Backup And Restore Your Favorite Browser With FavBackup

These days, Internet browsers contain important information such as bookmarks, site preferences and saved passwords. Losing this kind of valuable data can cost us a big deal. So backing up browser data makes a lot of sense in the times, when most of our work is done in the ‘cloud’.

If you are a power user and use multiple browsers, it can be a very lengthy process to backup each and every browser with its respective backup programs. To make things simpler, we introduce you to FavBackup, an easy-to-use software that can backup and restore all the information from your favorite browsers.

FavBackup Main Window

Currently it can backup and restore data from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. To use this program, you just need to select backup and then the browser you want to backup, after that click next.

Backup Firefox With FavBackup

Now select the all the options that you want to backup, after that just select the location where you want to save all your backup and then select next and then click on finish. Now all your data have been saved in the location you have specified earlier.

To restore a browser’s settings, just select restore and the browser and then continue with the same steps as shown above

Restore Google Chrome

We have tested this software on all the supported browser and it hasn’t disappointed us. It also has a safe mode, where you can safely backup and restore your browsers. In general mode, it will backup and restore only the default profile, but in safe mode, it will backup and restore all the profiles associated with the browser. This program is completely portable, so you can carry it anywhere in your USB.

Download FavBrowser

Free Visual CSS Editor

CSS definitely speeds up website design and coding, and also helps in reusing styles across your HTML page, however many designers are used to coding CSS and then applying it to the webpages to test them out.


Arduo CSS Editor is a handy that will allow you to visually create and edit CSS files, the tool is definitely useful it you want to preview your changes as you edit the CSS files, in addition to that Ardou CSS also provides users with property selectors making it more easier to create styles for you HTML pages.


Once you have created your CSS styles you can also optimize it for the web using the inbuilt CSS optimizer (CSS Tidy) and save it.

Arduo CSS Features

  • Edit CSS files through visual interface
  • Edit CSS through text editor with syntax highlighter.
  • Allow CSS compression to optimize site performance.
  • Allow preview in external CSS files.
  • Allows to edit CSS property through dialogs .
  • Show preview of the file being edited.

Download Arduo CSS Editor

Create Yourself A 3D Screensaver With The Photos You Have – Photo! 3D Album

The world is becoming really digital nowadays that one has no choice to be in the old 2D option. We now have to compete with these upcoming changes. This computer world is now a 3D world. Things that are not 3D have no appeal in today’s computer generation. Even the OS that are being released, like Windows 7 also have a great visual appeal. Now, here is a software that helps you to make an album of your photos and explore them in 3D as screen-savers or movie files.

Photo! 3D Album is a windows software that helps you to create screen savers or exe files with the images on the computer. This is a freeware software that is really wonderful in creating albums in 3D way.


  1. This freeware software helps you to watch your photos in different scenes called as galleries that are inbuilt in the software. To get a more clear understanding about these galleries watch the pictures below. (Here the gallery has a set of photo frames in which the photos are arranged in a random way from your Pictures folder.)
  2. This also enables you to choose the images you want and also put the images wherever you want around the gallery in a drag and drop fashion.
  3. When you run the screen saver it starts navigating through the hall in the gallery showing off your pictures in the picture frame. As the camera comes nearer to the picture frame it enlarges the picture to its real and original size in full screen. It also names the pictures you are watching.

The Striking Feature:

The striking feature of this software is that you can save your albums as .exe files which help you to watch anywhere, mail anyone or also post it on the web. (The .exe file created by this software is a standalone program and does not need this software to run.) Isn’t that striking!!!!

Here is the link from where you can download the software: Photo! 3D Album.

Take Basic Text Editing To Next Level With Easy Writer

Normally we use Wordpad to create and edit documents if we haven’t installed any of the office suite. But the main drawback of Wordpad is that, it provides only basic features. Here is an alternate to Wordpad, that takes basic editing to the next level.

Easy Writer 09 is an excellent alternate to Wordpad with an elegant look. It also sport a ribbon interface, that you may have earlier used in Microsoft Office.

Easy Writer 09

Best features of Easy Writer 09

Ribbon Interface

Ribbon Interface In Easy Writer 09

You may be familiar with the ribbon interface if you have earlier used Microsoft Office 2007. Ribbon Interface proves to be much easier and efficient as compared to the old menu style interface. Though the Wordpad provided in Windows 7 already have ribbon interface, this software will help the users of Windows XP and Vista to get the same look and feel right inside their OS.

Clear Everything

Clear Everything In Easy Writer 09

Many a times you need to delete everything that you have written, for this you normally keep pressing the backspace key or you may first select all the text with ctrl+a and then press delete key. To make this process much simpler, a single button is provided to clear all the text in the document.

Open Audio, Video And Images

Open Audio Video Images Files

Most of us have the habit of listening songs while doing work. But if you are writing something inside Easy Writer 09, just forget any other music players because you can play audio, video as well as image files right inside the program itself.

