GOG.com Weekend Sale – Kalypso Titles 50% Off!

Do you like simulation games? Do you like building things? Things such as buildings, cities and even life-forms? Yes, I am talking to you, you megalomaniac. If you fit this bill, go buy GOG.com’s weekend sale!


What does this strange bundle contain that it impresses people wanting to play God or mayor (or gangster controlling the city)? Well, for starters it has the wonderful, adaptable and deep Creatures series, that I as a biotech student have been yearning to play for quite some time now. All three games have a list price of $9.99. However, with the 50% discount applied, they come out to $4.99!

Then we have the managerial simulator Constructor which pretty much explains itself. Taking the role of a real-estate developer, you soon will find yourself caught in the midst of resource and human-resource management! Darn those workers getting in way of your tycoonery! This one is listed for $5.99 so it comes to a sweet $2.99 for this one!

Lastly we have the almost-successor to Constructor called Mob Rule. Remember the Roaring Twenties? Of course you don’t you weren’t even born then (and probably, neither was your dad). This comedic look into the gangster rule of the 1920s is as engaging as the original game, and with the same list price, you wouldn’t mind playing them both for the price of one, would you?

Get the GOG.com weekend sale today!

GOG.com Spring Sale on its Last Day

If non-evil succubae were game devs, they would be part of CD Projekt, or GOG.com. There is something to be said about the site and how well it mashes up great games, no DRM and insanely awesome sales. They are leeches they suck away all the precious money I’ve collected over days and months and seduce me into buying their great games in one of the best designed websites around. Especially when they have periodic sales for no other reason than to just have sales floating about. The Spring Sale is one of them, and it has already bitten my PayPal balance!


There’s Beyond Good & Evil a game I’ve played over at least three times without getting bored, Evil Genius which I bought automatically when I saw its price, and Fallout which is pretty much the best SF RPG till date.

Apart from that, Divine Divinity, Disciples 2 (Gold Edition), Gothic II (Gold Edition), Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete, and Myst: Masterpiece Edition (which I bought too seeing that I had never played the game ever).

This sale will last for just a day more so go on ahead!

So go, shoo, and play those great games and tell us which ones you liked!

Kalypso’s Strategy Collection on Sale on GOG.com 50% off!

Ah, those were the days when I used to call up my friends and discuss strategies involving the demolition of a German-controlled dam. Yes, I am speaking of the Commandos games tactical strategy at its finest. There were no scarce resources to be worried about, nor were there buildings to construct and units to train. There were your commandos, and there was the mission and the enemies surrounding it. It was sheer brilliance. Now, GOG.com is selling the Commandos as well as other great strategy titles from publisher Kalypso Media Digital for a whopping 50% off. If you buy a single game separately, you get a 30% discount nothing short of awesome!


Commandos Ammo Pack: Strategy? Ha, Commandos players will laugh in the face of the current strategy. Nothing was more challenging as religiously studying the enemy’s movements, strategizing and executing the entire orchestra in one swift and brutal swoop. Yet, nothing was more satisfying. As the commander of an elite troop of commandos deep behind enemy lines, your missions were of sabotage, skullduggery and assassination. This is one of the best tactical strategies set in World War II that I have ever played. Buy it!


Commandos 2+3: With advancements in graphics, Pyro Studios did not forget about gameplay. Commandos 2 packed the same amount of cunning and challenge as its predecessor did. However, Commandos 3 did not quite live up to expectations with its control problems. Nevertheless they are both excellent games.


Imperial Glory: Europe is yours for the taking in this time of strife. Do what it takes to gain Imperial glory as you build, maintain and dominate empires. With all the elements of strategy thrown in for good measure, this is a great game by Pyro Studios.


Port Royale: ASCARON’s pirate game was in many ways similar to Sid Meier’s Pirates! but had a little more economy management and less action. With 4 different timelines based on real historical events, this game had quite a lot of piracy involved (no puns intended) when it was released.


Praetorians: The Roman Empire, the battlefields of Egypt, Gaul minus Asterix and Italy during the Crusades. The Praetorians has all this and much more as you prepare yourself for a war of domination during the tumultuous times of the Roman Empire.


The Patrician 1+2: Do not like battles and warfare? Well, The Patrician games are just for you. Two great trading sims set in the backdrop of the Hanseatic League, maritime trade is your profession and piracy and diplomacy are your weapons!


Tropico Reloaded: Political sim? Ah, yes! Tropico was the definitive political simulation game as you controlled your Caribbean banana republic. Fight poverty, rebellions and the occasional urge to rip away your computer in frustration as a tropical storm hits your shores as you play this game!

Buy the Kalypso strategy collection on GOG.com!

GOG.com To Release Classic Atari Games on its Portal

GOG.com has been featured quite prominently around this site and with good reason. Good Old Games, the brainchild of CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski, sells DRM-free classics of yesteryear at two price brackets – $5.99 and $9.99 (or sometimes free). It also has a thriving community that is dedicated to the games it plays and is not concerned with petty fanboy disputes (mostly).


GOG.com has been adding more and more publishers since its inception with Majesco, Ubisoft and Activision joining the ranks of GOG.com. Now Atari has signed a deal with the service and will be entering the family in April. According to the site’s twitter feed, there will possibly be 10 games from Atari adorning the catalog of GOG.com.


