Samsung Galaxy S Pro Specifications Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S is the most powerful and impressive Android phone out there in the market. The only thing it lacks is a QWERTY keyboard, and an LED flash. It was just a few days ago we had showed you the leakedclip_image002 images of the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. The Samsung Galaxy S Pro is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S, except that it features a QWERTY keyboard.

The folks over at AndroidCentral have managed to get some kind of confirmation about the hardware specification of the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. The phone features a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, along with 512MB of RAM and 8.2gigs of internal memory. The screen size of the phone is reported to be around 4and yes, it is Super-AMOLED. Along with Wi-Fi b/g/n, the phone also has Wimax.

Additional SIM card slot points were also found on the phone, which means a variant of the phone for the rest of the world is on the cards as well. The camera at the back of the phone remains the same at 5MP, and has 720p video recording capability as well. The slider mechanism of the phone is very smooth, and the QWERTY keyboard of the phone is impressive as well.

The only problem the tipster had with the phone was that it had a plastic-y feel to it. Hopefully, Samsung will announce the phone within a couple of weeks from now on.

More Samsung Galaxy S PRO Images Leaked

Do you ever wonder how a upcoming mobile phone would gain some attention without being there? Well, one of the ways is to leak images and videos of the device in action. This has been by far one of the biggest way to create hype over a device, and the Samsung Galaxy S PRO is no exception.

According to the leaked images, the Samsung Galaxy S PRO is a 4G device and will be coming soon to Sprint. The Galaxy S PRO also has a full 5 row QWERTY keyboard and will ship with 2.1. The phone also has a 5MP camera with LED flash.

The release date for the device is not yet known, but it will definitely a part of the Sprint 4G network.

samsung_galaxy_s_pro_1 samsung_galaxy_s_pro_2


(Android Community via BGR)