Rovio Launches Amazing Alex For Android And iOS; Brings Angry Birds To Samsung Smart TVs

After the success of highly popular Angry Birds game, Finnish game maker Rovio finally launched the much awaited Amazing Alex. Back in May, Rovio acquired the popular iOS game, Casey’s Contraptions from creator Noel Llopis. The recently launched Amazing Alex is nothing but the rebranded version of the Casey’s Contraptions. The Amazing Alex is currently available only for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Rovio has also promised to launch this game for Windows Phone, Mac and PC in the coming weeks.

Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games, Rovio, said:
“We’re so excited for our fans to meet Amazing Alex. We’ve taken out time polishing a fantastic game and believe we’re created something fun and accessible for all ages. We’ve had a lot of fun with the game, and we can’t wait to see what our fans come up with!”

Amazing Alex is a basically a physics puzzle game that stars a smiling blond boy named Alex, who creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun. Amazing Alex has a set of 35 interactive objects. You can set up these objects to bounce, pop, bash and crash into each other and create a Rube Goldberg device.

This game consists of 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations. Android users can download the free, premium and HD version for $0, $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. On the other hand, iPhone and iPad owners can download the premium version for $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. Check out the official launch trailer below.

Angry Birds for Samsung Smart TVs:

Apart from the launch of Amazing Alex, we have good news for the Angry Birds fans and Samsung Smart TV owners. Samsung recently announced that it will bring the extremely popular Angry Birds game to its line of Smart TVs. This game will take advantage of Samsung’s Smart TV SDK that supports gesture controls and voice interaction. The latest version of Angry Birds is compatible only with Samsung’s ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000 Smart TVs. The owners of these televisions can download Angry Birds from Samsung TV app store. This game is expected to launch by the end of this month.

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5 Honest Reviews for the Top Free iPad Games

The most downloaded  apps are inevitably the games. As soon as I was in  possession  of my new and sleek iPad2, my kid brother (the gaming pro) immediately took over and started downloading games. As I always  appreciate  his input for online games, I have used his  expert  comments in this post as well. Many thanks Fran.

Here is our list for the Top 5 Free Games for the iPad

1. Metal Storm: Wingman

Metal Storm: Wingman has excellent graphics. You actually get the feeling that you are flying a fighter plane in a dogfight against a rival. The game’s controls are sensitive enough to allow you to move into a specified direction without any fuss. The  sensitivity  of the controls can either be reduced or increased based on your specifications. The “Automatch” feature allows you to play with a randomly-selected player  who is also logged on to the game from any part of the world.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The inventory  of planes, missiles, and cannons is sorely lacking. Also, the number of players allowed in the multi-player mode should be increased as the current allowance of a maximum of two players in a dogfight becomes a yawn if played over a long period of time.  The “Game Campaign”, which is the story mode of the game, is extremely short and lacks a proper outline. The difficulty level should be improved as targets can be easily  destroyed by an amateur.


DLF IPL has wonderful  flexibility as it allows  you to fiddle with the player’s field placement and other game controls (that are very responsive).  Also as  ergonomics has been taken into account,  you don’t have to break your fingers to pick the direction that you choose to play or on how you want the player to deliver the ball.  This game is very simple and straight  forward.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The graphics of the game is a big let down. The player and background images are distorted. There is  no multi-player option in this game.  The full version of the game costs USD  4.99, which is honestly overpriced. It is wiser to go for the free version of the game.

3. World Cup Table Tennis

World Cup Table Tennis is probably one of the best games available  on your iPad  for Table Tennis aka ping pong. You play with competitors from different countries (that is actually the iPad processor) based on the level of proficiency that you attain. The controls are easily learnt and allow you to form your winning technique and tricks. It is one of the most downloaded ping pong games.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:

The game lacks the multi-player option.

