Send Exe Files As Attachments In Gmail

and many other email providers disallow users from sending email with .exe (executable files) and many other file types including .class (java compiled files) or any other compiled files, or any other type of files that can be remotely executed when someone downloads them.

In addition to that it also blocks zip compressed files which contains executable or compiled files. Though this is done for security reasons, it can get annoying at times.

Is there a way around this? Yes these is, not one but two different ways.

The first way according to Lost In Technology is to rename the file to something else and then attach it to email, this works good enough.


However there is another way to do this, you can also archive the files using RAR compression, here is a simple test we ran, where we zipped a files called csstidy.exe into both zip and RAR archives.


The files were uploaded properly, however the email was not sent out since Gmail detected the executable file in the compressed zip file, however since RAR is a proprietary algorithm, Gmail does not have any means to scan the .rar files.

This is a tip for people who want to send executables or compiled files using Gmail, however if you are on the receiving end of such a email with a .rar attachment, make sure to scan it before you use it, since it may contain viruses or spywares.

If you are unsure how to do it, visit our earlier post on Online Security Tips How do you keep your computer secure and safe, if you are interested in reading more for Gmail, don’t forget to visit the section.

Gmail Adds Anti-Phishing Key Feature

Phishing attacks are not uncommon and many people are fooled to believe that someone is sending you a genuine email, though ‘s spam filters are excellent, there may be times when you want to confirm if a email is genuine and not a phishing attempt.

has rolled out a new feature that will add a Anti-Phishing key to all genuine emails from popular sites like eBay and PayPal.


To turn on this feature go to Settings > Labs and look for Authentication icon for verified senders and enable it.


Once you have enabled this feature, you will see a key next to the vendor from address whenever the email is genuine.

We highly recommend that you turn on this labs feature in Gmail, this will definitely save you a lot of hassles and keep you safe from phishing attacks.

This feature is only limited to emails from PayPal & eBay, however it will be expanded to include more vendors in the future.

New in Labs: The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key [Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Leaves Beta, Long Live Gmail Beta

has by far been a product that has been in beta for the longest possible period we have seen, not that the features in Gmail were buggy or anything, the Beta tag lived on and stuck to it.

If you login to your Gmail account, or refresh the page if you already have it open, you will no longer see the beta text under the logo.


This is definitely a huge step forward for one of the best innovations email has ever seen, I have been a early adopter of Gmail, and when it launched more than 5 years back, it looked something different, something we were never used to.

I remember to have learned the concepts of starring emails, archiving them and more from Gmail, the interface and all has all stuck on with me.

So here is wishing Gmail all the best, now that it has shed the beta tag. But wait, we are all used to seeing the beta under the logo, how can you live without it, well the folks at Gmail thought about this, and added a feature which will allow you to view the plain old Gmail Beta logo instead of the newer one.


To enable it go to Settings > Labs and enable the Back to Beta feature to view the old logo.

How long have you been using Gmail for? Will you be happy now that Gmail has finally shed off the beta from the logo? Do let us know through your comments.

Gmail leaves beta, launches "Back to Beta" Labs feature [Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Adds Drag & Drop For Labels, Label Hiding and More

has rolled out some new features that will allow managing of labels much more easier than before, the new features include moving the labels to a much more convenient location, which is below your main email folders.


In addition to that you can also hide and show the labels to save space. Gmail will automatically determine which labels you use most and display it to you, however you can choose which labels to show and which labels to hide.

gmail_drag_email_to_label gmail_drag_label_to_gmail

In addition to that users can now directly drag and drop their emails onto a label or drag a label onto a email to apply that label to it, you can also select multiple conversations while dragging and dropping.

The new features are not part of , so you don’t have to change any settings, however the features will be gradually rolled out to all users throughout the day.

Labels: drag and drop, hiding and more [Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Tips and Tricks From Google

is a great email service and we have been writing several here, however no matter how many we right, there are always going to be quite a few things that you can still learn.

Google has now created a new page where they list out tips and tricks for Gmail Ninjas :-).

The tips are divided into 4 different categories, White Belt for people who receive only few emails, Green belt for people who get dozen or so messages a day.