There were the necessary floating teasers that are always followed by something really big where it concerns GOG.com (duh). Well, frankly speaking, I did not expect it to be this big. I do not know how I am going to survive April with so much of temptation on GOG.com! To save money for birthday or not. How about one of you guys gifting me Icewind Dale (if it is one of the 10 games) for my birthday?

GOG.com Adventure Weekend Sale – 50% Off on Two Great Games

I think it is redundant to describe the games on GOG.com as redundant. It is kinda obvious from their name (Good Old Games, for the uninitiated) that their games are old (by the standards of time and not gameplay) and that they are great. These games have aged gracefully and even now are pretty much the best the world of gaming has to offer. So when GOG.com launches a weekend sale of The Longest Journey and Sanitarium it is hard to rein in your excitement. These games are nothing short of AWESOME when it comes to the adventure genre (which is my second favorite genre the first being its focused cousin, the RPG).


The Longest Journey: One very long game, this game also has one of the best stories around. As April, an 18 year-old art student, you will shift between the reality of Stark and the dream-world of Arcadia. Stepping into each of these realms through portals and doorways, you will have to maintain the balance of these two worlds through your actions. Beautifully written and executed, I bought this game as soon as I found out that it was on sale. Buy it!


Sanitarium: I remember playing a demo of this game when I was a kid (around ten years ago). I remember the opening sequence of the car crash and the insanity that the world of Sanitarium was. It was both terrifying and interesting at the same time when you grapple with amnesia and see the horrors of the madhouse around you. Then you venture out into the town and… well it is insane. There are no other words for it. It’s an amazing game. Definitely worth a try.

Complete Majesco Catalog 50% off on GOG.com

Our favorite DRM-free classic games digital distributor GOG.com is at it once again! Good Old Games is offering the entire Majesco catalog they posses for a jaw-droppingly low price of $15.96. Four really awesome games are on sale here, namely Advent Rising, BloodRayne 1&2 and Psychonauts. This offer will end on the 1st of March at 11:59PM EDT.


What are these games, you ask? Well, without further ado, here the brief descriptions of the four games (as is the norm!)


Advent Rising is a third-person science-fiction game about good aliens and bad aliens and the really ugly aliens (namely us!). Follow Gideon Wyeth through his important mission of alien contact and more in this masterful yet flawed gem.


BloodRayne puts you in the shoes (and sexy clothes as well) of the dhampir known as Agent BloodRayne. As an unholy child of a human and a vampire, you get to drink pre-Nazi cultist’s blood as well as kill a host of unearthly creatures in style. MUCH better than the movie, trust me.


BloodRayne 2 is the sequel to the much loved BloodRayne and will have you hunting vampire siblings who have procured a new substance that makes them immune to the sun’s rays. Hack n slash fun!


Psychonauts has seen Techie Buzz before in the great GOG.com sale. Play as Raz, a cadet at psychic summer camp and solve mysterious disappearances in this game that got almost everything perfect.

Do remember that each game has a 30% off tag as well if you buy it separately. This is a great collection for anyone looking for a long holiday with games!

Get the Majesco collection here!

GOG.com caters to RPG lovers with Divinity Pack for $7.98

Now that Divinity 2 has been released, the best classic games digital distribution site is selling Divinity and Beyond Divinity together for $7.98. Kick-ass if you ask me, if this Game Central review is to be believed. This promo is only up for this weekend and will end on Monday, February 22nd at 11:59PM EDT.



Divine Divinity, the first game in this series is acknowledged by many as being one of the greatest action RPGs around. With a lot of customization possible such that the builds are different each time you play with either the Fighter, Mage or the Survivor. The game itself is massive anything between fifty to sixty hours of your life will be spent on this game and all its side quests. Now if you truly are an RPG fan, you know that the time spent playing an RPG is equivalent to reading a huge fantasy novel, watching its movie and being its hero/heroine all in one. So ignore the comment on the amount of time you would spend on the game and immerse yourself into it!

Beyond Devinity

Beyond Divinity however did not get as much praise as its predecessor did, nevertheless it is an action RPG and if you really liked Divine Divinity you must consider buying this one although it is not a prerequisite for Divinity 2.

I for one have never played the Divinity games, but now that this weekend promo is up on GOG.com, I am seriously considering buying these gems (at least one of them is) and adding them to my ever-growing queue of games I still have to play. Do let us know if you enjoyed Divine Divinity in the comments!

How to Sync Your Game Saves Between Computers for Free

So you like playing games at home, on the move and even at office? Tired of having to lug around conflicting save files of the same game? Harried about Steam Cloud things that won’t work for your non-Steam games? Fear not for Tor, a user of our favorite classic games website (GOG.com), has come up with a brilliantly simple way to sync game saves between computers using Dropbox and Link Shell Extension. Not only is this how-to remarkably simple, it has been explained by Tor in details so no one will have any problems understanding.


There are a few drawbacks of this method, however. The method will only work if the game saves data in its separate folder as Dropbox will be set up to sync the entire folder. If the game saves within other folders, Dropbox will sync the entire folder, consuming bandwidth and time. Secondly, this method will only work for folders under an NTFS hard drive. If your save folder is in a FAT32 system, this will not work.

Do check out this great way to keep in sync with your mobile gaming experience. Also, this method will also work in Linux for your DOSbox and ScummVM games! Yay for being open-source friendly! Here is the link again.