Gmail Adds Drag & Drop For Labels, Label Hiding and More

has rolled out some new features that will allow managing of labels much more easier than before, the new features include moving the labels to a much more convenient location, which is below your main email folders.


In addition to that you can also hide and show the labels to save space. Gmail will automatically determine which labels you use most and display it to you, however you can choose which labels to show and which labels to hide.

gmail_drag_email_to_label gmail_drag_label_to_gmail

In addition to that users can now directly drag and drop their emails onto a label or drag a label onto a email to apply that label to it, you can also select multiple conversations while dragging and dropping.

The new features are not part of , so you don’t have to change any settings, however the features will be gradually rolled out to all users throughout the day.

Labels: drag and drop, hiding and more [Official Gmail Blog]

Preview Your Inbox While Gmail Loads

Since has launched the newer version of their email, it takes a little bit longer to load your emails for the first time, this can also be terribly slow if you have a slower internet connection.

If you are eager to see a summary of your inbox before Gmail loads, you can now do it with a new feature released by called Inbox Preview.

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Gmail Labs Introduces Automatic Message Translations

is at it again, adding an immensely useful feature to their already feature powered email service, the new feature called Message Translation will allow users to translate message in foreign languages into the language you understand.

This feature is immensely useful, as many times we do receive email messages that are not in a language we understand.

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Google Search comes to GMail

The GMail Labs programme keeps on coming up with awesome nifty features that make emailing more powerful. This time, they’ve brought Google Search right into GMail with the “Google Search in GMail” labs.

On enabling this feature from labs settings,  you’ll see a google search box at the left side in GMail, this is different from the search feature already available in Gmail.

Searching for something using this search box will load the top search results in a box (similar to the chat and tasks boxes, but, a little bigger). This ensures that you stay right in GMail, even when you have to search for something, thereby increasing productivity.

You can insert the search results without copy-pasting by clicking on a drop down arrow that shows up when you hover over a result.

It’s kind of intelligent that the available actions shown by the drop down arrow depends on where you are while searching. That is, if you were composing a mail, you’ll have “Insert into the email”, if you were reading a mail there’ll be “Start a reply with the result inserted”, and if you were on a chat, you’ll have “Send this result by chat to”.

If you have keyboard shortcuts turned on, typing g and then / will take you to the search box when you’re not composing, and Ctrl + g will do it when you’re composing (that’s ⌘ + g for Mac users).

Tip: If you use labels and have keyboard shortcuts enabled, typing ‘g‘ and then ‘l‘ (meaning Goto Label) will pop up a box where you can type the name of the label and go there. You can see how this works in our earlier tutorial about Browsing Labels more Quickly in Gmail.

Now that there are 45+ labs features available in GMail, we suggest you to use the “Navbar-drag and drop” feature so that you can arrange the different modules to the left and right of your inbox.

Gmail Suggests More Email Recipients While Composing Emails

Have you ever emailed or forwarded a funny joke to your friend and then realized that you left out one of your friends from the list? If you have ever come across this problem, it is time to get some suggestions on who you should include in the email recipients list.

Suggest more recipients does what is sounds, it will suggest contacts that you should be including in your email recipient list while composing mails in .

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[Yawn] Insert Images Into Gmail Messages

Aha another feature coming to the fore, how can we stop talking about these new features? No matter how stupid they are? This one, the add image thingy has been around for a long time now, albeit through a different method, and is a liftoff from , which is soon trying to become on the web, too bad Outlook’s counterpart Windows Live Hotmail is nowhere near.


Anyways now you can add images to your Gmail messages (yawn), like we could never could do that earlier, frankly speaking the earlier Gmail Labs features were really good pieces of engineering, but of late the new Labs features have been nothing but disappointing, this is nothing to rant home about, but we still do because we love Gmail and it is still the best free email service you will come across.

We love software all the way, but come on do something better, how about a Gmail Labs feature that bought you candy, what say?

Getting serious, one notable thing about this new feature is the ability to add images through a URL, rather than having to upload it from your computer, that is super cool. Also Gmail will add the images inline and not as attachments, so users who have images blocked by default won’t be able to see it, that would mean 90% of your geek friends would treat your images as spam.

However this new feature has a bug, where you fill see a failed message, without the need to do anything spectacular.


  1. Click on the insert picture icon.
  2. Close the file open menu without selecting any images.
  3. Wait for a minute few seconds and you will see the above error, failed, what failed, oh did I fail to upload a image?

Alas we could have some perfection now, and we must admit that the add image by URL is definitely good, and overall this feature is perfect for sharing lots of photos. Did you think we would hate Gmail?

Oh yeah, you need to enable this thing to work, go to Settings > Labs and enable Inserting Images option, once you have done that, to add images you will have to click on the picture icon in the rich text bar to add images, while composing your emails.

Sender Time Zone For Gmail

has added another interesting feature to the family, where it adds a green or red phone icon next to emails, this green phone icons would indicate that is early in the day in the sender’s time zone, a red icon tells you that it is pretty late to call in the sender’s time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone Not Ok To Call

Let’s convert this to a real life example, you emailed a client from a different country say United States about a work you were doing for them, now your client emails you back, but when the email arrived while you were sleeping, some of the content in the email confuses you and you need to have a verbal chat with them to clarify your confusions.

But what is the time in your client’s country? Would they probably be awake to answer your call or would you be invading on their sleep? With the Sender Time Zone labs feature, Gmail will show you a green phone icon, if it would be ok to call the other person, translating into working hours for any given time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone

If you see a red icon, it would probably mean that, it’s pretty late in the client’s country to be making a call, clicking on the message should show you the current time in the sender’s time zone.

This feature will only work if the originating message contains time zone in the header, if you are looking to view the current time from different time zones, take a look at the World Time Zone gadget for Gmail.

To enable this feature, just go to Settings > Labs and activate Sender Time Zone feature.

New in Labs: Sender Time Zone [Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Gets Smarter With Search Suggestions

Google Suggest is a very useful feature in Google Search, it suggests topics to you as you type words, however has been missing that feature for quite sometime, and the news that Gmail search would be getting a search Autocomplete feature definitely brought some joy to us.


This new feature is a part of , so you will have to enable it by visiting Settings > Labs and selecting the enable option for Search Autocomplete.

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What’s New In Gmail Labs?

You have been reading about many of the latest features in here at Techie Buzz, however most of the Google’s announcements have been through blog posts and many users may not even be aware of the latest features in Gmail Labs.


Turns out that Google is now promoting most of the labs feature to all users with the help of a link in Gmail which takes users to a page where all the new features are displayed to the users.

If you are new to Gmail Labs and have not yet started using it, check out What’s new in Gmail? or read our extensive coverage of all the features in Gmail Labs.

Undo Send Messages In Gmail

The folks behind have added a new update to , using which users can revoke sent messages and stop delivery of the messages.


This feature can be used by quickly clicking on the Undo link next to the Your message has been sent, however the message can only hold the email for about 5 seconds, before the message is sent on its way.

A similar Gmail Labs feature called Mail Googles stops tests your ability to send messages on the weekends, when you have just come back from a drinking spree :-).

To activate the Undo Send feature, go to Settings > Labs and enable the Undo Send labs feature.


New In Labs: Undo Send [Gmail Blog]