Samsung Galaxy S II’s Ice Cream Sandwich Update Landing Tomorrow In Korea?

After a lot of rumors, a couple of un-intended tweets, it looks like Samsung is all set to deliver the Ice Cream Sandwich goodness for the Galaxy S II from tomorrow. Earlier today, SK Telecom, one of South Korea’s largest network operator, tweeted in response to an ICS query from a Galaxy S II owner, that the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the handset will go live tomorrow i.e on March 13th at 10AM local time.

The tweet was posted earlier this morning, but has since then been deleted. One of Samsung’s official twitter ID, SamsungTomorrow, has also tweeted about the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the S2 going live soon. Hopefully, unlike the last few rumors and false tweets, Samsung will release the Ice Cream Sandwich update for SK Telecom users tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the above update is meant only for the Korean variant of the Galaxy S II. If the tweet from Samsung Tomorrow is to be believed, the Korean company will release more info about the Ice Cream Sandwich update roll-out schedule tomorrow as well.

Samsung Galaxy S II Awarded The Best Smartphone Of The Year By GSMA

Today is the last day of Mobile World Congress. The last 3 days have been absolutely crazy, with insane amount of new handsets and tablets announced, including a phone with a whopping 41MP camera! This year we saw Android manufacturers competing with each other not only on specs, but on other key factors like the camera and build quality.

Last night at MWC, the GSMA body awarded some prestigious awards to the notable products and companies of last year. The Samsung Galaxy S II won the prestigious ‘Best Smartphone’ of the year, while Sammy itself was awarded the ‘Device Manufacturer of the Year award’. Considering how the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung itself have dominated the Android sales chart last year, this really should not come as a surprise.

“The GALAXY S II has set a new standard for smartphones, taking speed, screen and content to a whole new level,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Building on the phenomenal success of the original Samsung GALAXY S, we are honored by this award and proud of how this device has changed the way the market and consumers experience mobile technology.”

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Best Tablet’ of the year award was bagged by none other than the…yeah you guessed it right…the Apple iPad 2. As things currently stand, the iPad 2 still has no worthy competitor, and single handedly manages to outsell all the Android tablets, combined, out there.


Samsung Will NOT Unveil The Galaxy S III At MWC!

Samsung has confirmed that it won’t be announcing the Galaxy S III at MWC in Barcelona this year. Instead, the company will unveil the handset at a separate Samsung hosted event sometime later in the first half of the year.

Even though Sammy will announce the handset at a later date, the S III will still hit the shelves before the first-half of this year ends. Apparently, Samsung does not want big lag between the global launch and the U.S launch of the S III, as it happened in the case of Galaxy S II.

There is a very strong possibility that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III at the Olympics game this year. Samsung is one of the sponsor of the games, and nearly half the world glued to watching the Olympic games, there can be no better platform to launch a product like the Galaxy S III.

Late last month, rumors started floating on the Internet that Samsung might not announce the Galaxy S III at MWC next month. The Galaxy S III is already one of the most anticipated handset of this year, after the Galaxy S II broke all sales record and was the most popular Android handset of 2011.


5 Million Galaxy S II Units Sold In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most popular device in the history of Android smartphones. This handset is the successor of the highly-popular Samsung Galaxy S, which was the largest selling Android device in the year 2010. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S II was the largest selling Android device in 2011. This handset was first launched in its home country on April 28, 2011. Even before its official launch, SK Telecom, KT Corp and LG U+ customers pre-ordered 200,000 units in South Korea. 10,000 units of Galaxy S II were pre-ordered in just 24 minutes, while the number doubled in less than an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II is also the most popular smartphone in South Korea. Last year, we reported that Samsung managed to sell 3.5 million units of Samsung Galaxy S II in just 5 months. Now, Samsung announced that, the company has finally sold more than 5 million units of this device in South Korea alone. Samsung is currently the market leader in South Korea with more than 53% market share.

The global sales clearly shows that, Samsung Galaxy S II is not only popular in its home country, but the device is still selling like hot cakes in most of the European and Asian markets. Samsung managed to sell 3 million units of this handset in just 55 days, followed by 5 million units in less than 85 days. Within five months of its official launch, Samsung sold 10 million units of Galaxy S II globally. You heard it right! Samsung achieved that milestone, even before the device was officially available for the Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T customers in the States.

We are sure that Samsung Galaxy S II will soon reach the 20 million mark globally. Samsung will also announce the much-awaited smartphone of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S III at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 in Barcelona. Are you planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy III smartphone and create another history? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Sign This Petition So That Samsung Brings Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich To The Galaxy S Family

A  couple of days ago, Samsung officially confirmed that it won’t be  upgrading  the Galaxy S and the original Galaxy Tab to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, due to ROM and RAM constraints on the device.  This came as quite a shocker for many, since the Galaxy S and the Nexus S have similar internal hardware specs, and the latter got its ICS update just last week.

Ever since Samsung’s announcement, various blogs over the Internet have slammed the company for its decision. It is quite clear here that now Samsung has made all the money they could with the Galaxy S, the company is no more interested in bringing software updates to the handset.

This news particularly did not go down well with the 15 million+ Galaxy S owners, and they have started online petition so that Samsung releases an official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the handset.  Galaxy S owners, and other readers, who would like to show support to this petition can do so by signing it up here and here.

Samsung Galaxy S II Duos – A Dual-SIM Galaxy S II Announced!

