HalfBrick Puts Its iOS Games On Sale; Download Fruit Ninja And Others For Free!

iOS owners, here is some good news for you. Popular iOS game developer – Halfbrick – has put up a 24-hour sale for all its games on the iOS App Store. Halfbrick is known to have released some quality and popular games on the App Store including Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies and Jetpack Joyride.

For the next 24 hours (around 20 hours now), the company has made all its game for the iPad and the iPhone available for free. Yep, that’s right!

Head over to the iOS App Store to download all the popular Halfbrick games for free. Links below -:

With the Holiday season approaching fast, expect more popular iOS apps and games to go on sale!

Riptide GP Updated To Support Non-Tegra 2 Handsets; Puss In The Boots Releasing Next Week

Riptide GP is one of the most popular games available for Tegra 2 powered Android handsets and tablets. The game has some amazing water physics, and is unarguably among the best looking games available for the Android platform.

Since the game was a Tegra 2 exclusive, it frustrated owners of many other Android handsets, which feature technically more powerful SoC than Tegra 2. Thankfully, Vector Unit, the developers of Riptide GP have finally updated the game to add support for non-Tegra 2 handsets, along with lowering its price tag.

The game now supports all the popular and high-end Android smartphones, like the Galaxy S2, Nexus S, Droid X, Xperia Play, HTC EVO 3D and many more. The developers have also added support for gamepads in the latest update of the game. The new version of Riptide GP can be downloaded from here.

In other gaming related news, Half Brick studios, developer of the popular Fruit Ninja game, will soon be releasing the latest version of their game – Fruit Ninja: Puss In The Boots…..on the Amazon AppStore! Yep, Amazon has managed to convince the developers at Half Brick that the Amazon AppStore is more important than the Android Market. The game will release on the same day as the movie hits the theatre!

Fruit Ninja Goes Free; Falling Fred Hits The Android Market

Fruit Ninja from HalfBrick Studios was among the first iOS games to be available for Android. The game is among the top 5 best sellers in the Android Market, and costs $1.99.

Now, looking at its popularity, HalfBrick Studios has released a free version of Fruit Ninja, with ad-support. This move from HalfBrick, and Rovio’s decision to release Angry Birds for free on the Android Market, clearly shows that free apps with ad-support generate more revenue that their paid counterparts for developers. The free version of Fruit Ninja can be downloaded from here.


In other gaming related news, another popular game for iOS Falling Fred has hit the Android Market. The game has quiet a high amount of violence and gore, so weak hearted people should stay away. In this game, users need to dodge the falling Fred from obstacles, and try to keep him alive.


The game has a simple plot, yet it’s highly addictive. The graphics of the game are top-notch as well. The game is available for free on the Android Market. However, there are many more characters in the game, which users need to purchase via the in-app purchase option.

Falling Fred requires Android 2.2+ to work. The game can be downloaded from here.