Watch The Samsung Galaxy S IV Event Live Here

Today, Samsung will finally unveil the much-awaited smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. For the first time, Samsung will unveil its flagship smartphone at the New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall and the event will be broadcast live at the Times Square. As the name suggest, Galaxy S IV is the successor of the highly popular Galaxy S III, which went on to sell more than 40 million units in just 8 months. Apart from that, Samsung has also managed to sell more than 100 million units of Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III combined.

We have seen a number of leaked pics, specs and features of the upcoming Galaxy S IV. This handset looks strikingly similar to its predecessor. However, it is expected to comes with some powerful specs including a 4.99 inch Full-HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, 8-core Exynos Octa SoC, 13 megapixel rear camera with full HD (1080p) video recording, 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB expandable memory, 4G LTE Connectivity and a 2600 mAh battery.

Apart from the powerful specs mentioned above, the Galaxy S IV will feature the latest verison of Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX along with the Eye-Tracking, Smart Pause, Floating Touch and a new lockscreen. The Galaxy S IV launch event will start at 19:00 EDT. You can check the converted time for your country/city here. Come back at 19:00 EDT and watch the launch event live here at Techie Buzz.

Samsung Galaxy S4 HD Photos And Videos In Action Leak

The Galaxy S4 event is just a few hours away from now, and the leaks are flowing in left, right and center. A bunch of high quality phones of the Chinese variant of the Galaxy S4, that had leaked earlier, have surfaced on a Chinese forum. While it is not yet confirmed whether this is the final design of the Galaxy S4 or just a prototype, the specs of the handset are all but confirmed.

Readers can find more high resolution pictures of the Galaxy S4 over at it168. A few videos of the Galaxy S4 have also leaked online demonstrating its new Smart Pause feature that automatically stops the video from playing when the user is not looking at the screen, and the floating touch feature that is similar to the Air View feature on the Galaxy Note 2, but it works without the S-Pen. Another video shows off the new lock screen on the handset, and the last video gives us a demo of the browsing experience on the handset.


The specs of the Galaxy S4 are all but confirmed at this point, which includes a 4.99-inch Full HD (1920*1080), 2GB of RAM, an Octa-Core Exynos 5 SoC with ARM big.LITTLE technology, 16/32GB of storage space, a microSD card slot, and a removable 2600mAh battery.

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Chinese Variant Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Shown Off On Video

A couple of days ago, a few pictures of what was allegedly the Chinese variant of the Galaxy S4 made its way on the Internet. Today, a video of the same Chinese variant of the SGS4 has surfaced online on a Chinese forum giving us a sneak peek of what the Galaxy S4 might look like and its TouchWIZ UI.

While it is not confirmed whether this is the final variant of the Galaxy S4, the device in question does sport a design language similar to the Galaxy S3. The video also confirms that the Galaxy S4 will be having a microSD card slot along with a beefy 2600mAh removable battery.

The latest version of TouchWIZ UI does not seem to look that different from the current nature inspired version found on the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, but does have a new white color scheme. The white color of the UI may suggest that Samsung is using a different form of OLED technology or maybe even an SLCD, since AMOLED displays are not that battery efficient while displaying white elements on screen.

 It might very well be possible that the above device in question is one of the prototypes of the Galaxy S4, and the final device may look completely different.

Samsung Builds The Hype For The Galaxy S4 With A Picture Of The Device And Second Teaser Video

Just a couple of days are left before Samsung unveils the Galaxy S IV to the whole world. The company’s PR team has been stepping up the hype machine for the handset by releasing the second part of the teaser video yesterday, and by tweeting a picture of the Galaxy S IV that gives a subtle hint of its design.

The not-so-useful second teaser video can be seen below, and does not provide any information about the Galaxy S IV or even a glimpse of it.

The image that the Samsung Mobile US twitter account tweeted earlier today does provide us with a glimpse of the Galaxy S IV.


It is not yet certain whether the handset above is that of the Galaxy S4 itself, or its just a teaser image from Samsung since there is no earpiece grill in the above photo. Also, the edges of the phone look similar to the Galaxy S3, so I doubt that the above picture is of a Galaxy S4.

With only a couple of days left for the Galaxy S4 to be unveiled, the hype around the handset is reaching its peak. Rumors and leaks suggest that the Galaxy S4 will pack in a 4.99-inch Full HD resolution OLED display of new technology, an octa-core Exynos 5 SoC, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera.

Samsung Posts First Teaser Video Of Galaxy S4

Samsung has released the first trailer of the Galaxy S4, before it officially unveils the handset on March 14th in New York. The trailer does not provide any glimpse or actual information about the handset, and instead is about a young Jeremy Maxwell, who is guarding the box that contains the Galaxy S4.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S4 will be packing in an Octa-core Exynos SoC that will be using ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture to provide the best of battery life and performance. On the GPU side, Samsung is expected to use PowerVR’s SGX544MP4 running at quite high speeds. Other rumored specs include a 13MP camera, a 4.99-inch 1080p (Full HD) Super-AMOLED display and 32/64GB of internal storage.

Eldar Murtazin, a popular mobile phone analyst, recently also tweeted that the Galaxy S4 will be made of plastic, killing hopes of Samsung using premium materials on the next-generation Galaxy S handset once again.

Samsung Hints At Something New For CES; No, It’s Not The Galaxy S4!

“Get Ready” – That’s the title of the teaser video that Samsung has posted on its blog, Samsung Tomorrow. The teaser video from the company hints at “something new” from the Korean giant at CES 2013, which is to be held from January 8-11th at Las Vegas.

The video does not show or hints at any new device in particular, but most people are assuming that Samsung might just unveil the Galaxy S4 at CES. Considering that the Galaxy S3 was unveiled only in May this year, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 so soon. If the company was going to unveil the Galaxy S4 at CES, at least some amount of info would have leaked about the handset, which has not, clearly indicating that the S4 is not coming to the market anytime soon.

The company’s CEO had earlier hinted that Samsung will be going through a huge brand make-over and the teaser video might just be hinting about that.

Below is the teaser video for our readers to decide for themselves -:

So what do you think? Is Samsung going to unveil the Galaxy S4 or a new tablet at CES, or will it be something completely new and revolutionary or just a brand make-over?