Although there are many advantages of using this software, but one of the biggest disadvantage is that you can open and save files only in .rtf (Rich Text Files) format. It would be better if they have provided support for more file formats.

We would definitely recommend you to use this software as it provides many exiting features as compared to any other basic text editor.

Download Easy Writer 09

How to Automatically Wake up your System from Hibernation and perform Some task

Consider a situation: Everyday you have a list of files or torrents to download at 2 AM. To do that you have to start your computer at 2 AM, download the files and then shutdown your computer. All of this requires manual intervention from your end and you might even be sleeping and miss downloading the files.

However you can wake up your computer from   hibernation, perform a particular task and then shutdown your computer automatically. So if you have a large number of movie or torrent downloads or some scheduled tasks to perform on a daily basis you can automate the job  using a application.

To perform the scheduled task by waking up your computer all you need is  WakeupOnStandby. This   Freeware (windows only) can wake up your system from hibernation and automatically perform a number of tasks and then shutdown your system. (Note : You can also set up a timer for automatic shutdown or a Sleep timer for your computer)

How it works?

Consider a situation: Everyday you have a list of files to download at 2 AM. To do that you have to start your computer at 2 AM, download the files and then shutdown your computer. All of this requires manual intervention from your end and you might even be sleeping and miss downloading the files.
With the help of this software you will be able to perform all these processes automatically, you don’t even have to start your computer as the application will take care of everything for you.  Here is how you can get started using this application.

With the help of this software you will be able to perform all these processes automatically, you don’t even have to start your computer as the application will take care of everything for you.  Here is how you can get started using this application.

1. Install Wake up on standby and run the application.

2. Specify the time when you want to wake up your computer.

3. After that   specify which program you want to run after your computer has started. You can also supply parameters to your programs after they start from wake up on standby.


4. Next you have to specify what you want to do after the specified task is completed. You can choose to start another task or you can also choose to shutdown or hibernate your computer.

5. You can repeat the tasks and the scheduling on any day of the week. Just make sure that Before hibernating your system you should run Wake-up-on-standby and keep it running in your system.

How I use Wake up on Standby and Save Internet Bandwidth

The internet plan that I am using offers free unlimited download between 2AM – 8 AM. But most of the days I sleep early.

But guess what?   My computer wakes up automatically at 2 AM every night , downloads all the stuff that I had accumulated over the day and when the download is complete shuts down the system.When I wake up in the morning I have all my files in my downloads folder ready   to be used.

This process saves me time, Internet bandwidth and above all allows me to have a sound sleep without worrying about the downloads and other scheduled tasks.

Other features of Wake up on Standby:

The above method is just a special case of using this application .Here are some more useful features   that might be of your interest :

– Can be used to turn off, standby or hibernate your system after a specified time interval.

– Can run a file, program or open a webpage at a specified time even if your system is running. So if you check your email everyday at 5 AM just add a scheduled task in wake up on standby and forget about it.

– Can turn the Monitor on and hold off the screensaver during the waiting time that you specify.

– Can be used to repair your LAN or Internet connections upon waking up.

– It can also be executed from the command line without requiring   any user to interact with it. You can also create a batch file for this application and use it later.

Wake Up on stand by works in Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. Do you know any other application that can perform a similar job or even better? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Analyse Windows Boot Performance With Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit

Last week we showed you how to analyse your Linux system’s boot performance using Boot Chart. Windows users need to feel left out because Microsoft provides a little known free utility for doing the same (and more). Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) consists of several utilities – one of which is xbootmgr. Xbootmgr is an On/Off Transition Trace Capture tool that collects information during bootup, shutdown, hibernate etc.

Once you have installed WPT creating a trace and analysing it is very simple. To create a boot trace type in the following command in the Command Prompt (or Start Menu Search box) :

xbootmgr trace rebootCycle noPrepReboot

The above command will automatically reboot the computer and run a Boot time trace. -noPrepReboot prevents any additional prepatory reboots before the trace and is ideally suited for running a quick single trace. By default the Event Trace Logs are saved in the current directory (by default c:\Windows\System32). If you wish to specify the directory use

xbootmgr trace rebootCycle noPrepReboot -resultPath C:\mydir

Xbootmgr supports multiple command line arguments. If you wish to learn more about them check out this guide by Microsoft. The MSDN Quick Start Guide is also a good place to start off if you want to explore the options offered by xbootmgr in greater details.

Once you have created an Event Trace Log (.etl) you need to open it using the Windows Performance Analyser GUI. Type xperfview in the Command Prompt (or Start Menu Search Box) and open the *.etl file using it. Windows Performance Analyser is an advanced tool that displays among other things CPU Utilisation, Disc I/O and Services loaded during Windows boot process. This allows you to quickly find and eliminate bottlenecks.

XperfView - Performance Analyser

Windows Performance Toolkit offers a wealth of information which advanced users would appreciate. If correctly used Windows Performance Toolkit can help in diagnosing hard to detect system problems and reduce bottlenecks.

