Win An Xbox 360 Elite In FIFA 2010 World Cup Excel Developer Challenge

The FIFA 2010 World Cup is less than a month away and I definitely can’t wait for the ball to get the first kick. I bet there are several other Soccer fans out there who would have the same excitement.


If you are an Excel developer, here is your chance to win an Xbox 360 Elite Video Game Entertainment System and a copy of the Xbox 360 game: FIFA 2010 from the Microsoft Excel team.

The Microsoft Excel team has announced a developer challenge in anticipation of the release next month. Developers will have to create an Excel application using Excel 2010, which can be freely downloaded and post it online. Once that is done, they will have to fill in a short entry form found here and email the entry form to [email protected].

Entries will be judged based on usage of new Excel 2010 features and VBA, ease of use and relevance to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The first prize winner will win An Xbox 360 Elite Video Game Entertainment System and a copy of the Xbox 360 game: FIFA 2010. The second prize winner will win a national team jersey of their favorite team. Prizes will be distributed on or before July 4th.

For full contest rules and prize distribution details visit the official announcement post by the Microsoft Excel team.

Set Up Windows Live Hotmail On Nokia And Win an Xbox 360 Arcade Console

Microsoft is busy revamping the UI for Windows Live Hotmail, however, they also have other plans to increase the usage of the world’s most used email service on mobile phones too.

In a new giveaway, Microsoft Windows Live have tied up with Nokia Messaging and are giving away a free Xbox 360 Arcade Console to users who set up Hotmail on the Nokia messaging app.

Windows Live Hotmail & Nokia Xbox 360 Arcade Giveaway

In order to participate and be eligible to win an Xbox 360 Arcade Console, users will have to complete the following steps.

  • Activate Nokia Messaging on your Nokia device.If you don’t have it already on your mobile. click here to download
  • Setup Windows Live Hotmail account using Nokia Messaging.
  • Send a slogan Why Windows Live Hotmail is the coolest email on mobile’ in less than 20 words to [email protected] from the Windows Live Hotmail Id you have activated.

You will find more information about the contest at the official Nokia Message page.


Wondershare USB Drive Encryption Giveaway On May 13th

USB Drive Encryption Wondershare Software will be together with to provide free Wondershare USB Drive Encryption. This would be good news to those who intend to encrypt USB drives for their confidential personal and company data in case of data leakage over lost or stolen USB flash drives.

Priced at $24.95 originally, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is free on on May 13, 2010. Please remember the free offer is only valid for 24 hours on May 13, 2010. is a new initiative in the software distribution world, which everyday offers for FREE licensed software that users have to buy otherwise.

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption can help you protect USB devices with password, preventing unauthorized users from your sensitive data. With correct password, the encrypted data is viewable for you in any computer without USB Drive Encryption installed. It also has the ability to hide your encrypted data and protect the encrypted data from viruses.
Characterized with US military-level 256-bit AES algorithm, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption allows you to get the highest level protection available now for your data. It’s a good option for you and your company to encrypt USB drives.

With Wondershare USB Drive Encryption, I no longer have to worry about leaking my private photos and business secrets when my USB flash drive is misplaced, lost or stolen.Christina, a user of the test version of USB Drive Encryption said. That is exactly what Wondershare USB Drive Encryption wants to bring to users.

Download O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition Free [Software Deals]

Need a professional defragmenting tool for Windows? We do have a huge list of the best defragmentation software for Windows. However, if you are looking for a more professional or paid software to defragment your hard drive, you can now download a version of O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition for free.

O&O Defrag 10 Professional Free

The software is not the latest version, but what the heck it is free for downloads.

O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks your computer’s hidden performance. By securely repacking your hard disk’s fragmented data back together, the operation of your hard disks can be streamlined to run with lightning efficiency. O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition offers an extremely simple user interface with a multitude of important functions you won’t find with other defragmentation software.

