Search the Web Faster by Adding Search Shortcuts to Google Chrome

If you’re using Google Chrome, then you need to learn this simple trick of adding keywords to make your search faster and simpler. By default, when you type a keyword in Chrome’s omnibar (address bar), it redirects you to Google Search with it’s respective results. Now, if you want to search for a pic on Flickr or want to search something on Twitter, you can use the same address bar to perform your search. It’s pretty neat and very useful. Saves most of your time :)

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1:

Right-click on the address bar and select Edit search settings…


Step 2:

Click on Add and fill in the details and click OK.

Name: Name of the website.

Keyword: A unique keyword.

URL: The search URL (Don’t forget to add %s at the end of the URL)


Step 3:

It’s all setup now. Let’s put it to test. Let’s search for Techie-Buzz on Twitter. On the address bar, type the shortcut keyword (tw) followed by a space (else press Tab) and then enter your search term and press Enter. You’ll be redirected to with the the search results. Pretty simple! Isn’t it?


Here’s a huge collection of shortcut keywords along with their search URL prepared by Andrea Olivato. Check them out!

Upload Images to Flickr From Desktop With Flickr Gupr

We have told you about several useful tools in the past, including ways to access your Flickr from Windows Explorer, Flickr Downloader to download images among other things.


Just came across another tool called Flickr Gupr, which will help you to upload images to your Flickr account. In addition to that it will also allow you to group edit properties for several images at once. Gupr also allows you to add watermarks to your images. There are tons of other interesting features which you can find on the Flickr Gupr page.

Share Photos On Flickr and Twitter

If you regularly upload photos on Flickr and tweet about them, you must be tired of the manual process. Now there is a way to automate this with is a great app that automatically posts on Twitter about your Flickr uploads. Once you sign in with your Twitter and Flickr credentials, will let you tweet whenever you upload a photo on your Flickr account. It does this by asking you the title you want to use for your photo at Flickr and the Twitter status you want to display. You can also specify the Flickr set you want to add your photos to.

No registration or sign up required. You can also view the latest photos people have uploaded on Flickr through

Techie-Buzz Verdict: is a very simple app with no loaded features. It just does one thing and does it quite efficiently. The only thing its lacking is the ability to upload multiple photos at once.

Rating: 3/5 (Very Good)

Download Photos From Flickr Using Flickr AutoDownloadr

There are gazillions of Flickr apps out there. We have covered several of them in the past. Today we will take a look at another promising Flickr application – Flickr AutoDownloadr.

Flickr AutoDownloadr is a simple Windows utility developed using the Flickr API and AutoIt. It is a really powerful Flickr downloader which allows you to download pretty much any collection of photos. You can download any user’s favourite photos, photos from his sets, photos from his groups and even photos uploaded by his contacts. If you wish you can also download photographs uploaded by the entire Flickr community. AutoDownloadr provides a number of filters including tags, title, description and date. Other features include slideshow support and a special Tag Walk mode, which allows you to take a random journey through Flickr.


Techie Buzz Verdict

There are dozens of utilities for downloading Flickr photos. However, Flickr AutoDownloadr successfully manages to distinguish itself from the crowd thanks to its flexibility. The best thing about AutoDownloadr is that it allows you to get into any ones shoes and enjoy their photo stream. The software has some performance issues and the UI tends to become unresponsive while downloading photos. In spite of these issues, if you enjoy surfing Flickr, you are probably going to love Flickr AutoDownloadr.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

[ Download Flickr AutoDownloadr ]

How To Convert Flickr Metadata to Lightroom And Photoshop Presets

When you click a photo in this digital age, a lot of information gets saved, it’s not only the light that you have captured. Almost all digital cameras these days save extra information with your pictures. This extra information gives details about the type of camera used, exposure provided, focal length, white balance, shutter speed, aperture and several other tidbits about the picture taken. This information is called EXIF data which stands for Exchangeable Image File Format.

flickr-logo The EXIF data also contains the RAW conversion settings, stored when a photographers digitally process their pictures. These RAW conversion settings can contain details such as brightness, contrast, vignettes, white balance, temperature and several other options that can totally transform the images. So, if you copy this data from one picture to another, you can actually, in some way, give the second picture a similar look’ like the first one.

Using this idea, photographer and web developer Joe Smalley created an easy to use tool that will allow you to give a particular look’ to a picture, sourcing the EXIF data from a Flickr photograph. This is how he explains the process:

After quickly getting tired of copying settings across manually, I developed a tool which will output a Lightroom or Photoshop preset file based on the metadata found for that Flickr photo. Simply enter the full URL of the photo into the tool below and you’re away!

It is limited to photos which have metadata publicly available. Also custom point tone curve information isn’t converted- as the Flickr metadata page unfortunately doesn’t show all it.

The tool can be used to create dramatic transformations of pictures. If the look of the downloaded preset doesn’t suit the picture well, you can always tweak each individual setting manually.

Note: If the preset downloads as plain text or in a txt file, simply change its extension/save it as .LRtemplate (for Lightroom) or .ACR (for photoshop)

Convert Flickr Metadata to Lightroom/Photoshop presets

App Garden: Hundreds Of Free Flickr Apps To Download

If you are big on Flickr, you must be using a number of Flickr apps to browse, search, upload and download photos from Flickr. All these apps are great but where do you go when you are looking for a new or special-purpose app? The answer is “The App Garden’.

