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[Yawn] Insert Images Into Gmail Messages

Aha another feature coming to the fore, how can we stop talking about these new features? No matter how stupid they are? This one, the add image thingy has been around for a long time now, albeit through a different method, and is a liftoff from , which is soon trying to become on the web, too bad Outlook’s counterpart Windows Live Hotmail is nowhere near.


Anyways now you can add images to your Gmail messages (yawn), like we could never could do that earlier, frankly speaking the earlier Gmail Labs features were really good pieces of engineering, but of late the new Labs features have been nothing but disappointing, this is nothing to rant home about, but we still do because we love Gmail and it is still the best free email service you will come across.

We love software all the way, but come on do something better, how about a Gmail Labs feature that bought you candy, what say?

Getting serious, one notable thing about this new feature is the ability to add images through a URL, rather than having to upload it from your computer, that is super cool. Also Gmail will add the images inline and not as attachments, so users who have images blocked by default won’t be able to see it, that would mean 90% of your geek friends would treat your images as spam.

However this new feature has a bug, where you fill see a failed message, without the need to do anything spectacular.


  1. Click on the insert picture icon.
  2. Close the file open menu without selecting any images.
  3. Wait for a minute few seconds and you will see the above error, failed, what failed, oh did I fail to upload a image?

Alas we could have some perfection now, and we must admit that the add image by URL is definitely good, and overall this feature is perfect for sharing lots of photos. Did you think we would hate Gmail?

Oh yeah, you need to enable this thing to work, go to Settings > Labs and enable Inserting Images option, once you have done that, to add images you will have to click on the picture icon in the rich text bar to add images, while composing your emails.

Sender Time Zone For Gmail

has added another interesting feature to the family, where it adds a green or red phone icon next to emails, this green phone icons would indicate that is early in the day in the sender’s time zone, a red icon tells you that it is pretty late to call in the sender’s time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone Not Ok To Call

Let’s convert this to a real life example, you emailed a client from a different country say United States about a work you were doing for them, now your client emails you back, but when the email arrived while you were sleeping, some of the content in the email confuses you and you need to have a verbal chat with them to clarify your confusions.

But what is the time in your client’s country? Would they probably be awake to answer your call or would you be invading on their sleep? With the Sender Time Zone labs feature, Gmail will show you a green phone icon, if it would be ok to call the other person, translating into working hours for any given time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone

If you see a red icon, it would probably mean that, it’s pretty late in the client’s country to be making a call, clicking on the message should show you the current time in the sender’s time zone.

This feature will only work if the originating message contains time zone in the header, if you are looking to view the current time from different time zones, take a look at the World Time Zone gadget for Gmail.

To enable this feature, just go to Settings > Labs and activate Sender Time Zone feature.

New in Labs: Sender Time Zone [Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Gets Smarter With Search Suggestions

Google Suggest is a very useful feature in Google Search, it suggests topics to you as you type words, however has been missing that feature for quite sometime, and the news that Gmail search would be getting a search Autocomplete feature definitely brought some joy to us.


This new feature is a part of , so you will have to enable it by visiting Settings > Labs and selecting the enable option for Search Autocomplete.

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What’s New In Gmail Labs?

You have been reading about many of the latest features in here at Techie Buzz, however most of the Google’s announcements have been through blog posts and many users may not even be aware of the latest features in Gmail Labs.


Turns out that Google is now promoting most of the labs feature to all users with the help of a link in Gmail which takes users to a page where all the new features are displayed to the users.

If you are new to Gmail Labs and have not yet started using it, check out What’s new in Gmail? or read our extensive coverage of all the features in Gmail Labs.

Undo Send Messages In Gmail

The folks behind have added a new update to , using which users can revoke sent messages and stop delivery of the messages.


This feature can be used by quickly clicking on the Undo link next to the Your message has been sent, however the message can only hold the email for about 5 seconds, before the message is sent on its way.