Looks like Samsung is taking the Dual-SIM mobile segment in the developing countries very seriously. The company has quietly released a high-end dual-SIM Android handset in China, the Galaxy S II Duos.

The I929 Galaxy S II Duos packs in a 4.52-inch Super-AMOLED Plus screen with WVGA (480×800) resolution, and comes with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Samsung did not mention whether the SoC is their own in-house Exynos or the Qualcomm S3 SoC. Like the I9100, the S II Duos has an 8MP camera at its back aided by an LED flash, which is capable of recording videos in 1080p HD resolution. A 2MP snapper is also present in the front for video calls.

Other key features include Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth, microUSB port, Bluetooth 3.0, 16GB of on-board storage, microSD card slot, MHL port and a bunch of sensors.

Galaxy S II Duos owners will be able to simultaneously use a GSM and a CDMA network on their handset. The handset runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with TouchWIZ 4.0 on top of it, and is powered by a beefy 1800mAh battery.


AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.6 Software Update Rolling Out Now

A couple of days ago, Samsung and T-Mobile started rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy S II. Today, Samsung has teamed up with AT&T to release the Android 2.3.6 update for the the carrier’s Galaxy S II.

The Android 2.3.6 update for the AT&T Galaxy S II brings some security patches, and some minor improvements like the home button lag being fixed. The TouchWIZ launcher has also been updated and now scrolls screen circularly i.e. it will automatically take you to the first home screen when you reach the last homescreen while scrolling. The update also removes the bounce overscroll effect which happens when a user reaches the end of a list, with a blue glow effect. Users who have already installed the update are also reporting an overall smoother performance, and less battery drain while using the phone as an access point.

Many readers reported that the update failed to install for them for the first time. However, when they tried to install the update later on, it got installed successfully. The update is being rolled out in stages, so it might take sometime to hit your phone.  Alternatively, AT&T SGS2 owners can manually pull the update from AT&T’s server by going to Settings->About Phone and selecting the Software Update option.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II Also Gets A Software Update

Its raining software updates! First the Droid Bionic got a major bug fixing software update, then the Droid Incredible 2 and the Amaze 4G got one each, and now its the T-Mobile Galaxy SII which gets a new software update.

The software update for the T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II bumps up the Android version to 2.3.5 and brings with it some bug fixes and Wi-Fi calling.

Below is the full update for the change-log-:


  • Wi-Fi Calling Over IMS
  • Error: ‘Force Close’ and calls dropped when splitting a conference call
  • Battery shows full
  • Caller name not displayed in the call log detail
  • Network Name displayed in the call log
  • City and State not displayed on incoming calls that occur while on an active call
  • Cannot find the Wi-Fi calling application
  • Error: “Invalid SIM”
  • Error: “REG09: Missing 911 address”
  • Error: “REG99: Unable To Connect
Like all other OTA updates, this update is also being rolled out in stages so T-Mobile SGS2 owners need to be a bit patient before their  phone  gets the update. Users can also use Samsung’s KIES software to download and install the latest software update for their handset.

AT&T Announces The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Along with the HTC Vivid, AT&T also announced a 4G LTE capable version of the Galaxy S II, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. The Skyrocket is the second phone to hit the AT&T’s network, which will supports the company’s 4G LTE network.

The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket comes with a 4.5-inches of Super-AMOLED Plus goodness with WVGA (480×800) resolution. The handset comes with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, and is powered by a 1.5GHz Exynos processor, along with an ARM Mali400-MP GPU.

At the back of the Skyrocket is an 8MP camera with an LED flash, along with a 2MP camera in the front. The handset is also capable of recording videos in Full HD (1080p) resolution.

Other key features of the Skyrock include a microSD card slot, GPS with A-GPS, 4G LTE  and HSPA+ radios, and a bunch of sensors. The handset runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with TouchWIZ UI on top of it.

Like the HTC Vivid, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket will be available from 6th of November. AT&T will also expand its 4G LTE network to four new markets, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, House and San Antonia, on the same day. The handset will cost $250 on a two-year contract.


Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4S Drop Test; The Former Survives Again!

Even before the iPhone 5 err…iPhone 4S was announced, it was being compared to the hottest Android phone on the planet the Samsung Galaxy S II. Interested readers can find our spec comparison of both the phones here.

Now, some people were not content with just the spec comparison, and decided to do a drop test of both the phones. While the Samsung Galaxy S II is mainly made of plastic and gorilla glass, the iPhone 4S like its predecessor (iPhone4) is made up primarily of glass.

Below is the drop-test video (Faint hearted readers or die-hard Apple lovers are recommended not to watch this video):

In the drop test, both the phones were dropped from waist height and shoulder height. In all the cases, the Samsung Galaxy S II survived the fall with just minor scratches. Sadly, in all the cases the iPhone 4S glass gave away way too easily. iPhone 4S owners, I will strongly recommend you to use a bumper case with your handset, if are not already doing so.

If the above drop test is not enough for you, around a month back I did an unintentional drop test on my Galaxy S II, where the phone fell 15foot down straight onto a cemented floor. Thankfully, the phone survived the drop with just a minor scratches. Absolutely, no dents or broken glass like the iPhone 4S.

It does not matter how much one remains careful with his or her phone, it will fall down once from your hand, intentionally or unintentionally. While the Samsung Galaxy S II will easily survive such a drop, iPhone 4S owners better get ready to buy a new phone.