Funny People To Follow on Twitter

has a lot of uses including promoting and tracking brands and websites, but does it just have to be boring all the time?

Not really. I usually find my daily dose of laughter on twitter by following some really funny people. In this list I will share the users that you could follow and get your daily dose of laughter from twitter.

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@funnyoneliners – This twitter user has only one aim, that is to make you laugh by tweeting funny one liners. This is definitely someone you should follow if you love humor and laughing out loud.


@funnyjoker – Another funny person to follow on twitter who shares lots of jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. I must warn you though that some of the jokes are rude and sarcastic.


@weirdnews – Weird news can sometimes be very funny. Follow this person to get weird and funny news from across the world.


@meetingboy – Cracks jokes about meetings (we all hate them) and workplaces. If you are bored at work his tweets will definitely cheer you up.


@cracked – If you have every visited and had a good laugh, follow this user to get all the latest updates from them directly in your timeline.

Do you follow and funny people on twitter? Do share them with me. Laughter is the best medicine and I certainly don’t mind laughing a lot.

Reverse Text, Flip Text Upside Down and Shuffle Text

Oh with lots of free time on hand we definitely need some sort of way to pass our time. If you enjoy driving your friends nuts by playing stupid pranks on them, then here are some more tools that will help you have some fun.

Reverse Text


Back in the days when I was in school we just to use a code language, the code language involved speaking text in reverse. We had a lot of fun using it since it annoyed the hell out of people who were around us.

If you want to do the same you can use the reverse text service to reverse the text order and then paste it as your or status message or even send them as emails or IM messages to your friends.

Flip Text Upside Down


How does the world look upside down? Well I can’t tell you that, but I can definitely show you a service called Flip Text that flips text upside down.

Just type in the text you want to flip and hit the flip button, send the flipped text to your friends to see them go nuts.

Shuffle Text


Though not exactly a prank, this was an actual experiment where it was determined that most users do not read entire words. Instead we just focus on the first and last letters in a word while reading. It does not matter what characters are in between them. Think SMS language :-).

Want to give it a try then check out the Shuffle text service.

Do you have any other similar services you use to play pranks on your friends? Don’t forget to share them with us.

Social Networking According To Google [This is Funny]

We came across a very interesting photograph of what is according to Google on Digg, though that was pretty interesting we decided to check for other interesting terms that Google comes up with through Google Suggest for the other social networking sites, and before we go ahead let us tell you that this is funny :)

Social Networking Is?




Social Networking Users Are?




Inspiration for this query came from here.

Social Networking How To?



Does Social Networking?




Hope you enjoyed the social networking meanings according to Google, we will try and add to the list once we come up with some good queries, in the meantime stop ROFL :-).

Friday Fun: Computer Prank Edition [Videos]

We are back with another episode of , this time around we will be featuring several videos of real computer pranks that will leave you in splits.

There are also some videos which will teach you how to play pranks on your own friends.

And yes, if you want to play similar pranks on your don’t forget to check on our earlier Friday Fun post about playing pranks on your friends.

The Rocket Launcher Windows XP Edition

My Computer Thinks I’m Gay Prank Call Edition

Library Prank NSFW Sounds Edition

Shhhhhh You are In A Library Edition

Keep em Clicking Tutorial

That’s all for this week, have fun and keep coming back for more.

Friday Fun: Technical Customer Support Edition

Like we promised last week, we are back with another edition of , however this time we will focus on fun brought out by the folks who provide Technical Support to us.

So here goes enjoy your Friday and look forward to a great weekend.

Hey I Have the Mouse in the Right Corner?


I Need Some Time To Figure Out Your Problem


Image Credit:

Hey Back It Up


It’s a Matter of Life and Death


Reinvention of the Mouse?


Dogbert’s Tech Support


That’s all for this week, on another note if you enjoy having a laugh, you might like to visit Not Always Right a site dedicated to anecdotes and funny real life customer support incidents, the site never disappoints.

Twitter Humor Once Again

It’s time for another episode of , and though we have been doing a lot of twitter posts these days, we thought is better to do a Twitter Humor part deux,  last time we did a humor post was when twitter was facing a lot of problems.

This time around it is doing quite well, but anyways humor is humor and it’s Friday, so let us all have fun. And yes, thanks for the tons of emails you sent to us, we will definitely be doing Friday Fun every week without breaks :-), sorry about keeping the fun out for so long.

Hey We Need Communication In The House @twitter


Image Credit: Unemployed Dad

Will Twitter End Terrorism?


Your Quota Of Sins If Forgiven. How Many Times Have You Tweeted?


You Are Not Allowed To Tweet Guilty Verdicts


Yea I Have A History Behind My Blog. It All Unfolds In One Word


Hey We Just Opened Up a 140 Character Newspaper. Thanks @twitter


Twitter Helps Us Do Away With Meeting Notes, Altogether


Yea I Know What You Are Eating For Breakfast


You Are Advised Of Your Rights. Whatever You Tweet Can Be Held Against You


I Robot, I Tweet, Follow Me Or I Disobey


Yes You Can Now Programmatically Write 140 Characters Of Code To Do Brilliant Things




That’s all for this Friday, if you are on twitter don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza or our friendly update bot @techiebuzzer to get the latest updates from us on twitter.

Blackberry vs Apple Ad War

First of all I will be away on a short vacation for few days so you won’t see much posts from me, however the blog will still be kept updated thanks to the other excellent authors of Techie Buzz, you can know more about who writes for Techie Buzz by visiting our about us page.

In the meantime before I leave here is a really nice and funny advertising war between Apple and Blackberry.

Have posted the ads on my Posterous page, so head there to take a look. Ad war between Blackberry and Apple.

Have fun, will be back soon.

Find The Best Easter Eggs From Across The Internet

There are two types of Easter Eggs, one is a specially decorated egg given to people on the occasion of Easter and the other type is basically a intentional hidden message or joke or feature in a computer program, website or video game.

Many popular websites like Google, Yahoo and even quite a few small websites and services hide Easter eggs somewhere on their applications, services or websites, these though are not easy to spot.

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April Fool Pranks Of The Year

It’s the time of the year when you pull pranks on your friends making a fool out of them, we did try our best to fool readers with a article we released just a bit earlier than April Fools’ Day, if you are not yet aware, our Microsoft Windows Goes Open Source post was a April Fool prank on you :-).

Well lets not leave it at that, there are several other blogs that pulled pranks on their readers, like last year’s April Fool pranks coverage we have coverage of the best April Fool pranks of this year too :-).

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