[ Download Windows Performance Toolkit for Vista and Seven ]

Service Manager Plus Bring Better Service Management for Windows

Windows services are processes that run in the background, many of these are set to start with Windows and take care of various system operations.

As a novice user, you seldom require to deal with services and with tools that allow you to manage startup items you can also manage which services should start with Windows.

Also Read: Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives

However as a advanced user you would want to have more control over how these services are run and also control other aspects of Windows Services.

Windows Service Manager Plus

Service Manager Plus is a handy that provides users with a more sophisticated control over Windows services.

With service manager plus you have;

  1. Complete control over the service configuration.
  2. Improved service recovery configuration.
  3. Ability to review the events from the event log that are related to a given events.
  4. Smarter service restarts.
  5. Ability to display & edit kernel drivers/services.

If you are looking to optimize windows services, you may also want to check out Vista services optimizer.

Download Service Manager Plus

InterfaceLift Wallpaper Downloader

InterfaceLift is a excellent free resource for downloading high resolution wallpapers, in fact we had even mentioned it in the 6 excellent places to download free HQ wallpapers.

Though InterfaceLift provides users with a nice interface, downloading wallpapers will require you to click on each of them and then find the resolution you want and download the wallpaper.

InterfaceLift desktop wallpaper downloader (unofficial) is a excellent   that will allow you to download wallpapers directly to your desktop in a easy to use interface.

Interfacelift Wallpaper Downloader Options

Once you download and install the utility, go to File options to setup the options for downloading the wallpapers. You can set the folder where you want to download images, along with the aspect ration and screen resolution that you want the wallpaper in.

Download Interfacelift Wallpapers

Once you have setup the options to download the wallpapers just enter the page numbers from which you want to download the images from, you have to visit the InterfaceLift website to get the page numbers.

Once you have entered the page numbers, click on the Download button to start downloading the wallpapers, the utility will automatically download them to the location you chose in the options. Simple right?

Download InterfaceLift Wallpaper Downloader

Twitter for Command Line Junkies

Command line junkies if you shun having to use some fancy twitter clients, a like minded person has developed an application that you will definitely like.

Quitter is a handy tool for command line junkies that will allow you to access your timeline and update your status using the command line.


Once you have downloaded the software, extract it to a folder and double click on Quitter.exe, it will open up a command prompt and ask you to validate your user using OAuth.

Once you have successfully authenticated your account, you will get a pin, just enter the pin on the command line prompt and you are all set.


To get help using the application, press ? and you will be shown a list of options, for example to read all tweets you just need to press the enter key, to post a tweet you have to press the P", key to reply to a tweet press the Rkey and so on.


In addition to that Quitter also allows you to organize your followers into groups and only read tweets from the group, filter tweets that contain certain #hashtags, use URL shorteners for tweeting URLs, opening links posted by your friends in your default browser without having to copy paste it, send and receive direct messages and more.

For a command line tool, Quitter packs in a ton of exciting features. Quitter is definitely a non-obtrusive and useful client for everyone, go ahead and give it a try.

Quitter is a , just download the handy and run it from wherever you want.

Download Quitter

Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives / Replacements

Lets be honest, the default Windows task manager is too trivial and does not gel well for advanced needs, yes it is useful to kill tasks see running processes and simple information, but for a advanced user it is a bit of a dampener.

But is that the only option available to users to manage tasks and processes? Well not exactly, there are tons of utilities and software that do a much better job than the default windows task manager.

In this post we will take a look at some of the best Windows task manager alternatives/replacements that are worthwhile to download and use.

Sysinternals Process Explorer


This is by far one of the best tool to manage tasks and processes on Windows, in fact it was so popular that Microsoft eventually bought out the whole company and their suite of tools.

With Sysinternals you can monitor processes, memory usage, CPU usage and lots of other information that will be useful to advanced users.

The best part about this tool is that you can easily suspend memory hogging tasks without having to completely kill it, this can be pretty useful when a particular application is using too much memory and CPU and you may want to just suspend the task till you finish other important work. Read more on how you can suspend memory hogging tasks instead of killing them using Process explorer.


Process explorer also shows a tree based view of processes, so you can easily identify which process was started by whom.

Process Explorer is a and does not require any installation.

Download Process Explorer

Yet Another Process Monitor


YAPM is yet another process monitor that is similar to process explore but with much more features.

The good thing about YAPM is that it provides users with a tabbed interface to navigate through different things.

Another interesting aspect of this tool is that you can also use it to monitor processes, threads of another PC in your network. YAPM is portable software and does not require any installation, just unzip and use.

Download Yet Another Process Monitor

AnVir Task Manager Free


Anvir Task Manager Free is another alternative to the Windows Task Manager, this tool allows you monitor the processes, services, startup programs and more.

Please note while installing the software it will show you an option to install a toolbar, make sure to uncheck that if you don’t want install it.

Download Anvir Task Manager Free

These are some of the best task manager replacements/alternatives we have come across, do you use any other tools to manage tasks and processes? Do let us know about them.