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Twitter Humor: Bringing The Fun Back Into Twittering

Twitter has been facing numerous amounts of downtimes and many bloggers and websites alike have been cursing twitter servers if not the service itself.

Over the past few weeks we have seen several humorous pictures related to twitter, and the good news is that we have been collecting all the images over time to compile this post for you. So have fun and give the folks at twitter another break so that they can fix the next downtime.


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What does a Tornado Look Like?

Have you every wondered what a tornado looks like? Have you been lucky unlucky to be in close proximity to it. Well today being Friday you can enjoy the luxuries of watching what a Tornado looks like but within the confines of your home or office and right behind the protection of your computer screen.

Here is a video which shows you how a tornado looks like;

tornado,tornado video

Fun at Work: Funny Images at Workplaces

Well first of all I am back to active blogging and thanks to all of you who have kept visiting the site. What better way to get back to writing than putting a little smile on your face. Check out some funny images that will cheer you up at work, it definitely cheered me up now that I am back to work.

Need a excuse to get away from work, why not call a meeting?


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English Is Not That Easy

I am just filling in the blanks and thought that should give my readers some thing to fill in the blanks too, please leave your answers in the comments :)

You can answer in only YES or NO.

       1)  __________ I DON’T HAVE SENSE.
       2)  __________ I AM STUPID.
       3)  __________ I DONT HAVE BRAIN.

Looking forward to your answers in the comments.

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Up to 100% Off Sale Price, What The Hell?

Well folks its Friday and time for some fun before we start the weekend, as usual here is a funny picture that I could not stop laughing about. It goes against the laws of economics.

Why would anyone in their sane mind put up a sale where they provide goods with 100% off the sale price, they should instead change the banner to say yes we give it Free LOL.

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