Refresh POP Accounts Manually In Gmail

Gmail allows users to setup external POP3 accounts in their Gmail accounts, however, the mail fetching does not happen instantly. Gmail schedules email download from POP3 at specific intervals.

Refresh POP Account in Gmail

However, you can now refresh your POP3 account and fetch email on demand using a new feature called Refresh POP accounts. To enable this feature, head over to Settings -> Labs and enable the "Refresh POP accounts" feature.

Once you do that, you will see a new option to Refresh your emails, using this link you can refresh both your Gmail Inbox and also fetch emails from your POP accounts.

CRM Tool For Gmail

Contact relationship management (CRM) is a very important part of any business. Google does offer it’s own Contact interface for Gmail, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

However, a browser add-on called Rapportive is set to fill in that void of having a full-fledged CRM for Gmail users. Rapportive is somewhat similar to Xobni for Outlook, or you could also say the Social features built into .

Once you install the Rapportive extension, it will gel into the Gmail interface and display extensive information about a contact based on their email address and social networking profile.

Rapportive CRM for Gmail

Rapportive will will look up the sender’s email address and display information about them in the sidebar, including their image, profile and social networking stream. Users will have to provide access to Rapportive through the Google Data API, before they can begin seeing data.

Overall this looks like a pretty decent tool and will definitely add more value to Gmail. Also considering that Google is on a acquisition drive, Rapportive would definitely be a good choice to buy out, as it could give both Gmail and Google Apps a definitive edge over other webmail providers.

Rapportive is currently available for download as a and as a Firefox add-on.

Download Rapportive [via The Next Web]

DYK Thursday: Some Amazing Hoax Pages That Google Has Created

Google has a habit of fooling its users on April fool’s day every year. It has created lots of hoax pages. Every page that Google has created so far has been excellent and mind blowing. I couldn’t just stop laughing after looking at these hoax pages. I hope you enjoy reading through these pages.

Did you miss our previous DYK? Go and check out what the “Book of Mozilla” is!

PageRank is fake…PigeonRank is real!

Nopes, I am not going to write here whether Google PR is fake or real! Leave the PR aside. Here is a new concept that SEO experts have to learn. The PigeonRank!

Some interesting facts about Google PR (Not PageRank, it’s PigeonRank!)

  • PigeonRank’s success relies primarily on the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia) and its unique capacity to recognize objects regardless of  spatial orientation.
  • By collecting flocks of pigeons in dense clusters, Google is able to process search queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines, which typically rely on birds of prey, brooding hens or slow-moving waterfowl to do their relevance rankings.
  • Google says that the PigeonRank is tough to crack or tamper with. The pigeon-driven methods are difficult for a human to understand.

You could visit the Google’s page to know completely about this concept.

Gmail Custom Time

Wow, that's an amazing hoax!

With Gmail Custom Time, you can send mails into your  recipient’s inbox at a previous time. You can even set whether the mail has to be read or unread in the recipient’s inbox.  This would be a great feature to get excuses from your boss, girlfriend or wife when you forget to send a mail!

It’s a hoax, but don’t you think we need this feature in real? :P

Gmail Paper

That's an interesting one!

With Gmail Paper, you can receive a hard copy of the mails that you get in your Gmail inbox with just a click away. There will be a button on the Gmail inbox called “Paper Archive”. You can click on that to get your mail’s phsical copy delivered within 2-4 days of the order.

Now, enough! This is a hoax. Go and read for yourself if you are so interested!

Come on folks, it’s time we destroyed other planets apart from earth – Virgle

Google had teamed up with Virgin to establish the human’s first permanent colony on Mars! This is what Virgle.

Quote from the Virgle page:

Earth has issues, and it’s time humanity got started on a Plan B. So, starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars.

gBall – Redefining Australian Football

Google, in partnership with the official supplier of matchballs to the AFL, Sherrin, has developed the gBall.  The gBalls are integrated with many new technologies like GPS, Data transmission and other advanced technologies. To use gBall you need to create an account online by plugin your gBall into your computer. After this you can track your gBall through Google Maps.

