W00t!!! Google Calendar Gets Labs Too

Looks like lots of engineers in Google are making use of their 20% to work on personal projects. After the success of , the folks at Google have now launched Labs for Google Calendar.

To access Labs feature in Google Calendar, you will need to go to settings and click on the Labs tab.

There are 6 new Labs features available right now for Google Calendar.


The available features include:

  • Ability to add background images to your Google Calendar
  • Ability to attach document, spreadsheet or presentation to a event.
  • World Clock for displaying time across the world.
  • A feature to jump to any given date.
  • A feature to display the next meeting that is coming up on your agenda.
  • And a ability to set your status as free or busy.

The available features already look pretty interesting and like we are pretty sure to expect more exciting features.

What do you think of the new Labs features in Google Calendar?

Introduction Google Calendar Labs [Official Google Apps Blog]

Synchronize Mobile Calendar With Google Calendar

Though there are several tools and services available to synchronize your cellphone calendar including Google Sync Beta, most of them synchronize the data over the air.

Silent Sync is a handy utility than will synchronize your mobile’s calendar with Google Calendar using either Bluetooth or through your phone’s USB cable.

Silent Sync Features


  • Uploads calendar events to Google Calendar;
  • Works over any serial connection (Bluetooth, USB, Remote Desktop Connection);
  • Cleans out old appointments to make room in your phone’s memory;
  • Supports multiple phones simultaneously.
  • Is unobtrusive and works in the background.

Right now this software has only be tested with LG KE970 but it may work with other phones too.

Download Silent Sync

Access Google Calendar From Desktops

There have been several ways to access Google calendar from your desktop, we have told you how you can sync Google Calendar events with Outlook and use a gadget for accessing Google Calendar on the desktop.

However we just came across another interesting option to access Google Calendar from the desktop, the Google Calendar client for Windows is a new software, that will allow you to access Google Calendar from the desktop.

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Google Calendar Gets Tasks Integration

Google Calendar has been one of our favorite services to manage events, appointments and reminders, along with getting free SMS reminders for them. Google Tasks on the other hand is a fairly new product and has definitely grown in usage by Google users who would prefer to have all things in one place.

Google has now finally integrated Google Tasks into Calendar making it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.

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Google Calendar On Your Desktop

Quite sometime back Google had released a useful Gmail Gadget for the Desktop, using which users could keep a eye on their email from the comfort of their desktop, turns out Google didn’t stop there and they have now introduced a new gadget for Google Calendar users.

The Google Calendar Gadget for Desktops will help you keep track of your appointments from your desktop, new improvements to the gadget include a cleaner interface, support for Google Apps calendar and three different viewing modes.

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Synchronize Google Calendar With Outlook

I use Google Calendar because it sends me SMS alerts for upcoming events, and also is pretty easy to use, on the other hand most of my work and other useful tasks are stored on Outlook, which include official calendar events, meeting reminders and more.

google-calendar-logo outlook-logo

Calendar is definitely a great service and having my Outlook synced up with it really helps a lot.

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Calgoo Is Now Free

The Calgoo team has decided to make the full version of Calgoo 2.0 free. Calgoo is a desktop calendar management application for Windows, Linux, and OS X. It allows you to manage your calendar, and synchronize it with Google Calendar, Outlook (2003 and 2007), 30 Boxes, and iCal. Not all of the Calgoo features work  calgoocalendar-logowith every calendar service it syncs with, but you can easily manage multiple calendars in one place. It’s also a great cost-effective alternative to Outlook’s calendar, because you can use it offline, and it will synchronize your calendars at regular intervals.

Previously, the basic version of Calgoo was free, but a few premium services were reserved for paying customers. Now all of their software, including Calgoo Calendar, Calgoo Connect, and Calgoo Hub are free. The company intends to deliver ads to Calgoo Hub, their calendar sharing service, and ads will possibly appear in Calgoo Calendar and Calgoo Connect when they are used with Calgoo Hub.

Since Calgoo is multi-platform compatible, it makes it easy to keep your Mac in sync with your Windows and Linux machines. You can synchronize across systems via Calgoo Hub, or you can install it on multiple systems and point them to the same Google or 30 Boxes calendar. Either way, you don’t have to worry about porting information back and forth among machines, or attempting to synchronize your calendar from a PDA or Smartphone in multiple places.

Calgoo can also interact with your Facebook account via the Agenda Share Facebook application. Once you’ve added it to your Facebook account, and run the setup in Calgoo Calendar to give the application permission, it will add your calendar information to your Facebook profile. You can limit the information displayed on Facebook via specific tags, or you can choose to share one or all of your calendars. If your Facebook friends need to see your schedule, this is a convenient way to share it with them.

If you’re looking for a robust Outlook calendar substitute, Calgoo is a great option. It may not replace your other calendar software, but it is a great synchronization conduit for those of us managing multiple calendars.