Black belt for people who get a lot of messages a day, and Gmail master for people who receive massive amounts of email message a day.

Whichever category you fall in the tips are really interesting and should definitely help you get started out or keep your email organized.Visit Gmail Tips from Google. Thanks @googleos.

So You Want to Be a Gmail Ninja? [Official Gmail Blog]

Auto Spell Check Can Really Do Good For Google Docs & Gmail

We had told you about 3 which added couple of new features including auto spell check corrections for common typos users make, this feature can be immensely useful for people who write a lot.

People usually spend around 2-10% of the time to correct spelling mistakes and typos on an average, the time thus spent could in the end account for a huge amount of time waste.

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Preview Your Inbox While Gmail Loads

Since has launched the newer version of their email, it takes a little bit longer to load your emails for the first time, this can also be terribly slow if you have a slower internet connection.

If you are eager to see a summary of your inbox before Gmail loads, you can now do it with a new feature released by called Inbox Preview.

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Gmail For Mobile Gets Labels Support

Quite sometime back we had covered the Gmail for Mobiles application which was much more faster and sleeker than it’s predecessor, including several new features and performance improvements.

The notable features in the last version included the ability to manage multiple Gmail accounts including Google Apps account, the Gmail for Mobile 2.0 also included keyboard shortcuts, offline support and more.

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Google Search comes to GMail

The GMail Labs programme keeps on coming up with awesome nifty features that make emailing more powerful. This time, they’ve brought Google Search right into GMail with the “Google Search in GMail” labs.

On enabling this feature from labs settings,  you’ll see a google search box at the left side in GMail, this is different from the search feature already available in Gmail.

Searching for something using this search box will load the top search results in a box (similar to the chat and tasks boxes, but, a little bigger). This ensures that you stay right in GMail, even when you have to search for something, thereby increasing productivity.

You can insert the search results without copy-pasting by clicking on a drop down arrow that shows up when you hover over a result.

It’s kind of intelligent that the available actions shown by the drop down arrow depends on where you are while searching. That is, if you were composing a mail, you’ll have “Insert into the email”, if you were reading a mail there’ll be “Start a reply with the result inserted”, and if you were on a chat, you’ll have “Send this result by chat to”.

If you have keyboard shortcuts turned on, typing g and then / will take you to the search box when you’re not composing, and Ctrl + g will do it when you’re composing (that’s ⌘ + g for Mac users).

Tip: If you use labels and have keyboard shortcuts enabled, typing ‘g‘ and then ‘l‘ (meaning Goto Label) will pop up a box where you can type the name of the label and go there. You can see how this works in our earlier tutorial about Browsing Labels more Quickly in Gmail.

Now that there are 45+ labs features available in GMail, we suggest you to use the “Navbar-drag and drop” feature so that you can arrange the different modules to the left and right of your inbox.

View Power Point and TIFF Files In Gmail

A couple of months ago, PDF viewer was integrated into Gmail. Now the same viewer has been upgraded to support PPT (PowerPoint) presentations and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format – which are sometimes multi-page and you were able to see only the first page in the previous setup) with in the browser.

This means that there is no need to download the files to your desktop, no additional software required (a benefit bestowed for those who use public / others PC when on the move), to view the content. You can go through the content of the files, in the same browser and later download if it is necessary (such a saver from all those forwarded PPT’s, which you normally skim through and delete immediately!!).

The old “View as slideshow” technology is integrated into the ‘viewer’ which significantly increases both – the user experience and productivity.


Some of the useful functionality of this new feature are :

  • Zoom in and Zoom (with the help of the + / – sign in the right sidebar),
  • Use the arrow buttons (in the right side bar), to navigate to the slide/s or alternatively you can use the slide bar and select any particular slide.
  • You can copy content directly from the slides and save it on your system ,
  • You can search the slides using the ‘Search‘ feature in the right side bar,
  • Download the documents or Print them or view them as plain HTML
  • You can edit the documents online, and this is integrated with your account. After editing, you can select “Share and close” option and the edited document will be saved in your Google docs account. You can download it from your account, whenever you need it.