A similar Gmail Labs feature called Mail Googles stops tests your ability to send messages on the weekends, when you have just come back from a drinking spree :-).

To activate the Undo Send feature, go to Settings > Labs and enable the Undo Send labs feature.


New In Labs: Undo Send [Gmail Blog]

Import/Export Gmail Filters

Filtering emails has definitely allowed me to segregate important emails from the other not so important ones, and deal with important things first, at last count I have 89 filters which allow me to auto-archive emails, send a custom auto-reply to them, apply labels, delete them and so on.


However, creating those filters has taken a lot of time and losing them would mean, that I would have to spend hours and hours to create them again, but like all the nice features in , users will now get a option to import/export their filters and save it to their computers.

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Gmail Custom Colors, Multiple Inboxes In Gmail, Title Bar Tweaks, Location in Signature and Multi-Attachment & Progress Bars

Its been quite a while since we have covered any of the new features released in , and there are quite a few interesting features already been released, so here is a roundup of all the features that have been released in the past few weeks.

Gmail Custom Colors

Quite sometime back we had reported about Gmail themes, which allowed users to enhance the look and feel of , without the need to add any extensions or add-ons, however the Gmail developers have taken in a step further and announced the option for Gmail users to apply their custom colors to the theme.


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Import Emails From Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc to Gmail

I remember using several email accounts, before switching all communications to , however with this change I had to leave my emails and contacts from my other email accounts as it is.

However Gmail has now addressed this issue with a new feature which will allow users to import emails and contacts from their older accounts into Gmail.


The service to import emails is powered by TrueSwitch, a service provider that specializes in email migration.

The service has gone live and will be seen by select few users only right now. However Gmail will make it available to more users in near future.

You can find more information about the import feature by visiting the Official Google Help Page for importing data to Gmail.

Gmail Labs Adds Email To Document Converter

has a unending list of features being added pretty frequently, the latest to come out of Google Labs is the ability to convert any email to a document and open a blank Google Docs document from with the help of a keyboard shortcut.


This new feature will allow you to convert any email to a word document, this conversion will then be saved in your account. No more copying and pasting the text from your email, just open the message you wish to convert, click the "Create a document" link on the right side of the page, and voila, you have a brand new document which you can then modify and share.

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Gmail Labs Adds Task Manager [To Do Lists]

Quite sometime back we had ranted about how Google is missing a vital Task manager which would allow users to create and manage to-do lists online through their Google accounts, turns out that Google has finally taken a approach towards creating a robust to-do list manager by introducing a basic To Do list in which will allow users to add tasks or convert emails into tasks.


To add new tasks to , just click on the Tasks link and type your task, once you have finished typing your task simply hit the enter key and your task will be saved.

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Quickly Add Google Docs Documents Links While Composing Messages In Gmail

has definitely added quite a lot of value to itself by integrating Google Docs and Calendar into Gmail and the option to add any custom gadget to your Gmail account.

google-docs-logo gmail-logo

Amit from Digital Inspiration has always been making good use of products and has a nice trick that shows you on how to add document links directly into your Gmail message.

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Gmail Gets Themes

This is a definite good news, a new feature has been spotted in the wild by Ashish Mohta. Yes you heard it right, themes are coming to Gmail pretty soon and there are lots of choices out there. Take a look at the screenshot to see the different themes that are available in Gmail.


The themes take a cue from IG and have a lot of cute ones. The themes are not yet available to all users, but will definitely be rolled out in next few days. Are you excited about getting themes in Gmail?

Gmail Labs Introduces Voice and Video Chat

Over the past month has introduced several new features in Gmail Labs, their playground for testing useful and interesting features. The new features include Sending SMS from Gmail, ,  ability to add Custom Gadgets to Gmail, Stop yourself from sending emails on a heavy drinking weekend, get a reminder if you forgot to attach a file, get more control over your IMAP account among other things including emoticons and canned responses.

Well they just do not stop do they, this time they have rolled out a new feature that will help you voice and video chat from within Gmail.

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