Download Wondershare Photo Recovery for Free Tomorrow on Giveaway Of The Day

So you just went and had a great trip this , but lost some of the photos due to a problem with your memory card? Don’t panic yet, and don’t even spend your money to buy a data or photo recovery software yet.

wondershare_photo_recovery wondershare_photo_recovery1

Wondershare will be giving away a copy of their Photo Recovery software for free on 29th December, 2009 at the giveaway site, Giveaway of the Day. A retail copy of Wondershare Photo Recovery sells for $29.95 and from the reviews I have seen, it is pretty decent and does it’s job pretty well.

Wondershare Photo Recovery Features

  • Recover photos lost from PC, SD card, memory card, USB drive and more
  • Retrieve pictures lost due to formatting, deletion, Recycle Bin emptying and other unknown reasons
  • Easy-to-use interface and flexible functions to save your much time
  • Preview images before image recovery to get precise recovery

For more info visit

Just hold on for a few hours to download your free copy of Wondershare Photo Recovery software.

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More Google Wave Invites

We have just accumulated another round of invites, if you are interested, leave a comment on this post that you want an invite.

Please don’t leave your email address in the comment, instead use the email address you want your Google Wave invite sent to in the form, and we will do the needful. All invites will be sent out on a first come first serve basis. We will keep pitching in as and when we can, so just leave a comment and we will keep you in mind.

In the mean time don’t forget to check out the of Google Wave tips and tricks.

We would more than happy if our readers want too want to chip in with their extra wave invites, just leave a comment on this post and we will get in touch with you for the invites.

Download a-Squared Anti-Malware Free on November 11th

A-squared Anti-malware is a very popular application to keep viruses, malware and spyware away from your PC. The software also provides users with real-time protection against signature and behavior based malware.


A-squared Anti-Malware is priced at $40 for a single PC license, but you can download it for free on November 11th, thanks to a organized by the creators of the software.

Emsisoft will be giving away free copies of a-squared Anti-malware on 11th November at 11:11 Central time. The giveaway will be valid for 24 hours during which users can download a copy and get a free license for one year. To download your free copy, visit the a-squared giveaway page.

[via JK Web Talks]

Download McAfee Internet Security Free 1 Year License [BOA]

If you do not want to download Panda Internet security 2010 or have not attended a launch party, and thus became illegible for a free Kaspersky version, we came across another , where you can download McAfee Internet Security worth $69.99 for free with a 1 year license.


This offer, is only available for current Bank of America customers. If you have an account with them, visit this BOA McAfee offer page and select your state. You will be redirected to the offer page, where you will have to login using your BOA ID.


Once you have logged in and entered your Site key, you will be shown links to go to the McAfee site from where you can download the Internet Security Software.


Clicking on the link will take you to the McAfee page, where you will need to create a new account to be able to download the software. Please note, you will need to provide your billing information while signing up. However, your credit card will not be charged and you can cancel the automatic subscription anytime before the 12-month free subscription expires. Enjoy.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Free

Are we spoiling you with free choices when it comes to securing your PC from hackers and crackers? Well, we would love to continue the trend with another for a free antivirus license from Kaspersky, one of the leading internet security solution provider.


On October 22nd you will be able to download a copy of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for free. The offer is yet to go live, but bookmark the Kaspersky launch part page to download your free copy.

Thank you for visiting our special offer page for Windows 7 Launch Party attendees and hosts. Our offer will go live when Windows 7 is publically released on October 22nd. Please check back then to receive your license code for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

We would definitely recommend users to download Kaspersky as it is a lightweight and robust antivirus and security software. The protection provided is definitely pretty good and worth the effort to download and install, to top it, you might get a free license for up-to 1 year (unconfirmed yet).

Oh and talking about choices, you can also download Panda Internet Security 2010 and IObit Security 360 Pro for free. Stay tuned for more freebies.

Download Panda Internet Security 2010 [Free License]

Either the security companies are being too generous, or they are jittery about the other security vendors offering free antivirus, spyware and malware protection. It does not matter, which of the above two is true, or if it is true at all. After all, it is the users who will benefit from these free .


If you have been spoilt for choice with the recent giveaways, Panda security is also offering their security solution in the form of Panda Internet Security 2010 for free, to celebrate the launch.

To download a free copy of Panda Internet Security 2010, visit their Windows 7 Launch Party page on October 22nd 2009. You will need to register for an account, once you have done that you will receive a license key that can be used for one year free of cost.