New Game: Frisbee Rush Brings Nintendo Wii Style Motion Gaming to Android and iPhone


While we’ve covered many worthy mobile games in the past such as Equiblirum, Max Payne and more that offer superb graphics and story, I recently came across a game that has gone a step ahead and offers real Nintendo Wii-esque motion controller gaming experience with a smartphone — Frisbee Rush.

Frisbee Rush is basically a mobile-desktop game that uses your phone as a Frisbee controller and your desktop/TV screen as a window to a city. The city is being raided by aliens and your job is to throw Frisbees at them by either swinging your phone (like a real Wii controller) or manually throwing Frisbees by swiping them from the mobile screen towards the monitor.


It takes some time in learning the art of Frisbee throwing since we Android gamers are not used of motion gaming. But the game becomes insanely addictive once you’ve mastered it, especially in a co-operative multi-player mode where you can play with upto two of your friend(s), helping each other in salvaging the city.

Frisbee Rush features 12 different levels and trust me, the game difficulty increases exponentially with each level; I’m still trying to complete the third level even after spending almost an hour with it… Or maybe I’m a terrible gamer.


Setting up Frisbee Rush is fairly an easy task and all you’re required to do is download the game on your mobile and load its website in a desktop web-browser. Next, a unique code will appear on your mobile screen. Enter the code in your desktop browser and you’re ready to play.

The best part of the game is probably its price — it’s completely free. It is available for both both the major mobile platforms — iPhone and Android.

Download from Play Store | iTunes

Caution: Please hold your phone tight while throwing Frisbees. Techie-Buzz won’t be responsible for any damages to your phone ;)