View Power Point and TIFF Files In Gmail

A couple of months ago, PDF viewer was integrated into Gmail. Now the same viewer has been upgraded to support PPT (PowerPoint) presentations and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format – which are sometimes multi-page and you were able to see only the first page in the previous setup) with in the browser.

This means that there is no need to download the files to your desktop, no additional software required (a benefit bestowed for those who use public / others PC when on the move), to view the content. You can go through the content of the files, in the same browser and later download if it is necessary (such a saver from all those forwarded PPT’s, which you normally skim through and delete immediately!!).

The old “View as slideshow” technology is integrated into the ‘viewer’ which significantly increases both – the user experience and productivity.


Some of the useful functionality of this new feature are :

  • Zoom in and Zoom (with the help of the + / – sign in the right sidebar),
  • Use the arrow buttons (in the right side bar), to navigate to the slide/s or alternatively you can use the slide bar and select any particular slide.
  • You can copy content directly from the slides and save it on your system ,
  • You can search the slides using the ‘Search‘ feature in the right side bar,
  • Download the documents or Print them or view them as plain HTML
  • You can edit the documents online, and this is integrated with your account. After editing, you can select “Share and close” option and the edited document will be saved in your Google docs account. You can download it from your account, whenever you need it.

Gmail Suggests More Email Recipients While Composing Emails

Have you ever emailed or forwarded a funny joke to your friend and then realized that you left out one of your friends from the list? If you have ever come across this problem, it is time to get some suggestions on who you should include in the email recipients list.

Suggest more recipients does what is sounds, it will suggest contacts that you should be including in your email recipient list while composing mails in .

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts [Quick Reference]

are real time savers, they are pretty hand and help to keep you productive to perform time consuming tasks quickly. If you are a user, you can make use of keyboard shortcuts to quickly compose emails, iterate between messages, open current messages, archive messages, star them and more.

You can find a extensive list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts at the help page for keyboard shortcuts, if you would like to print the keyboard shortcuts, you can use the printer friendly keyboard shortcuts.

You will have to enable the keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail account before you can use them, to do that go to Settings > General and turn keyboard shortcuts on.


Looking for more tips for Gmail, checkout the section to get handy tips and tools for Gmail.

Quickly Browse Labeled Emails In Gmail

To keep my inbox free from clutter, I have setup several Gmail filters which automatically archive emails or apply a certain label to them, however due to the large number of labels in my inbox, it becomes quite problematic to browse to the labels and open them to view the emails in it.

The Go To Label feature in allows users to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly browse any particular labels in . Here is a step by step guide that shows you, how to quickly browse Labeled emails in Gmail.

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Automatically Apply Labels To Emails In Gmail [How To]

You may receive tons of email in your account on a day to day basis from social networking sites, from your friends, from colleagues and more, adding labels to your emails will definitely help you to distinguish the emails quickly and let you view all emails from a particular source at once.

The labels in Gmail are pretty similar to physical folders available in Yahoo and Hotmail, however with Gmail, only a single copy maintained, no matter how many labels you apply to it.

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Undo Send Messages In Gmail

The folks behind have added a new update to , using which users can revoke sent messages and stop delivery of the messages.


This feature can be used by quickly clicking on the Undo link next to the Your message has been sent, however the message can only hold the email for about 5 seconds, before the message is sent on its way.

A similar Gmail Labs feature called Mail Googles stops tests your ability to send messages on the weekends, when you have just come back from a drinking spree :-).

To activate the Undo Send feature, go to Settings > Labs and enable the Undo Send labs feature.


New In Labs: Undo Send [Gmail Blog]

Import/Export Gmail Filters

Filtering emails has definitely allowed me to segregate important emails from the other not so important ones, and deal with important things first, at last count I have 89 filters which allow me to auto-archive emails, send a custom auto-reply to them, apply labels, delete them and so on.


However, creating those filters has taken a lot of time and losing them would mean, that I would have to spend hours and hours to create them again, but like all the nice features in , users will now get a option to import/export their filters and save it to their computers.

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Gmail Custom Colors, Multiple Inboxes In Gmail, Title Bar Tweaks, Location in Signature and Multi-Attachment & Progress Bars

Its been quite a while since we have covered any of the new features released in , and there are quite a few interesting features already been released, so here is a roundup of all the features that have been released in the past few weeks.

Gmail Custom Colors

Quite sometime back we had reported about Gmail themes, which allowed users to enhance the look and feel of , without the need to add any extensions or add-ons, however the Gmail developers have taken in a step further and announced the option for Gmail users to apply their custom colors to the theme.


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How To Auto-Archive Emails in Gmail?

On a normal day, I receive about 300+ emails in my account, however it becomes quite a hassle to go through each and every email and segregate the important ones. However with Gmail, there are several ways in which you can segregate noise from actual work and that is one of the reasons I love it.

The Auto-archive feature in Gmail is definitely useful and should be used if you plan to work on having a zero-inbox for emails.

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How To Send Custom Auto-Replies In Gmail?

has been a really useful email service and there are 100s of things you could do with it, however there are several features which are not really well known, here is a interesting tip that we are sure many users may not be aware of. This tip involves sending custom auto-replies in Gmail.

Many of you may already have heard of vacation responders, where a auto-reply is sent to emails sent to you, which may say that you are unavailable at the moment and will get back to the email after a certain date.

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