Import Twitter Contacts into Google Buzz With Tw2buzz [Invites]

Google Buzz has been making waves ever since it was launched. Love it, hate it, but you simply can’t ignore it. In fact, Google Buzz is still trending on Twitter.

Thanks to tight integration with Gmail, Google Buzz already has a huge user base and most Buzz users are already following dozens of users. However, you can further increase your Buzz reach by tapping into Twitter.

Google allows you to connect your Google Profile with Twitter, but doesn’t offer any way to directly import your Twitter contacts. This is where Tw2buzz comes in.


Tw2buzz is a simple service, which cross-references your Twitter Followers list with Google Profiles and automatically builds a list of tweeples you may want to follow in Buzz.

Using the service itself is pretty simple. Make sure that you are logged into your Google account and authorize the app to connect with your Twitter profile. Tw2buzz will automatically parse and analyze your followers and prepare a list of Google Profiles. Due to the lack of a Google Buzz API, Tw2buzz doesn’t implement bulk follow. Instead you will have to open each user’s Google Profile page and follow them individually.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Tw2buzz is a handy service, if you are looking to grow your Google Buzz social circle. The lack of a mass follow option is disappointing, but as they say, something is better than nothing. At least Tw2buzz helps you in identifying Google Profiles of your followers. Another aspect, which may irk some users, is that Tw2buzz refers to your Followers list (instead of Following list). It is just a personal opinion, but I would be more interested in connecting with the people I follow rather than people who follow me.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)


Tw2Buzz is currently in private beta phase and requires an invitation code to signup. We have 250 invites to give away. Simply click here or enter the invitation code “T3cH!3BuzZ” while signing up.

Ultimate List of Tips And Tricks for Google Buzz

So has been released and you have been wondering what all the buzz is all about. Google Buzz is a just a social networking platform for Gmail and other Google products which helps you share and discuss with your friends and followers.


Think of Google Buzz as a cross between , and Friendfeed. But now that you know what Google Buzz is in plain words, do you know how to make best use of it? Well if not, here is another from us which will list out all the useful tips and tricks for using Google Buzz.

This list will be non-exhaustive and will be updated as and when we come across new tips. If you have any tips to share, feel free to add it through your comments.

Best Tips and Tricks for Google Buzz

How To Do Everything in Google Buzz – Trust Gina Trapani to give you the best tips when it comes to using Google Products. In this post Trapani lists out several things that you can do with Google Buzz.

5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User – Sarah Perez from Read Write Web has some excellent tips for advanced users of Google Buzz.

How to Make Google Buzz Follower Lists Private – By default, Google Buzz follower lists are publicly available for others to view through your Google Profile. Business Insider has some tips on how to make them private. A similar tip is also available at Life Hacker.

4 Google Buzz Hacks for Users, Developers, and Haters – Love Google Buzz or Hate it, these tips will help you get around some of the common problems in Google Buzz.

How to Disable Google Buzz – Our own tip on disabling Google Buzz and banishing it forever.

How to Hide Update Count in Gmail – If you want to use Google Buzz but don’t want to see the number of updates it has, you could use a script to hide the counter.

Get Rid of Email Updates from Google Buzz – Tips to hide email updates from Google Buzz, you can either create a filter or disable the system label from showing up.

Add any Blog or RSS Feeds to Google Buzz – Want to add your Blog RSS feed or any other RSS feeds to Buzz? Here is how you can do it. The good thing is that, this question was answered using Google Buzz itself.

How to Bring Google Buzz Updates to Twitter – Google Buzz does not officially support sending updates to Twitter, till they do, Louis Gray has us covered. Head over to the post to learn how to bring your Google Buzz Updates to Twitter.

More tips will be added as we come across them. Don’t forget to share this and tell us your own tips through your comments.

Google Buzz Love: TechCrunch Adds Buzz It Button, Mashable Runs Nexus One Contest

is here, big time for some, been there done it for some, but it is here and it will live around for a long time, no matter whether everyone likes it or not.


So where is the Google Buzz Love? Well, two of the most high profile technology and social blogs have it. TechCrunch just announced that you can now share their posts on Google Buzz using a new Buzz it button. However, this feature taps into a Share feature in Google Reader and does not integrate into Google Buzz itself. Google Reader shared items are included into your Google Buzz updates.

Earlier in the day, Mashable also announced a contest to give away a , if you join them on Google Buzz. To take part in the contest users have to join Mashable to your Google Buzz account and answer few questions they ask through their account.

This is the earliest adaptation I have seen of any product by high profile sites. was one of the worst products from Google, it’s lighter clone (or as many call it Friendfeed in disguise) definitely has a lot in store for the future. What do you think?

Enable or Disable Google Buzz

Quite recently we gave you options to disable Google Buzz emails and Buzz update counts in Gmail. However. it turns out Google does provide a much more easier to disable completely for users who do not want to use it.


If you are a user who has no use for Google Buzz, login to your Gmail account and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the footer links you will see a link which says "turn off buzz".

Just click on that link and Google Buzz will disappear from your Gmail account forever. If you want to turn on Google Buzz again, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "turn on buzz" link.

Thanks @touserpandi

Hide Google Buzz Update Count and Icon in Gmail

Last night, we told you how to hide the email updates from Google Buzz, however if you want to further sanitize your Gmail account and get rid of the Buzz updates, the best way is to treat it like just another label.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide users with an option to hide the Buzz label, or hide the updates in them. If you are one of the annoyed users who do not want to see updates and the cute icon in your Gmail sidebar, the Hide counter is the best way out.

