Sony PlayStation Suite Coming To Tegra 2 Based Devices

At MWC this year, Sony Ericsson announced the PlayStation Suite along with a bunch of Xperia branded handsets. At that time, Sony Ericsson announced that more PS certified handsets will launch as the year goes by.

Today, Nvidia announced via their Tegra Zone app that Sony will be bringing the PlayStation Suite to Nvidia Tegra 2 based handsets and tablets.   They also revealed that PS Suite will bring not only PlayStation 1 based games to Android handsets and tablets, but popular PlayStation 2 games as well.


As of now, Sony has not mentioned which all game titles are coming to PS Suite except for Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2 and Syphon Filter.

However, readers should keep in mind that it may be possible that not all Tegra 2 based handsets and tablets will be certified as PS certified. Up until now, there is only one PlayStation certified phone – the Xperia Play.

With the Nvidia Tegra Zone, and now the PS Suite, the gaming scene of the Android ecosystem has definitely improved by leaps and bounds compared to last year.

Android And iOS To Get Foursquare 3.0 Tonight

Foursquare, the location-based social network, is set to be bumped up to version 3 soon. Foursquare was first conceived and built under the project Dodgeballwhich was purchased by Google and replaced with their Latitude service. This week marks the 2 year anniversary since the launch of Foursquare at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

The new updates to Foursquare allow for a much richer experience with the use of a recommendation engine. It allows users to search for a place and be provided back with aggregated results combining previously checked-in places, places friends have checked into as well as popular and similar places. The leaderboard feature has been updated, providing users with more information on points, badges and statuses. Badges were one of the major cornerstones to the progression and wide spread adoption of Foursquare. It created real-life rivalry and competition to gain badges and attain mayorstatus of a location. Often times retailers would provide discounts to mayors of stores.

Another unique addition to the service is the for retailers to reward and attract consumers with specials. Check-in specials, swarm specials (large amounts of check-ins), friend specials (for groups of friends), loyalty check-ins (for regular users), newbie specials (new check-ins), mayor and flash specials. These can be used to entice potential customers as well as reward existing customer loyalty.

A new Foursquare client is set to be rolled out to iOS and Android devices later this evening. BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 updates are to come at a later unspecified date. See below for more screenshots of the features.

Angry Birds Flying To Windows Phone 7 Devices

One of the most popular mobile games , which is also available for desktops and netbooks is finally going to be on Windows Phone 7 devices soon.

Angry Birds

Microsoft has had a few problems with the developers; Rovio Mobile; when they had jumped the gun during the WP7 launch and said that Angry Birds would be coming to their devices. Rovio had categorically denied those rumors and even asked Microsoft to refrain from using them as promotions.

However, few months down the line and Microsoft has officially announced that Angry Birds would be coming to Windows Phone 7 devices. In addition to Angry Birds a few other popular games will also be made available for WP7 devices, they include:

  • Doodle Jump
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Hydro Thunder Go
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I
  • geoDefense.

The new games will start arriving in the Windows Phone marketplace starting April 6, 2011 and will include support for Xbox Live allowing users to post high scores and track leaderboards.

These games will definitely add some spice to the Windows Phone marketplace, but Microsoft definitely needs lot more apps in there before it can even be considered on par with the market and Apple App Store.

Tiny Wings Displaces Angry Birds as Top Paid App in App Store

I am not sure since when, but every time I have visited the Top 25 app section in the iTunes App Store, I have always seen as the top app in the paid section, however, it looks like it took another Tiny Bird to displace those Angry Birds.

Tiny Wings - iPhone Game

Tiny Wings is the top paid app in the app store as of today. To be frank, this is the first time I have heard about the app, but climbing to number 1 position is no small feat. The game was released on February 18, 2011 and it took the app 6 days to topple Angry Birds off the top.

Tiny Wings Top iPhone App

Tiny Wings is developed by an individual developer named Andreas Illinger and seems to have leapt out of nowhere to reach the top position. The game play is navigating a tiny bird over hills by jumping, sliding, flapping wings and flying.