There are many other features. I couldn’t understand them. Please check it yourself! :P

That’s it for today! How did you like these pages? Share your thoughts through comments below! Feel free to share this with your friends!

Gmail Makes 6 Lab Features Permanent and Removes 5

Gmail Labs has been an interesting place for Google engineers to experiment with new Gmail features. Once Google knows how people react to the new features and how useful they are going to be, they decide to either Graduate or Retire a feature. When a feature is graduated, it is moved into Gmail as a permanent one while a retiring feature is completely removed due to lack of usage or other factors.

Today, Gmail has made 6 more features permanent so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find forgotten attachment detector enabled in your inbox. Here is the complete list of features that Google has graduated from labs:

1. Forgotten Attachment Detector

2. YouTube Previews

3. Custom Label Colors

4. Go To Label

5. Search Auto Complete

6. Vacation Dates

Google usually graduates a feature based on usage and feedback from users. On the other hand, if a feature is not being used much or has received poor feedback, Google retires them from the labs. There are 5 features that have met this faith including Muzzle, Fixed Width Font, Email Addict, Location in Signature and Random Signature. So if you login to your Gmail and don’t see the Take a Break option on top, you know what happened.

Retiring so many features at the same time might make people annoyed a little bit if they used some of them. I believe Google could do it more gradually to make the transition easier. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any replacement for these 5 features so if you liked any of them you’ll just have to do without it.

Google Buzz: Social Sharing by Google

Google has officially announced Google Buzz, a Google Approach to sharing. This is the Google product which will take on and by allowing social sharing in Gmail and other Google products.

Google Buzz

When you use Google Buzz, it will have an option to auto-follow people you email and chat with and provide a rich and fast sharing experience.

Google Buzz Autofollow

Google Buzz will also pull in your social activity from other websites, and looks pretty similar to the Facebook News Feed. This is definitely interesting as you will be able to see what your contacts are doing without having to leave Gmail.

Google Buzz URL Sharing

Google Buzz will also have a feature to share links with your followers, when you add a link, it will allow you to select the picture which you want to share with the link, this again is a feature similar to Facebook Share. However, unlike Facebook, you can choose to share the link publicly or privately. This is akin to sharing something with just your followers and not everyone.

Gmail will have features like , where you can share emails with your followers and they can comment on them in real-time. Just like Twitter, Google Buzz will have @replies which will be sent to the mentioned users Inbox.

Looks like Google Buzz is also taking on the location sharing giant Four Square with the mobile version of Buzz, it will allow you to share your location with your followers

More updates to follow

Image screenshots courtesy: Silicon Alley Insider

Gmail To Add New Social Feature, Compete With Twitter and Facebook

Ever since Gmail launched, Google has been trying to make it much more than an email service. Wall Street Journal reports that Gmail may launch another social feature as soon as this week that will let it compete with Twitter and Facebook. This feature will allow users to view media and status update of their friends. Gmail still partially offers this feature but is nowhere close to what Facebook and Twitter offer. The new feature will reportedly add a separate module to Gmail, allowing users to view a stream of updates from their friends. It will be tightly integrated within various Google’s services like YouTube and Picasa.

Gmail currently has around 176 Million unique users compared to the 400 Million registered Facebook users. With Facebook launching a Gmail like Inbox and Gmail launching a Facebook like social feature, the competition is heating up. No matter what it means for Facebook or Google, it will definitely be good for the users as they will have plenty of options for all their social needs.

Some analysts also suggest that Google would be better off buying Twitter and integrating it within its stream of web services. The rumors for a Google-Twitter deal have come up many times in the past but never materialized. Do you think Google would be better buying off Twitter?

Google Plans To Launch An App Store

Following the rage of app stores, Google announced it would open another one focusing on Google Apps. This would probably be the first app store not focusing on a mobile device and geared towards enhancing web services already being offered by Google. These web services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Books and more, can use a lot of third party applications to provide more integrated services and enhanced features. The apps would be directed more towards enterprise users who can pay a small premium to utilize these apps.

