Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Root Access Before Official Launch!

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced earlier this month, and has already caused quite a stir in the Android world. The handset is a worthy successor to the highly popular Galaxy S II in every aspect, except for the design. The handset is up for pre-order in certain regions of the world, and will hit the shelves on May 29th.

However, even before the handset has hit the retail shelves, Chainfire – a very popular and talented Android developer – has managed to gain root access to the handset. He has not released the rooted kernel though, so as to maintain the anonymity of his source. So what’s the point of getting the root access then, you ask? Well, this means that unlike HTC, Samsung phones are still very easy to root and don’t have a locked down bootloader that HTC phones have.

This also means that a pre-rooted kernel for the Galaxy S III will be already available by the time most of the readers get their hands on the phone. An easy way to root the phone, along with an unlocked bootloader are the only requirements to make an Android phone a developer community favorite.


HTC Consolidated Sales Rise In April

After a disastrous 2011 and Q1 of 2012 with dwindling profits and sales figure, HTC finally has something to cheer about this week. Firstly, the main competitor to HTC’s One X – the Samsung Galaxy S3 – was finally unveiled this week and in general, it was met with disappointment. The Galaxy S3 is a pretty darn good handset; it easily beats the HTC One X in every department except for one – looks/build quality. The Galaxy S3 looks extremely ugly and the glossy plastic of the handset is not to everyone’s liking. HTC has no doubt already won the best industrial design of 2012 with the One X and the One S.

The other good news for HTC is that the sales of its handsets have again started rising, albeit a bit slowly. Compared to consolidate sales of $1.05 billion in March, the Taiwanese handset maker managed to report a slightly higher consolidated sales figure of $1.06 billion in April. Considering the One X launches under the AT&T network in the U.S today, and the  Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE variant goes on pre-order today, it is certain that the May sales figure of the company are going to be even better.

It will however be interesting to see how the sales of the company’s handset are affected in June, once the Galaxy S III hits the shelves.


Samsung Galaxy S3 GPU Benchmark Leaks; Absolutely Trumps Its Competition!

As the Galaxy S III unveiling date is coming closer, so are the rumors getting thick. Today’s rumor is about the GPU performance of the Galaxy S III.

The folks over at Phone Arena found the benchmark scores of the Galaxy S III GPU on GLBenchmark left by an unknown tester. The benchmark scores of the handset absolutely blow its competition out of the water. This includes NVidia’s Tegra 3 and Qualcomm’s S4, two of the biggest competition to the next Exynos SoC. The handset even managed to beat the iPhone 4S PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU in quite a few handsets as well.

It is still unknown as to what GPU the SGS3 will use, but rumors indicate the Exynos 4412 SoC will pack in the same ARM Mali-400MP GPU as found in the Galaxy S2, except that it will be clocked higher. This higher clock speed will lead to about a 50% performance boost, on paper at least! Considering the Galaxy S III used in the benchmarks is still a prototype unit, there is a very high possibility that the retail device will perform even better!

Readers interested in checking out the benchmark scores should head over to Phone Arena for the appropriate screenshots.


Samsung GT-i9300 Images Leaked; Is It the Galaxy S III?

As the expected launch date of the successor to the Galaxy S II nears, rumors about the device have reached a fever pitch. We have already seen 3 leaked images of the supposed Samsung Galaxy S III.

Here are some new leaked images of the Samsung GT-i9300. The code name of the Galaxy S II was GT-i9100, so the GT-i9300 could be the Galaxy S III.

It seems to have a 4.7 inch display, and doesn’t have any hardware buttons. It runs what looks like Android Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz. In this device, the Samsung logo is also below the display, instead of the top.

While it definitely seems like one of Samsung’s new upcoming devices, it may not be the Galaxy S III. Details of a GT-i9500 have also been leaked before, so it is possible that this may be a completely different device.

Until Samsung officially launches the device, we have no option but to wait and watch.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to sport a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display, a 12 MP camera with 1080p HD video recording support and will be powered by a quad core Exynos processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. It will likely be the best Android smartphone of 2012.

Samsung GT-i9300

Samsung Galaxy S III To Be Powered By Exynos 4412 SoC

With every passing day, new rumors and more information about the Samsung Galaxy S III pops up on the Internet. Until now, we have seen a couple of image leaks, which in my opinion are fake. There have also been numerous rumors that the Galaxy S III will be announced sometime in March or April. The latest rumors pegs the announcement date of the handset to 22nd May.

