GOG.com Spring Sale on its Last Day

If non-evil succubae were game devs, they would be part of CD Projekt, or GOG.com. There is something to be said about the site and how well it mashes up great games, no DRM and insanely awesome sales. They are leeches they suck away all the precious money I’ve collected over days and months and seduce me into buying their great games in one of the best designed websites around. Especially when they have periodic sales for no other reason than to just have sales floating about. The Spring Sale is one of them, and it has already bitten my PayPal balance!


There’s Beyond Good & Evil a game I’ve played over at least three times without getting bored, Evil Genius which I bought automatically when I saw its price, and Fallout which is pretty much the best SF RPG till date.

Apart from that, Divine Divinity, Disciples 2 (Gold Edition), Gothic II (Gold Edition), Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete, and Myst: Masterpiece Edition (which I bought too seeing that I had never played the game ever).

This sale will last for just a day more so go on ahead!

So go, shoo, and play those great games and tell us which ones you liked!

AI War and Its Expansion for 50% Off on Steam

There is something to be said about this labor of love. Christopher Park founded Arcen Games and went on to make AI War: Fleet Command which is one of the most unique space-strategy games out there. It is a space-based 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) strategy game which is mostly RTS (Real Time Strategy) with elements of a TBS (Turn Based Strategy). As a grand game that takes away the pressure of micromanagement from the players and focuses on the underlying strategy instead. So instead of working with each and every one of the 90,000 units that this game is reported to support at a single time, you will work like the admiral you are flanking, debilitating and using guerilla tactics against your enemy.


This entire week, the game will be up for sale on Steam for $9.99!

AI War: Fleet Command was a hit. So Arcen Games decided to push ahead with an expansion! AI Wars: The Zenith Remnant added a huge number of features to an already awesome game with Core ships, ancient alien artifacts and moody Dyson Spheres. Being a game full of consequences and no competitive multiplayer (you fight the AI and only the AI, hence the name) this massive expansion pack is also on sale on Steam for $4.99 this week!

If you are still not convinced, check this trailer from Gametrailers for AI War: Fleet Command!

All Quake Games – 50% Off on Steam!


There are first person shooters, and then there’s Quake. This game shattered lives as much as it shattered the barriers of gameplay. This spawn of evil enslaved gamers and took away their time and lives before the World of Warcraft’s virtual daddy was even born. It brought together the phrases shoot em upand whole new level gamingin the same sentence and if there was a truer sentence, I have yet to read it. Now, Valve has opened up its vaults and is offering the entire Quake series from the original right up to Quake III Team Arena at the mind-boggling price of $14.99. If you consider yourself a fanatic, this is your time to exhibit your fanaticism.


Quake: Haven’t I told you enough about this already? Off you go to buy it! Also, Steam is selling Quake’s Mission Packs one and two for $2.49 apiece. You should buy those as well.


Quake II: Landing on an alien surface, you find that your crew of hundreds was reduced to a handful. Sounds familiar? Well, it was not clichéd back then so you will stop cringing and start playing. The Ground Zero and The Reckoning Mission Packs are also available in this package.


Quake III Arena: My tryst with the Quake series began with this game. It definitely did siphon off afternoons and evenings and nights and sometimes, the early dawns of my life. I do remember that at the highest difficulty level, Xaero was a cheater. Team Arena added five different factions that you could play as. However, Red vs. Blue was all I ever knew and all I ever want to know!

Buy the Quake complete package on Steam for $14.99.

Spellforce Franchise Sale on Steam.

Well, it’s time for the weekend deal from a whole lot of places, and here’s the one from Steam something that actually piqued my interest enough. The entire Spellforce series is available for 75% off until Monday. Yes, for a cumulative price of $11.24 you get the Spellforce: Platinum and Spellforce 2: Gold editions equivalent to over a hundred hours of RPG-Strategy fun!


Spellforce: Platinum Edition encompasses three games, Spellforce: The Order of the Dawn, Shadow of the Phoenix and Breath of Winter. With these titles, Phenomic established their slightly buggy, nevertheless endearing group of RTS-RPG hybrids firmly into gamers’ hearts.


Using six races (simultaneously, might I add) the player gets to fight over thirty different kinds of enemies in the Real Time Strategy part of the game, while the high degree of customization and identification with the hero character allows the player to delve into the Role Playing slice of this game. In all a fantastic fantasy setting that any RPG fan can jump straight into!


Spellforce 2: Gold Edition was the sequel to the surprising but tacky Spellforce series which had become quite the favorite with many gamers because of its gameplay. It fixed several issues while introducing new possibilities. It also featured multiplayer battles (whereas the previous only featured cooperative multiplayer) with up to 6 opponents. The Gold edition contains both the original, Shadow Wars, and the Dragon Storm addon.


Adding to the original both graphically and features-wise, Spellforce 2 was quite an achievement for Phenomic and did lots of good for JoWood.

So will you buy these two game-packs on Steam? If yes, do let me know why because I am in two minds about this; I have quite a few games in queue and I fear I’ll be buying this only for the sake of buying it. Convince me in the comments section please!