Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Movies for Free on YouTube

is looking to get into the Pay-per-view model, which will allow users to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies after paying a small sum. However, if you are a fan of Bollywood you can watch some Bollywood movies for free in HD right now.

Watch Bollywood Movies Free on YouTube

YouTube is offering a host of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD quality for free. All these movies can be watched legally without having to pay a fee. However, few of the videos are R rated, so you might have to login with your YouTube account before you can watch the videos.

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If you are looking for more options for Bollywood movies, Rajshri, an Indian entertainment site also offers several Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows on their site. You can watch all the episodes of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Khichdi, Koffee with Karan and other popular shows at Rajshri. If you are looking for more options there are few more sites which offer users with an option to watch free Bollywood movies and Indian TV Shows online, including:

Do you know of any other options to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies legally online? Do let us know through your comments. Thanks Amit.

Free Movie On Demand Rentals from Amazon [Video Deals]

Amazon has free holiday movies and television shows available for a limited time on their video on demand service. You can watch some classic movies and television shows free online using the Amazon web player.


Classic movies include Scrooge, Laurel & Hardy: March of the Wooden Soldiers and Plan 9 from Outer Space. There are also several other free episodes of Highlander, specials and Bravo shows.

So head over to Amazon and watch those movies if you have time, they are legal and free. If you are looking to buy some movies, use the coupon code "AVODGIFT" to get a $4 credit for free, which you can then use to rent videos on Amazon.

View Free Amazon Movies on Demand

Top 7 Ways To Watch Movies On Internet For Free Legally

Watching movies and browsing Internet are the favorite pass time activities of most of the people of 21st century. Then how does the idea of amalgamation of both the activities sound? Let me make it vivid, I am talking about watching movies on Internet for free. And yes, I am indicating towards all the legal ways. Now, you surely want to read this article to make the best of it. Below is the list of best 7 ways to watch movies on Internet for free:


When I say free movies on Internet, there is nothing bigger and better than Hulu. Whether it would movies or TV shows, Hulu has got it all to serve your requirement of a free online TV.


But the main limitation with Hulu is that it serves only American audience. It is indeed a King Gorilla in America. So if you are an American resident, you can enjoy the Hulu services for free. Visit Hulu.

YouTube Movies

is the first name that pops out of your head whenever you hear the term Online Videosand that it the reason why there are more than 1 billion views on YouTube each day. YouTube hosts number of full length movies, documentaries and TV Shows.


You can find some geo-restrictions on some of the movies, but overall this is my favorite online movie destination. Visit YouTube Movies.


Internet Movie Database popularly known as IMDB offers a huge collection of wonderful movies and TV shows for free. You will be surprised and thrilled by the collection of movies at IMBD. To be precise, it is simply HUGE and so does the tag line says, Earth’s Biggest Movie Database.


Visitors use IMDB as a trusted movie review destination but the count of the people using IMDB as online movie theatre is not less either. Visit IMDB.

Internet Archives

Internet Archives is the favorite stop of number of people who look for free online movies. And once you use it, it will soon become your numero uno free movie destination too. This portal features a huge collection of movies of almost all genres which include comedy, horror, action and many more.

internet archive

I have found Internet Archives as the best place to relish foreign movies. Here is the complete video library of Internet archive.

Free Movies Online (FMO)

FMO is the abbreviation of Free Movies Online. The name itself tells you the story. This is the place where you can watch TV Shows, Cartoons, TV Series for free.


FMO is one of my favorite destinations for watching movies of all genres on Internet for free because of its classy collection of movies and TV Shows. Visit FMO.

Classic Cinema Online

If you love to watch classic movies, Classis Cinema Online is the portal that you will fall in love with.

classic cinema online

This web site offers you with some wonderful movies which include Action to Westerns and even old cinema shorts and news reels. I recommend this site to your parents, grandparents and every other person who love watching classic movies. Visit Classic Cinema Online.

Film Annex

Film annex allows you to watch as well as download movies on Internet for free. Once you visit the site you will be surprised to witness its huge collection. All the films offered by Film Annex are made by independent directors living in different parts of the planet.


You can opt to watch them online or download them. If you own an iPhone, then this site can be accessed on your phone also.

These are some of the best web sites where you can watch online movies and TV shows for free. All you need is a computer and Internet connection, and you are on your way to relish some of the mind blasting movies for free. If you are aware of similar web sites which too offer such services, please share them with us. Visit Film Annex.

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Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online At Internet Movie Database

imdb-logo The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has added a new feature where users can watch movies for free, they are currently offering over 6000 movies which are sourced from Hulu, CBS, Sony Pictures Television and other independent sources.

IMDb has a featured list where you can find the latest movies and TV shows/episodes for free, browsing the movies is quite a pain though and it is a bit hard to find all the movies that are available for viewing.

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