Though I haven’t played the game yet, the gameplay sounds fun and I’ll definitely try it out in the near future. I have sent out a note to the developer of the game for his thoughts on this and will update this post once he gets back to me. In the meantime, you can enjoy the top selling game/app; Tiny Wings by visiting the iTunes store.

SEGA Dreamcast Collection is Available for the PC and Xbox 360

Remember the beautiful beautiful little console known as the Dreamcast (DC)? Remember how good it was to you, and how the VMU controller with its little LCD was the bestest little thing in the world (actually, no). Remember how your little heart broke when it died and there were no more Dreamcasts available?


Well, if playing with that controller is what you want, then well we cannot help you. However, if it is the games that you are more interested in, then SEGA of America has a great offering for you. The SEGA Dreamcast Collection is a collection of four classic Dreamcast games for the PC and Xbox 360. All five of these games were great hits (or at least, good hits) back in the DC’s heyday (which was relatively short).

Sonic Adventure: Stop Dr. Eggman by collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds in the first Sonic game for the Dreamcast.

Crazy Taxi: Does this warrant an introduction? Deliver passengers to their destination…in style! Collect money for crazy stunts and time of transit.

Space Channel 5 Part 2: The fun rhythm game for the Dreamcast sees Ulala the reporter dancing her way to victory!

SEGA Bass Fishing: Finally, relax with the hook, line and sinker with this bass fishing game. The lovely outdoors sans the out of doors-ness.

All of these games are HD supported, have Avatar awards and other such niceties of games these days. Go get them here!

Watson Supercomputer Pwns Humans in Jeopardy!

It’s all over now. The massive   IBM computer, named Watson, has destroyed its two human opponents in the last round of this epic 3 day Jeopardy! battle.


This adds more weight to the belief that computers will soon be running the world, and humans will be obsolete. Watson is made up of 100 IBM Power 750 server units and 15 terabytes of onboard ram.


Here’s what a IBM blogger said about the final moments of the game.

The contest between man and machine on Jeopardy! was decided when IBM’s Watson computer landed on the second Daily Double on day three.   The clue was: This two-word phrase means the power to take private property for public use as long as there is just compensation.Watson’s response: What is eminent domain?

The answer eminent domain, is now also the status of Watson’s tally versus his merely human opponents. Watson scored $77,147, compared to $24,000 for Ken Jennings and $21,600 for Brad Rutter. Jennings admitted defeat as he wrote the following under his final answer:

I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Here’s a video from day 2 of the show.

So what’s next for computers? They already beat us at chess and Jeopardy. Will a computer win the Indy 500 next? It’s possible, since Google has already developed cars that drive themselves.

I’m guessing that the only way to beat these smart machines is to join them. Are you ready to become Human 2.0 ?

Watson Supercomputer Ties in First Jeopardy Game Against Humans

IBM_Watson_AvatarValentine’s Day wasn’t all hearts and flowers, as a massive IBM computer faced off against two human opponents on the popular Jeopardy! TV game. IBM has been working on a computer that not only understands human language, but can answer riddles based on it’s ability to search a huge database and determine the most likely answer.

The computer is called Watsonand is made up of 100 IBM Power 750 server units and 15 terabytes of onboard ram. Here’s what IBM said about Watson, just before the first game:

After seven years of research and planning, thousands of hours of testing and over fifty champion-level sparring matches, Watson is finally ready to face the two greatest Jeopardy!champions in history – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

This contest is scheduled to run three days, and after the first day, Watson has won $5000, is tied for first place with Brad Rutter, with Ken Jennings in third place, with $2000. At the end of the show, it was obvious that Watson was bright and fast, but he has a few flaws that kept him from running away with a big win.

Here’s a video of the first show. It may not be online long, because it was put up by someone without permission from Jeopardy.

There’s no doubt now, that computers are getting smarter. Many people believe that by 2045, computers will be running the world, and humans will be obsolete. Due to recent discoveries in electronics, I’d be tempted to put the date at 2040. Move aside Big Brother, it’s only a matter of time before Skynet wakes up.

