Schedule Email in Gmail With Right Inbox

A few months back I had written about an interesting web app which allowed users to schedule emails in Gmail. The add-on for browsers like and worked very well and did its job. However, there is another entrant called "Right Inbox" which provides a similar service but is simpler to use.

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While Boomerang for provides much more than just scheduling emails in Gmail, Right Inbox’s only focus lies on scheduling emails in Gmail. Once you install the Right Inbox extension refresh you Gmail page and you will be guided through grant permissions to the app to your Gmail Inbox.

Send Emails Later Gmail

Once you have granted permissions to the Right Inbox app, you will be able to schedule emails in Gmail with the click of a button. Right Inbox will add an additional button to the compose email workflow (as seen above) allowing you to send the email at a later time.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

Clicking on the "Send Later" button will give you several options to schedule the email. You can either click on the options provided or choose to send the email at a specific time. Once you have scheduled your email, the email will be stored in your drafts folder and will be delivered at the time you chose. The best part is that you don’t have to be near your computer once you have scheduled your email and Right Inbox will do the work for you.

Right Inbox is currently available as a and and can be downloaded from here.

Best Gmail Gadgets: Useful Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Continuing the series on best gadgets, we will be showcasing some of the most useful gadgets that can add some utility to your Gmail account and save you some time too.

The list will look at Gadgets that can be used to search Wikipedia, run a quick calculation, check time in different time zones and more.

If you have missed the earlier part in the series, here is the list of gadgets we had featured earlier for Gmail.

On the other hand, if you are new to gadgets in Gmail, take a look at our tutorial for adding custom gadgets to Gmail.

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Best Gmail Gadgets: Social Networking Gadgets

One of our readers recently asked us to put up a list of cool gadgets one could add to using the Add gadget by URL feature in , and like always we listen to our readers and have come up with a list of cool gadgets that you can add to your Gmail account.

In this series we will be covering different types of gadget you can use in your Gmail account, the list will be categorized for easier access to finding similar gadgets, we are kicking off the series, with the introduction of several Social Networking Gadgets for Gmail.

If you are not aware on how you can add custom gadgets to your Gmail account, refer to our earlier tutorial for adding custom gadgets to Gmail.

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Facebook Gadget For Gmail

and are two of the most popular services in the social networking and email category, but what if you can check your email while you can take a look at your friends updates in Facebook?

facebook_logo gmail-logo

The Facebook Gadget tries to accomplish this by providing users with a handy gadget that will allow you to receive your latest notifications on Facebook, check your friends latest updates, view photos and even launch Facebook searches from your Gmail account or Google homepage.

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Get Twitter Updates In Your Gmail Account

Before you react, has not got any new features which integrates , however if you are a twitter and user, here is a handy way in which you can update your twitter account, reply to friends or keep a eye on what your followers are doing, while you are checking or replying to emails in your Gmail account.


You will need to add a custom getting provided by Twitter Gadget to your Gmail account, you can read our earlier guide on how to add custom gadgets to Gmail to learn more about the process.

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Gmail Gadget For Google Desktop

I have always been a big fan of for quite some time and use it as my primary search tool for the desktop, the good thing about Google Desktop is that I can also use several useful Gadgets that allow me to monitor websites from the desktop, maintain a to-do list, track Google AdSense earnings from the desktop and more.

Google Desktop also featured a handy gadget that would allow you to view the incoming emails in and your account, however the gadget was pretty basic and you could not search emails or do other tasks with it.

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Quickly Add Google Docs Documents Links While Composing Messages In Gmail

has definitely added quite a lot of value to itself by integrating Google Docs and Calendar into Gmail and the option to add any custom gadget to your Gmail account.

google-docs-logo gmail-logo

Amit from Digital Inspiration has always been making good use of products and has a nice trick that shows you on how to add document links directly into your Gmail message.

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How To Add Custom Gadgets To Gmail?

Yesterday we told you about 3 new exciting features where they integrated Calendar and  Google Docs into , along with that, they also added a new feature where you can add a custom gadget to Gmail by providing the XML URL for it.


Here is a simple and step by step tutorial to add custom gadgets like Remember the Milk, weather or for that matter anything to your Gmail account.

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