely very useful.

Once you enable a lock on one of the tab it will allow you to choose the close or keep open action for the entire Window. As with other extensions, this will not work in Incognito mode.

Techie Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Perfect)