Google already has something similar in place called Google Marketplace Solutions, but the upcoming app store would be a revamped version featuring more apps. The store would be launched as soon as March 2010 and would allow Google to keep a cut of the price customers pay for premium apps. In addition to increasing revenue directly, the store will tremendously help Google fight Microsoft applications by offering a broader range of features.

Along with other things, this app store will also make users more vulnerable to security issues since third party apps may not be as reliable as Google’s own services. Google estimates that currently 2 million businesses are using free or paid versions of Google apps.

Quickly Add Images in Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress And other Editors With Picture Paste

Adding images in email messages can be a bit tiring. You have to either upload the image as an attachment or use a Gmail labs feature to add images in the email message body.

Same goes with blogging editors meant for WordPress and Blogger. You have to either use a blogging client like Windows live writer, or use the in built uploader. The first option may not be suitable when you are using other computers to write your blog post. The later option can be time consuming when you have plenty of images to consider. In the worst case, the browser freezes in the middle and you have to start the process all over again.

To solve this, use PicturePaste – a simple desktop app to add images in your emails and blog posts. Following are the steps involved to use this tool:

1. Drag and drop an image which you wish to attach in an email message or a blog post into the PicturePaste program.


2. Convert the image to a suitable format using the built in conversion options. (JPG or PNG)

3. When the image is ready, drop it in the email compose window and it’s done.


Similarly, you can attach images into other web based editors such as Google Docs, WordPress and email programs – Gmail, Yahoo and Windows live Hotmail. All the images are uploaded to Amazon S3 and there is nothing to register or configure. Great find – LifeRocks.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Picture Paste is fast, easy to use and does what it says. However it’s not completely free and the trial version allows you to upload only 50 images. I would love to see integration of a short URL feature so that we can quickly share the image on microblogging sites.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Gmail’s Got Your Back, Rolls Out HTTPS as Default

Gmail has always been widely under attack, however, most of the times user’s account are compromised because of phishing, rather than because of the lack of security @Gmail.


HTTPS or HTTP_Secure, is a secure way of transmitting data to and fro on the web. Unlike HTTP, HTTPS data is encrypted before a transfer occurs. This makes data transfered through HTTPS hard to snoop on, and allows users a safer way to browse the web.

Gmail did have an option for users to use HTTPS as default, through a feature. Today, Google graduated the feature out of labs. This means that all Gmail users will now automatically start using HTTPS by default. Users have an option to disable HTTPS by default by visiting “Settings -> Labs” and choosing “Don’t always use https”

However, HTTPS alone cannot save you from being hacked. There are several other ways in which you can protect your online accounts. The first rule is, NEVER click on links in emails sent by strangers. The second rule is, NEVER download content that are sent by strangers.

You can also make use of a Gmail Labs feature called Anti-Phishing Key, which allows you to distinguish between legitimate and spam email. However, this feature has a limited scope and only supports eBay and PayPal right now.

If your Gmail account is hacked, you might want to read what steps you should perform in order to check the safety of your Gmail Account

Gboard: A Keypad Designed For Gmail

One of the things that sets Gmail apart is the number of features and available third party tools. We have seen Gmail gadgets, usercripts and all other kinds of software but how about a piece of hardware created just for Gmail?

Meet Gboard!

If you are a Gmail addict but think that keyboard shortcuts provided by Gmail are not enough, take a look at Gboard. It is a customized keypad specifically created for Gmail that provides users with 19 finger-friendly buttons, each assigned to a certain Gmail process.

Now you can perform all these tasks with a single key stroke:

  • Forward
  • Reply All
  • Trash
  • Archive
  • Next
  • Star
  • Open/Close
  • Select

and some other amazing time-saving functons.

The Gboard weighs 0.3 lbs and needs a USB port to connect to your computer. It works with Windows, Mac as well as Linux but requires a US keyboard layout. There is no software to install, all you need to do is connect the Gboard and enable keyboard shortcuts within Gmail.

The Gboard is currently being sold for $19.99 and can be bought here. The dimensions in inches are 4.88 X 3.5 X .38.

With Gmail already the best email service out there, would you spend money to make it more convenient for yourself? Do you think these extra keyboard shortcuts are worth $19.99 or are you satisfied with the current shortcuts that Gmail provides?