4. Angry Birds

i. Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds HD is fun to play and exercises your grey-matter a lot ( as a lot of logic is required to get rid of the concrete, wood, and ice blocks). My brother finds this game interesting. He says, “this game is not a walk in the park like most of the other games I have played. Also, the difference in the features available between the free and paid version is very limited, and hence the free version is a real catch.”

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The graphics of this game are quite poor; the images lack sharpness. Also, the lack of variety of characters in this game give it a dull and boring edge as the same characters are used and abused over and over again.  The number of levels available in this game are very limited causing the game to end quickly.
ii. Angry Birds Rio  (BONUS Review)

Angry Birds Rio differs from Angry Bird HD in the fact that it requires you to be the rescuer (primarily) versus the destroyer (as is for Angry Birds HD). You have to save the birds from their mean little cages and destroy some annoying monkeys too. The story line (there actually is one) is a comic-book style. The extensive use of flash, specially visible in all the small touches that are shown, makes this game a crowd-pleaser.

5. Contract Killer

Contract Killer is a treat for all you gaming expert-hitmen. The graphics and story line, while not refreshingly new, are funny and provide the comfort of a familiar sniping game.  In this world of mobsters and hitmen, the more cold blooded your shot, the better are your chances of raking in the moolah. But beware, nothing is as it seems, and as likely as you are to get a hit, equally certain is the  possibility  that you will be the target of a hit as well. You have to check this game out everyday as a bonus awaits for those that do.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:

This is a very heavy game. It will gooble up space in your memory.

Note: Some  images  are used from the iTunes store.

[Deal Alert] id Software’s Rail Shooter ‘Rage/Rage HD’ Free This Week Only

There is a lot of hype building around id Software’s upcoming post-appocalyptic shooter called Rage. They have been pushing it through social media campaigns for the past few weeks, including one with Facebook. They said that, if their Facebook page got 100,000 likes, they would give away the on-rails version of Rage for iOS for Free for one week.

Well, they hit their goal, and we all win because of it. Rage and Rage HD are both available for free from the App Store for one week only. There are two versions, but they are the same game. If you have a recent generation device (iPhone 4, iPad 2), then you should grab the HD version. Any older, and you should grab regular Rage.


Fair warning about the game: It’s pretty violent. The idea is that you are a competitor in a game show. The goal of the game show is to earn as much money as possible while shooting mutants. Considering that this is a mobile version of an upcoming M rated game, I wouldn’t let your impressionable child play it on their own.

I spent a little time with the game and I can say that I really enjoy playing it. Its a nice sized game, and that makes it an even better deal during its time as a freebie. I see it having a great replay value, despite only having 3  different  levels. Get it while you can, and then go play!

Let us know what you think of Rage by leaving a comment down below.

Marathon 1 for iPad Brings Nostalgia [Review]

Bungie, the game studio behind the Halo series, celebrates their 20th anniversary this year, and to celebrate they held “Bungie Day” on July 7th. The day held a number of events, including a chance to play Halo Reach against some of it’s Devs.

For me, the best part of Bungie day was the release of Marathon 1 for iPad. We were promised the classic shooter series on Apple’s tablet, and now the wait is over. The game is a huge throwback to my start as a gamer. While I’m not old enough to have played it when it was released, I played it as a kid with my dad. It was the DOOM of Apple computers, and it really delivered.

The port of Marathon brings all the great parts back. The game itself is still solid, and extremely fun to play. It may just be my fond memories, I really enjoy playing the game. That doesn’t mean its perfect, however.

While many people will complain that the graphics are terrible, they look as good as they did when I played it years ago. If you want upgraded graphics, you can pick them up as an in-app purchase. You can also get “Master Chief Mode,” which gives you unlimited ammo, weapons, and even life.

My issues with the port come from its controls. It uses a stationary joystick for movement, and turning control on theater side near a pair of firing buttons. My biggest problem is that I can’t hold my iPad and manage to turn, move, and shoot all at one time. That makes it difficult to be highly successful within the game.

