BP Spills Coffee and Makes You Responsible For Your Own Spills [Humor]

We all know how hard it has been for people after British Petroleum or BP as we like to call them have been lagging at their cleanup act or as many of you might want to call sucking up at the oil they spilled, however, there is always a need to take a break from the disaster and have some fun.

Though this is not a funny situation at all, it is definitely OK to take a break and have a few laughs at the irony of all the things happening while you are not friending BP on YouTube.

Here is a really funny parody created on the BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico called BP Spills Coffee, have fun and watch how they are trying to contain the Coffee Spill.

Oh and before you leave, according to BP, you are responsible for your own spills, so please do not leave the pumps unattended at all times.

Ironic BP Oil Spill Sign

Image via Twitpic via @manan.

Friday Fun: Computer Prank Edition [Videos]

We are back with another episode of , this time around we will be featuring several videos of real computer pranks that will leave you in splits.

There are also some videos which will teach you how to play pranks on your own friends.

And yes, if you want to play similar pranks on your don’t forget to check on our earlier Friday Fun post about playing pranks on your friends.

The Rocket Launcher Windows XP Edition

My Computer Thinks I’m Gay Prank Call Edition

Library Prank NSFW Sounds Edition

Shhhhhh You are In A Library Edition

Keep em Clicking Tutorial

That’s all for this week, have fun and keep coming back for more.

Funny Live TV Bloopers [Funny Videos]

It’s been couple of weeks that we skipped the Friday series due to being busy with server moves and other things, but we are back again with a new episode of Friday Fun.

This time around we are focusing on several funny incidents that have happened on live television over a period of time. Have fun with the Tech TV Bloopers.

101 Reasons Why You Should Install a Pop-Up Blocker

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Funny Commercials That Will Make You Go Bonkers [Friday Fun Videos]

It’s Friday folks, time for another round of entertainment for our readers. Well TV and media commercials have always helped companies sell products, but most of them are either too boring or do not send the right message across.

There have been several commercials though that bring a laugh to your face and manage to get the message to the users. In this Friday Fun episodes we will look at some of the funniest ads and commercials ever created.

Now That’s A Really Funny Way of Selling News Papers

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Tech Support Calls and Call Center Videos [Humor]

It’s yet another Friday and time for us to make you laugh like always. This time around we will bring to you some funny videos from tech support calls and call centers across the world.

So go ahead watch those videos and have your share of laughs for this week.

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