Now, an unnamed Samsung executive revealed in an interview with Korean Times that the company would be using its own in-house quad-core chip on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Even though the unnamed executive did not mention the exact name of the chipset, there is a strong possibility that the Galaxy S III will be using the Exynos 4412 SoC from Samsung.

The Exynos 4412 SoC from Samsung consists of four Cortex-A9 chips clocked anywhere between 1.5-18GHz, and will be accompanied by an ARM Mali-T608GPU. It will be interesting to see how the Galaxy S III competes with the HTC One X that uses a Tegra 3 SoC, and the One S, which is powered by a faster but dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC. In the GPU performance department, I expect the Samsung Galaxy S III to trump every other SoC available in the market, except for the A5X chip used inside the new iPad.


Two New Alleged Images Of The Samsung Galaxy S III Leak

Most of the Android handset manufactures have already released their next-generation Android phone fully-loaded with a dual or quad-core processor, a massive screen, oodles of RAM and a stellar camera. However, the most anticipated Android handset of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S III, is yet to be unveiled by the Korean company.

Over the last few weeks, quite a few rumors about the S3 have popped up over the Internet, and all of them have been squashed by Samsung promptly. Now, in the last couple of days, two new alleged pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S III have surfaced on the Internet. Both the images were found on Reddit, and the person who leaked the second photo stated that his friend who worked at Samsung actually sent him that image.

Below are the two images I am talking about -:

The person who leaked the second image also states that the SGS3 will come with a 12MP camera, 2GB of RAM, a ceramic back, and an Exynos 4412 SoC that consists of a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor clocked anywhere between 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz and an ARM-Mali-T608GPU. The tipster also states that the handset will pack in a massive 2250mAh battery, and will provide users with an option to use either the stock Android launcher or the TouchWIZ launcher.

Frankly, both the images above look pretty much fake to me. In fact, the second image looks like a slightly bigger version of the Galaxy S II to me with the stock Android launcher. Eldar Murtazin, who has been pretty consistent with his facts about the SGS3, also said that both the above images are fake.

Samsung Galaxy S III Specifications Revealed?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is undoubtedly the most awaited Android device on 2012. Following the tremendous success of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II which propelled Samsung on to the top of the Android leaderboard, the Galaxy S III is likely to be the best smartphone this year.

However, breaking from tradition, Samsung had announced that it wouldn’t be unveiling the Galaxy S III at MWC 2012. Given the barrage of impressive Android devices at MWC, it’s understandable that Samsung would want to hold a separate event for the Galaxy S III launch.

If you were one of those waiting for the Galaxy S III with bated breath, here’s some good news for you: some of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S III may have been leaked.

BGR reports that they have some details about the specifications of Samsung’s upcoming superphone.

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S III will sport a 4.8 inch 1080p display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It will likely be a SuperAMOLED Plus display, or something even better.

It will be powered by a 1.5 GHz quad core Exynos processor. My guess is it will also offer 2 GB of RAM. It will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and will reportedly have a ceramic case, instead of a plastic or metal one.

On the camera front, it won’t offer much more than the Galaxy S II. It will have a 8 MP primary camera and a 2 MP secondary camera.

These are all the details we have so far. Hopefully, we will see some official announcement soon.

Here’s a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S III. It is rumored to have a very thin bezel, just enough to accomodate the sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Will NOT Unveil The Galaxy S III At MWC!

Samsung has confirmed that it won’t be announcing the Galaxy S III at MWC in Barcelona this year. Instead, the company will unveil the handset at a separate Samsung hosted event sometime later in the first half of the year.

Even though Sammy will announce the handset at a later date, the S III will still hit the shelves before the first-half of this year ends. Apparently, Samsung does not want big lag between the global launch and the U.S launch of the S III, as it happened in the case of Galaxy S II.

There is a very strong possibility that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III at the Olympics game this year. Samsung is one of the sponsor of the games, and nearly half the world glued to watching the Olympic games, there can be no better platform to launch a product like the Galaxy S III.

Late last month, rumors started floating on the Internet that Samsung might not announce the Galaxy S III at MWC next month. The Galaxy S III is already one of the most anticipated handset of this year, after the Galaxy S II broke all sales record and was the most popular Android handset of 2011.