As a recap, Marathon 1 is a good free FPS with a high level of nostalgia. You could complain about the visual quality, but you can pay for better graphics. The biggest issue is the control scheme, and they need serious help.

App: Marathon 1
Developer: Bungie
Platform: iPad
Price: Free
Score: 3/5 – Nostalgia without carefully thought out controls



Team Fortress 2 Goes Free to Play, Queue Your Download for the Weekend

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2,  one of the most actively played multiplayer game received an even bigger boost following Valve’s announcement to make Team Fortress 2 free – forever. Released as part of the  Ãœber  update, Valve has made it clear that Team Fortress 2 will henceforth be free to download and play.

In addition to the free to play piece, the  Ãœber  update brings in a new map, redesigned crafting and training screens and a one-click start to play option. This will let you jump directly into a game after selection of the gameplay mode. The player will be pitted against random opponents into the best available server.

If you’re like me who had spent $50 and purchased the retail edition who might be grumbling against the game being free to play – it’s worth noting that your premium account will have access to rare  items by means of item drops. Premium players will also be able to store more items in the backpack, and will have access to more powerful trading and crafting abilities as compared to the free account.

Team Fortress 2 Accounts Comparison

Having said that, credit must be given to Valve for keeping Team Fortress 2 actively updated. To give you a bit of perspective, Team Fortress 2 was released way back in October 2007 after several delays and significant changes in art direction.

Team Fortress 2 - back in the old days

In an age where most developers are pushing out half complete games and then  demanding additional moolah for “unlocking” “premium” content – Valve has always been prompt in keeping Team Fortress 2 updated with fresh content, maps and gamestyles – all for free.

So Team Fortress 2 fans who have been holding back on getting it because of lack of funds – your time has come. Go download it from Steam. Get ready for some fryin’.

(Team Fortress old style image courtesy The Wikipedia)


Free-to-play Shooter M.A.T. Announces $1 Charity Program

Free-To-Play massively multiplayer shooter M.A.T. (Mission Against Terror) is quite a successful implementation of the free-to-play model. Developed by Toronto based Wicked Interactive, the game has a decent base of users and does a few things right that helps in its user base, such as solid gameplay and the necessary humanity’s survival is at staketrope.


However, now Wicked Interactive along with charity organization Gamers Outreach have been working on a project that will help Dallas Veteran’s Hospital and its patients. The project, GO KART, is basically the manufacture of a portable entertainment kiosk for mobile gaming for patients:-

Project GO KART is an initiative of Gamers Outreach that funds the construction of portable entertainment kiosks which are used to transport video games and other sources of entertainment to patients who have limited access to activities outside their rooms.

Wicked Interactive has announced that for every new registration for M.A.T., they will be donating one dollar for the GO KART project.

This is how you can help the mission as well:-

1.       Check out the Mission Against Terror campaign postcard in the PAX East swag bags.
2.       Use special information printed on the postcard to download and register Mission Against Terror.
3.       Add the special “Support” icon to your Facebook profile or personal blog.
4.       Tell your friends. Remember, for every person who signs up, one dollar will be donated to Gamers Outreach.
5.       Come to the special “Gamers Doing Good” panel on Friday, March 11, featuring Gamers Outreach’s own Zach Wigal and Stephanie Shea. More info:

APB: Reloaded Receives a Hundred Thousand Registrations for the Open Beta

Remember All Points Bulletin? At the same time, remember Realtime Worlds? Yes, the same Realtime Worlds (RTW) that made the ill-fated massively multiplayer 3rd person shooter game All Points Bulletin (APB). Their huge initial investment on the Unreal Engine powered game that was released as a buggy, laggy contraption and their subsequent demise as a company served as a reminder for the rest of the gaming world that big investments and pseudo-novel gameplay mechanics do not necessarily always equate to great success.


