Download Free MP3 From Amazon [Music Deals]

Fancy the latest song that you heard on radio, but can’t buy it yet? Well it is time to throw caution to the wind and buy some MP3 right away, albeit for free. Amazon is offering downloads of $3 worth of MP3 files for free until 30th November 2009.


Just visit this page or head to Amazon MP3 store to get your $3 worth of free MP3 files, don’t forget to apply the code MP34FREE while checking out.

FreeMusicZilla | Download Music from Social Music sites for free

Web 2.0 is all about social media and networking.

Today there are a lot of websites like IMEEMâ„¢, Last.fmâ„¢, Pandoraâ„¢, Myspace, eSnipsâ„¢, Mogâ„¢, iJiggâ„¢,â„¢ and so on, which offer you to upload and share your favorite music files. You can also listen to music files uploaded by others.

But what if you wanna download these files to your PC.

FreeMusicZilla, is a nice little tool, which has been specially designed to let you download free music from almost all social music services.

It is small application program [about 0.5MB], which you have to download and run. After that go to your favorite music site, select the song, while running FreeMusicZilla in the background. As soon as the playing of the song begins, a download link is shown in the FreeMusicZilla window, running in the background. Click it, and you get the file in your PC.