GeoSurf Offers Premium Proxy Servers In 80+ Locations Around The World

geosurf logoGeoSurf is a powerful and unique service which allows you to visit any website virtually from more than 89 locations. This service is specially useful for online marketers who usually geo-target their campaigns. Today, most of the websites display geo-targeted ads on desktop as well as on mobile devices. In simple words, visitors from Spain, Germany and China will be able to see ads related to products and services available in their respective countries.


There are many websites which allow us to browse the web with different geographical location. However, most of them do not work as advertised and the rest are full of pop-ups and crappy ads. On the other hand, GeoSurf offers quick and easy access to a network of fast, secure and premium proxy servers in more than 89 locations around the world, including Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Korea, Poland, UK, US, etc. Check out the complete list below.

geosurf locations

You can easily use GeoSurf right inside your browser, with the help of a simple toolbar. The GeoSurf toolbar is currently available only for Firefox and Internet Explorer and can be installed within seconds. After installing the toolbar, you will need to click on the settings icon and type your username and password to access its features.

Once you have logged into the toolbar you can surf any website as a local user of the country or DMA (Designated Market Areas) you select. Once you have done that, you will be able to view the ads that are geo-targeted to those locations. The toolbar is fast and easy-to-use and allows you to switch between countries in seconds.

geosurf toolbar

The mobile emulator feature in the toolbar is worth mentioning. The mobile emulator allows you to view how a site looks when it is viewed from smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S, BlackBerry Torch, etc. This feature is extremely useful for online marketers who want to check whether their website or ads looks perfect on different mobile platforms or browsers. To test this feature, I selected Samsung Galaxy S from the options and tried to visit Techie Buzz. I was quite happy to see that, it greeted me with the mobile version of the website.

The GeoSurf toolbar also allows you to view how a website or ad campaign looks from different browsers such as Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, Google Chrome 10, Google Chrome 11, MSIE 8, MSIE 9, Opera 11, Safari 5, etc. Additionally, the GeoSurf VPN offers solution for changing the entire machine’s IP address to gateways on their global network of premium proxy servers.

GeoSurf Plus is a new and unique feature which helps you to checkout the complete eco-system of any website with a single click. To view the report of any website, you will need to click the graph icon on the toolbar. It will display the number of mediators, advertisers, campaigns and unique creative. To get the complete report, you will need to click on the "More Insight" button and it will open a new window with a interactive report of the given site. Currently, the reports are available only for the last 7 days.

Geosurf Plans and Pricing

geosurf plans

GeoSurf currently offers 4 different price plans – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The basic Silver plan starts at $29 per month and it goes up to $199 per month for the Diamond plan. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond plans offers 1 location + 100MB usage, 5 locations + 500MB usage, 9 locations + 700MB usage and 12 locations + 1GB usage respectively. GeoSurf also offers an Enterprise plan, which lets you to select 89 locations from the available locations. If you want to try their services, then you can also sign up for a 5-day trial account.

GeoSurf is definitely the best service which allows to to visit any website from more than 60+ countries and 20+ US locations. Most of the proxy servers offers slow and pathetic service, however, GeoSurf offers super-fast and premium proxy servers. If you are an online marketer dealing with geo-targeting, then you should definitely go ahead and sign up for a GeoSurf account.

You can view a demo of GeoSurf in action in the embedded video above and sign up for a free trial account to start using their features.

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored review of GeoSurf. All opinions presented in this post are unbiased and true to our knowledge.