App Garden is a free service by Flickr that indexes a collection of popular Flickr apps. These are all apps developed by Flickr members using the Flickr API and most of them are available for free. You can browse through the App Garden to find a desired app or search for it using tags.

Each app listing includes screen-shots and user comments. You cannot, however, download the app directly from the app garden. Rather, you would have to go to the application website to download it.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

App Garden is a much needed platform for Flickr apps that will help a user immensely in finding useful apps. The ability to download directly from the App Garden would have been a much appreciated feature, though.

Browse and Upload Flickr Photos From Windows Explorer

is one of the most popular photo sharing website service. Many users upload photos to Flickr and share it with others. We came across a software which will allow you to access your Flickr Photos in Windows Explorer.

Flickr Drive is a Windows shell extension, which will allow you to browse, download and upload photos to Flickr from Windows Explorer.


Once you install the software, you will see a new system folder called Flickr Drivein the Other section of My Computer. Double click on the drive to bring up the authentication dialog for Flickr. In the first screen enter your Flickr username and choose whether you want to also include photos uploaded by your family and friends.

flickr_drive_username authorize_flickr_drive flickr_authorization_done

Once you enter the username, you will be asked to authorize Flickr Drive with Flickr. Sign in to your account, and follow the series of steps to authorize the app. Once you have authorized it, come back to Windows explorer and click on the Done link.

browse_flickr_photos open_flickr_photos_on_desktop

You can now browse the images from Flickr directly in My Computer like any other regular folder. You can also enlarge the image by clicking on them, it will use your default picture viewer to open the image.

new_flickr_photoset upload_images_to_flickr

Creating new photosets and uploading images is also very easy. To create a New photoset in Flickr, just click on the New Photoset option in Windows explorer and give the folder a name. To upload images to the photoset, just copy paste the images to the folder. In addition to this you can also search images by tags.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Flickr Drive is one of the most awesome software you can use for Flickr. It makes it very easy to browse photos on Flickr. Along with that, it also makes it a piece of cake to create new photosets and upload photos to it.


If you are a Windows users who uses Flickr, Techie Buzz highly recommends Flickr drive. It also gets a stamp of from us.

Ratings: 5/5 (Awesome)

More Related Softwares

Download Flickr Drive

How To Restore The Original Flickr Logo [Scrape Off ‘From Yahoo’]

flickr-yahoo-logo Some days back, a slight change happened at Flickr. A small Yahoo logo was added to the Flickr logo so that it reads Flickr from Yahoo!. We say, it’s fine if Yahoo wants to remind people of that fact that it owns the largest photo community on the web; we are absolutely cool with it. But the fundamental fact here is that as techcrunch puts it – Flickr users, many of whom are techy hipsters, just don’t mix well with middle America Yahoo.

The change was met with a lot of criticism. People thronged to Flickr’s forums and tweeted how being owned by Yahoo is something to be ashamed of. Ultimately, it’s the company’s sole decision to select the way they wish to brand their products. If the Yahoo branding looks hip on your screen, that’s great; if not, let’s get a greasemonkey to do the job.

Flickr user,  aspherical element, must be really troubled with Yahoo intervening his place of tranquility. He picked up the task of creating a greasemonkey script that scrapes off the yahoo branding and brings back the original logo. If you follow the same league, get the Greasemonkey script here. As a necessary rule, you’ll need Firefox and the Greasemonkey addon installed (Or Google Chrome if you’re geeky enough to enable scripts)

Search the Most Popular Flickr Photos Based on Colors

Flickr is an awesome place, whether it’s for photography inspiration, beautiful photos to be included in your projects (thanks to CreativeCommons) or even just to keep yourself entertained. It could be said that the greatest use of Flickr (other than getting to know how beautiful out world is) is that you get stunning photos that can be used in your designs.

This new tool – Multicolr, allows you to search over 10 million “explored” photos on Flickr that are licensed under a CreativeCommons license, by specifying colors.   [“Explored” photos on Flickr means, the photos which were featured specially by the team at Flickr based on the photos’ interestingness].

If you’re designing a greeting card, a brochure or an image to be used in your blog post, you could easily search for very interesting CC-licensed photos from Flickr that could be used in your design. Since you are searching based on colors, the images will always blend with our current design. You can specify up to 10 colors. You may select a single color multiple times, which will increase it’s prominence.

I used the tool to search for images that contain the color of the theme we use here at Techie-Buzz and got this.

To that, added two yellow-orange colors and got this.

Reset all selections and gone for a dark combination and got this.

Pretty impressive ? You bet!

How did they manage this?
“We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most interestingCreative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.”

It’s a great way to use Flickr, which is great in itself. You can easily find awesome, legally available photos that blend with your designs and colors. Above all, it’s just fun to use.

Best of Flickr (1)

Photography is one of my most enjoyed hobby. I capture things that attract my eyes and especially macros, which I love to shoot most of the time. Not a PRO photographer with all DLSR and various kinds of lenses in hand, but with just a Sony DSC-W5 Cyber-shot, I try to capture the world.

Flickr, as you know, a image and video hosting site, is the most widely used of all. And of late, I’ve been uploading all my collections there :-)

In this post, I’d like to share with you the best photographs of various photographers that I’ve liked. I hope you enjoy them :-)

P.S I hope that you’ve liked it. This is my first set. Many more collections to come. Stick around :-)