Google Opens Help Center For South Indian Adwords Customers

Google has opened an all new help centre at Hyderabad, India where Google’s support team will provide assistance to Google AdWords customers in person. This help center aims primarily at helping customers in four regional languages — Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Google already has a similar help centre at Delhi where experts from Google help AdWords customers in Hindi and English. Google India also plans to set-up more such help centres for providing assistance in languages such as Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and Oriya.

Google India also has more plans to educate small and medium enterprises about the benefits of online presence and   using the web to generate business leads. Some of Google’s plans include:

  • Conduct around 100 workshops and seminars across 25 cities in the country.
  • Provide a free of cost programme, called Google Engage, which will offer training and support   for   businesses regarding Google AdWords and other Google products.

According to Sridhar Seshadri – India Head of Google’s Online Sales and Operations:

India has about 35 million small and medium enterprises out of which only one million have an online presence. We at Google want to help all the SMEs in the country and get them benefited by using our AdWords programme,

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Google Publicly Releases List of Top 1000 Sites

As a part of offering more options to companies using AdWords, Google has publicly released a list of top 1000 sites on the web. The websites have been ranked based on several factors including  unique visitors, pageviews and  reach. Not surprisingly, Facebook tops the list with  540 Million unique visitors, followed by Yahoo!, Live and Wikipedia.

Top 1000 Sites

Google AdWords partners can now specify to restrict their ads on these 1000 sites only. This can be done by going to your AdWords account, going to the “category filters” section and then choosing “non ad planner 1000″ as the category. Doing this will only run your ads on these top 1000 sites and not on any other website unless specifically mentioned.

Clicking on any of the websites gives you a more detailed report on the traffic including average visits per visitor, average time spent on the site and top keywords used to search for the site. The report also includes a list of top sub-domains as well as a list of audience interests. However, the most interesting part of the report is the ability to drill down and see traffic details for each website at a country level. Simply pick a country from the drop down list and Google will show a detailed report on traffic coming from that specific country. The report was last generated in April 2010 and is supposed to be refreshed every month to reflect updated data.

Top 1000 Sites On The Web