Google Buzz Counter and Icon After Hiding Google Buzz Counter and Icon

Google Buzz Hide Count is a script which will hide the Google Buzz update counter and the Buzz icon in your Gmail account. I tested the script in both Firefox and without issues. So if you have been waiting to get rid of all the buzz, go ahead and download the Google Buzz Count Hide userscript.

Hide/Archive Google Buzz Updates In Gmail Inbox

was launched today, and people have already begun complaining about the lack of options to disable Buzz from sending you email updates. If you are a Google Buzz user, here is how you can hide updates from Google Buzz from showing up in your Gmail Inbox.

Google Buzz Email Update

Google has a reserved label for Google Buzz updates called "buzz", in order to hide email updates from Google Buzz, you will have to create a filter using "label:buzz" and then archive all the emails automatically. To create the filter, follow the steps given below.

Create label:buzz filter in Gmail

Step 1: Create a filter in Gmail, and use the and enter "label:buzz" in the "Has the words" text box. Ignore the alert that is shown by Google and click the Ok button to continue to the next step.

Step 2: On the next screen, select the checkbox next to "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)". You might also want to select the checkbox next to "Also apply filter to xx conversation below." to archive the current Google Buzz updates.

Step 3: Click on Create Filter and you are all done, new updates from Google Buzz will be automatically archived the next time.

If you want to search for new Google Buzz updates in Gmail, you can search for "label:buzz" and all the Google Buzz updates will be displayed to you.

[via Life Hacker]

Update: An easier way to do this is to go to Settings -> Labels in Gmail and unselect "Buzz" under the system labels.

Google Buzz API For Developers

The one thing that I really like about Google is that, they have APIs which allow developers to access user data for most of the Google Products. With the announcement of today, it was more natural for them to have an API to access and write data to Google Buzz profiles.

Google Buzz Logo

If you are a developer, you can access and develop applications using the Google Buzz API. The Buzz API provides users with an option to Syndicate Buzz updates with Activity Streams and RSS feeds including Google’s own PubSubHubbub.

In addition to that users can also Connect to Buzz and share RSS feeds and make use of the Social Graph API. However, there are quite a few missing features such as Activity Streams, Atom Publishing and oAuth authentication, which will be added to the API in the near future.

Right now, the Buzz API has limited documentation, however, it more documentation will be added in future as newer features are included in the API. If you are developer and want to write applications for Google Buzz, head over and take a look at the Google Buzz API.

Yahoo Says, We Had Yahoo Updates for A Year Before Google Buzz

is already making a buzz on the web, the product demo was definitely a real treat and the final product will not only be useful for geeks, it will also come in handy for non-technical users as well.

 yahoo_logo Google Buzz Logo

However, Yahoo has had a similar feature called Yahoo Updates for over a year now, and they have sent out a note to Business Insider, which lays out the features that are available in Google Buzz, but were already present in Yahoo Updates for a year.

Here is the email in question, courtesy  Business Insider:

It’s been almost a year and a half since we first launched Yahoo! Updates a social feature that lets people share their status, content and online activities and stay connected to what their friends and family are doing on Yahoo! and across the Web and we wanted to share the latest on what’s happening with Updates:

  • There are now more than 200 Yahoo! and third-party sites that feed into Yahoo! Updates like Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp and Yahoo! Buzz allowing people to see and share updates such as when they’ve uploaded photos, changed their status, buzzed up a news story or posted a new restaurant review, all from Yahoo!
  • Yahoo! Updates now appear throughout the Yahoo! network, in popular sites and services like Yahoo! Mail,, and Yahoo! Messenger and across our content properties, meaning people can always keep up to date with their friends’ latest activities
  • Yahoo! Updates are featured prominently on the What’s Newsection of Yahoo! Mail, which is used by more than 300M people worldwide. People can also update their status and share it with friends and family directly from the What’s Newtab
  • Yahoo! Updates are now available globally
  • Additionally,  Yahoo! recently announced an expanded integration with Facebook that will allow people to connect with Facebook friends on Yahoo! and share Yahoo! content with Facebook friends as well
  • Ultimately, Yahoo! sees social as an enabler and as a dimension that is part of everything we do—and everything people do online.

As you can see from the email, Yahoo does not really think much about the new "Google Buzz" and have been working on the product for quite some time now, however, comparing both these products at this point would not be right. However, Google has definitely done a lot of thinking and has always been under pressure from social networking sites like and , who have overtaken the popularity of Google.

Unlike Google Buzz, Yahoo Updates is also integrated into Yahoo Messenger 10. Google Buzz is definitely a product to watch out for, and unlike , this might not be a failure, however, it would be interesting to see how it stacks up against Yahoo Updates amongst other things.

Google Buzz Introduction Video and Website

Google Buzz is here and it is a direct competitor to both and , if you have not yet heard about Google Buzz, it is a social networking product from Google which will directly integrate into Google products like Gmail and Google Apps.

You can learn more about Google Buzz by visiting our earlier coverage here. However, now that Google Buzz is live and online you can read all the details about it by visiting The page has a introductory video which should go online in some time.

We will update this post with the introductory video shortly, if you want you watch the Google Buzz event live, head over to our earlier post to find live streaming links for the Google Buzz event.

Watch Google Buzz Event Live Online

The Google Buzz Event is live right now, we are doing some coverage here. You can watch the Google Announcement of new Social networking tools for Gmail and other Google related products, both desktop and mobile, live online at .

Google Buzz Event Live

Watch the live streaming of the Google Buzz event at, the presentation is now talking about use of Google Buzz for mobile devices and the platform.

Have fun and hope you will love the new Google Buzz unlike the boring .