However, after Realtime Worlds shut shop, California based GamersFirst bought the game’s rights and started their work on publishing the game under the free-to-play model re-titled APB: Reloaded. We have seen that there is a genial amount of interest in this MMO model, and it seems that there is quite a bit of interest for this game. About 100,000 participants have registered for the open beta event of APB: Reloaded. Considering that at its peak the game had 130,000 users, it is fair to say that a good chunk of the previous players have come back for their fix of the crime-shooter. Also, the fact that GamersFirst does some good work with free-to-play games such as War Rock and Knight Online has probably helped in roping in the users.

However, these numbers indicate only the registrants for the beta event. When the game opens up for beta on the 28th of February, there will be a sizeable chunk of registrants who would not download and install the beta client. Only time will tell whether APB actually deserved this second life.

Download Hero Of Sparta For Android For Free

Remember the Gameloft Twitter Advent promotion under which the company made Dungeon Hunters for Android available as a free download for 24 hours? Today, continuing their Twitter Advent promotion Gameloft is giving away Hero Of Sparta game for Android as a free download for the next 24 hours. While the game is available for free download, the official page of the game still lists it for $4.99.

Users who want to grab their copy of Hero Of Sparta for free need to visit this link from their handset to download the game. On visiting the link from their handset, users will be prompted to download and install a 22KB 100% Free HD Game’ apk file.

The app   then opens up a webpage, which looks exactly like the page from where you downloaded the 22KB apk file, from where users can download the apk file of the game for free. The apk file of the game is 3.07MB big and after installing the game it downloads another 66MB of additional game data.

Here is a video of Hero Of Sparta in action :

Trying any other method/link to download the game may not prove successful given Gameloft’s crappy store. There is another twist to the tale as well here. Not all Android handsets are capable of running Hero Of Sparta. The selected handsets which are capable of playing Hero Of Sparta includes the Google Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid and the HTC EVO 4G. Readers can find the whole list of compatible devices here.

Super Mario 3 Games for Windows – Hours of Fun

marioHow old is Mario? Do you think he’s getting tired of jumping on Goombas?

Goomba2Mario first made an appearance in 1982. Since that makes Mario 28 years old, I think he’s just getting started jumping around. We’ll be seeing him for a long time.

The Wii and Xbox game systems brought back interest in the Super Mario series, but if you want to play some Mario games on your Windows systems, you’ll have no shortage of game choices.

Yesterday, Softendo released a simple version called Mario Play. Here’s a screen shot.


This game can be played in a window or full screen. There are no levels, no power-ups, and nothing else to help Mario. The object is to collect coins while dodging enemies as they continue arriving on screen faster and faster. You’ll be trying to get the highest score possible.

If you want a game more like the old Super Mario 3, try one called Mario Forever 5. It has all kinds of levels and will help you waste hours and hours. Here’s a screen shot.


In case you want to see it in action, here’s a video preview of Mario Forever.


There is one thing that you need to watch for when installing Softendo games. If you don’t want a special search toolbar in your web browser, be sure to uncheck it when you see it offered.



arrow-down-double-3 Download Mario Play

arrow-down-double-3 Download Mario Forever 5

arrow-down-double-3 More games at Softendo


If neither of these is enough to keep you busy, I found over 80 free Mario games at and a few dozen more Mario games at Caiman.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

The free Mario games at Softendo are great. The look and feel of them reminds me of the old Nintendo game systems. If you’d like some retro platform games, you should try these.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Dungeon Hunter For Android For Free

Gameloft is known for making some game looking games for the iOS as well as for the Android platform. However, the company for some unknown reasons does not sell its games in the Android Market. Instead it does so via its own market (which is crap).

Due to this, not only do the sales of the game suffer but not many people know about their offerings. The company has some pretty impressive Android games like Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed and Hero Of Sparta.


Now, as a part of their Advent Twitter promotion Gameloft has made Dungeon Hunter for Android available as a free download for 24 hours. The company will be giving a surprise gift every day until Christmas so expect them to make a few more Android games available as a free download.

The clock is already ticking so users should quickly head over to Gameloft’s site and download their free copy of Dungeon Hunter.