Breach Update Does a Headshot on Lag. Free 60 Minute Demo on XBLA

Atomic Games had wanted to do something exceptionally new with Breach. The game was extremely realistic, allowing players to destroy the enemy’s cover before killing him/her. This war of attrition and destruction was enhanced by the use of match defining gadgets like the M79 grenade launcher and perks that allowed for halving of recoil forces.


Sadly though, the initial release of the downloadable game (priced at $19.99) was marred by bugs. The game had quite a few crashes, many inconsistencies and that gosh darned lag. For a game that was meant to be a high octane shooter a sudden crash just as you were going to bag your dominating headshot can be quite irritating.


However, the developers have released a bug fix that should go out for all owners of the game. The inconsistencies fixed in this update are:-

– All known crashes fixed
– Many fixes to reduce lag
– Online game performance improved by more than 33%
– Bug that caused Sole Survivor games to end in draw fixed
– Bug that caused invisible canister in Retrieval games fixed
– Bug that caused Vendetta icon to appear incorrectly fixed
– Server Browser can now sort by number of players
– Server Browser can now be manipulated with mouse scroll wheel
– Fixed bugs related to Friendly Fire settings
– Better ability for a game with lag to recover when bandwidth improves

Also, the game now has a generous 60 minute demo on the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA):-

Breach now offers a full 60 minutes of playing time for free, and all demo clocks have been reset so all players can master the game’s unique Active Cover and Destruction capabilities. This is one hour of destruction in convoy, sole-survivor, hardcore and any of the modes on any of the maps. Improving the game even further, this update reduces lag significantly.

So… what are you waiting to breach?

PlayStation Network Adds a Slew of Games Including Plants vs. Zombies

Sony is becoming quite well versed with the time and tide of things. First Angry Birds was released as a PlayStation Portable (PSP) Mini, and now the hit tower defense game (more correctly, home defense using murderous plants game) Plants vs. Zombies is in for a release on the PlayStation Network (PSN).


In addition to the much loved Plants vs. Zombies, the new titles on the PSN include Acceleration of Suguri X Edition, Slam Bolt Scrappers, Akimi Village, Sideway, and Rochard.

From the press release:-

Plants vs. Zombies: Debuting this February, we all know what this game is all about. If you still have not played this incredibly cute but insanely addictive tower defense game, you should definitely get the PSN version.

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition: SOE and Rockin’ Android have again teamed up for more anime-style robot beat em up! Take up the role of a scorned robot and beat your way to prove your point!

Slam Bolt Scrappers: Building skyscrapers while battling baddies sounds good for you? This game is built for you, then!

Akimi Village: Construct Akimi village and help get rid of its gloom. The details are a bit murky on this one.

Sideway: This art based game places you in the feet of Nox, a 2D rebellious artist in the gritty 3D streets of a nu-art-age New York cityscape. Ambitious and quite possibly the newest kind of game to hit the PSN in a while!


Rochard: Players play the role of space miner John Rochard in his gravity bending adventures. Side-scrolling fun!

Old Classics Hit Facebook as Casual Games

Remember Oregon Trail? The educational video game developed in 1974 designed to teach children the perils of the pioneer life of the 19th century? Yes that game with dysentry and snakebite that could kill your settlers as you moved from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon. It was a lot of fun to play (and caused a lot of irritation when your settlers died of dysentry). Also, in the same vein, remember Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? ? Oh yes, playing as ACME agency’s best agents in the never-ending battle of subtlety and guile against V.I.L.E’s thieving villainess Carmen Sandiego travelling around the world and its exotic locales to get the next clue in the case file. Good times!


Well, it seems that The Learning Company has decided that they could use new-age casual gaming platforms to encourage students to play these games again.

However, we do not understand how this will benefit players right now. Considering that most Facebook users are in the 18-25 age bracket and that these games have a target audience of elementary to mid-school students, it is quite odd to see The Learning Company push for these games as casual titles for Facebook users to play.

Nevertheless, I’d be happier to see pop-ups of educational games rather than lost cows on my Facebook news digest. Trailers for both the games follow.