World Clock For Gmail

Tracking time of different countries becomes important when you stay in one country and your business clients or family members stay in another, though there are several tools to check world timings from the desktop, a nifty little gadget called PolyClock, which allows users to view time from different time zones across the world in .


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Gmail Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro User

has overtime become a really useful webmail service and has by far released several features in which make it even more useful day by day.


However other than what the developers at Gmail have been working on there are several tools that will help get the best out of Gmail.

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Gmail Gadget For Google Desktop

I have always been a big fan of for quite some time and use it as my primary search tool for the desktop, the good thing about Google Desktop is that I can also use several useful Gadgets that allow me to monitor websites from the desktop, maintain a to-do list, track Google AdSense earnings from the desktop and more.

Google Desktop also featured a handy gadget that would allow you to view the incoming emails in and your account, however the gadget was pretty basic and you could not search emails or do other tasks with it.

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Quickly Add Google Docs Documents Links While Composing Messages In Gmail

has definitely added quite a lot of value to itself by integrating Google Docs and Calendar into Gmail and the option to add any custom gadget to your Gmail account.

google-docs-logo gmail-logo

Amit from Digital Inspiration has always been making good use of products and has a nice trick that shows you on how to add document links directly into your Gmail message.

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Backup Your Gmail Account

has quickly become the only email service I use other than my company account, and I also use Apps for the websites I own. So all in all I am in good hands, but there is also a risk to lose everything if something goes wrong.

Though I setup most of my Gmail accounts in Windows Live Email which in itself creates a local , not all attachments are downloaded to my local PC. In such situations the Gmail Backup is a excellent software, which will allow you to backup your entire Gmail account offline.

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How To Add Custom Gadgets To Gmail?

Yesterday we told you about 3 new exciting features where they integrated Calendar and  Google Docs into , along with that, they also added a new feature where you can add a custom gadget to Gmail by providing the XML URL for it.


Here is a simple and step by step tutorial to add custom gadgets like Remember the Milk, weather or for that matter anything to your Gmail account.

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Gmail Not Loading? Try Different Gmail Mode

Sometimes may be loading painfully slow for you, or defaults to the slower HTML mode for users. If you do not want Gmail to make the decision on which type of UI it should load for you, here is a list of Gmail modes you can use with Gmail, thanks to Alex Chitu from .

Safe Mode Disable all the Labs features.

Secure Mode Encrypts to and fro traffic from Gmail.

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gAttach Makes Attaching Files In Gmail A Breeze

The usual way of attaching files in any online mail service would be to click on the browse button, navigate to the correct folder and choose the file you want to upload. Though this process is not hard at all, you could save some time while attaching files if you use Gmail.

gattach-send-to-mail-recipient-screenshot gAttach-save-as-draft-screenshot

gAttach is a handy desktop utility that will allow you to easily attach files to your Gmail mail messages, just right click on any file and choose Send to > Mail recipient. gAttach will automatically detect the send to option and upload the attachment to your Gmail account, along with creating a draft email you can send.

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Read Emails In Gmail Without Using the Mouse

Quite recently we had written about using Caret browsing, a useful and productive way of surfing the web without using the mouse. Just came across another interesting article by a Googler who tells us how to surf emails in Gmail without having to use the mouse.

The keyboard shortcuts are not new, but the post is a definite way to start learning the keyboard shortcuts for Gmail. So if you are looking to start using the keyboard shortcuts, don’t forget to read it.

How To Find If Your Gmail Account Is Hacked? What To Do If It Is Hacked?

Recently I got a email from a long time friend and blogger which startled me, the first thing I thought was to spam it, but then I realized instead of doing that, I should just send him a email saying, please stop sending me such emails.

I did send him a email, and he immediately pinged me on IM saying that his Gmail account was hacked. You can take a look at the email that got sent out from his account to all his contacts in the screenshot below. Click to enlarge.


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