Adobe AIR For Android Released

Adobe has released the Adobe AIR application on the Android market. Adobe AIR allows developers to create applications that can be easily ran on various platforms with minimal changes in their code. AIR will allow Android users to enjoy web applications right on their handsets without opening their Internet browser. Adobe AIR

However, at the moment there is not even a single quality AIR based application available for Android that I know of. To use some Adobe AIR based applications, search for Adobe AIR and all the apps listed will be based on it. Hopefully, developers will soon start creating applications using AIR and thus take full advantage of its multi-platform feature’.

The Adobe AIR application, like Adobe Flash 10.1, is only for phones running on Android 2.2.


Motorola Droid X Android 2.2 Update Rolling Out Now!

It was just yesterday we had reported that Verizon and Motorola will be rolling out the Android 2.2 update within a couple of days. Droid X Verizon has officially confirmed now that the update has already been rolled out to all Droid X owners. The OTA (Over-The-Air) update weighs in at 67.6MB and will bring with it many new features to the X.

The good news for the modding community is that the Droid X can still be rooted after updating to Android 2.2. The rooting method is same as the Droid 2 one. The Android 2.2 update for the device brings with it Flash 10.1, better browsing experience, better 3G mobile hotspot performance and general performance improvements.

Users who tinker around with their phone are recommended not to downgrade their phone to Android 2.1 after updating it to Android 2.2. If they do so, there is a very high chance of their Droid X being bricked.

Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 Run Flash 10.1

Here is some good news for Nokia fans, the Nokia E7 and both run Flash 10.1. We have confirmed this when we had a look at the Nokia E7 prototype at Nokia World 2010.

Nokia E7 Flash 10.1

Nokia E7 which will be out in 4th quarter of 2010 is still a prototype and runs beta software, however, it also runs Flash 10.1, which is good considering that you would be able to save a lot of battery power while watching Flash videos.

More details on the device will follow later on.

Adobe Killing Flash On The Motorola Droid?

Adobe has just updated the minimum requirement for Flash 10.1 on Android handsets and the change is going to affect a lot of Droid owners out there. Adobe and Motorola had initially stated that Flash 10.1 will be supported on the Droid. Motorola Droid However, the updated requirements from Adobe state that all mobile phones must be running an ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 800 MHz or above. This means that the original Droid or the Milestone won’t support Flash 10.1 since the Cortex A8 processor inside the handset runs at 550 MHz.

Nevertheless, Motorola had under clocked the A8 processor inside this handset and if the company wants they can make the processor run at 800 MHz, which will make the handset Flash 10.1 compatible. Heck! Even the stock kernel on the Motorola Droid allows overclocking up to 800 MHz (Rooted Users only!). There are also many custom kernels available for the Droid which overclocks the processor of the device to 1.1 GHz.

I seriously hope Motorola and/or Adobe do something about it since the Droid/Milestone is one of the most popular Android handset out there. Removing the Droid from the Flash 10.1 compatibility list will seriously not go down well with the Droid owners.


Get Flash 10.1 On Your Motorola Droid

One of the major benefits of Android 2.2 is that it brings full flash to Android via Flash Player 10.1. However, not many phones have got their fair share of Froyo and Flash love except for the Google Nexus One. The Motorola Droid hasMotorola Droid already got its Froyo update, but the Flash update for the phone still has not been released. The Flash 10.1 update for the Droid was expected to be rolled out from August 18, but sadly it did not happen.

There are many leaked Flash 10.1 .apk’s floating around on the Internet which Droid owners can install. However, these Flash builds are not optimized for the Droid and thus result in a choppy experience. Nevertheless, users who want smooth and trouble free Flash experience on their Droid should install the latest version of CyanogenMod 6 a.k.a CM6 RC3. After installing the latest RC of CM6, users should search the market for the Flash player and install it.

Apparently, this Flash 10.1 player provides a much better flash experience on your Droid than the other leaked .apk’s do.


Watch Hulu Videos On Android 2.2 Froyo With Flash 10.1

A few days ago I had posted on how Hulu was blocking Flash 10.1 on based devices due to licensing issues. However, for every block there is a workaround and it is the same with Hulu.

Android 2.2 Flash 10.1

A recent post on Absolutely has instructions on how users can access Hulu on Android 2.2 Froyo running Flash 10.1. The detailed instructions walks you through changing the Android browser string to use a desktop UAString in order to trick Hulu into thinking that you are accessing it from a desktop.

The hack will only work on Android 2.2 with Flash 10.1 installed. If you do not have Android 2.2 yet, check out how you can root Nexus One to install Android 2.2, you can also download a manual update of Android 2.2 for from official sources. You will also need to download Flash 10.1 for the Nexus One.


Hulu Blocking Android 2.2 Devices Using Flash

Everyone must be really excited about and Flash 10.1, since it will bring a much needed relief to users who haven’t been able to watch flash videos on their devices.

Android 2.2 Flash 10.1

However, if you are a Hulu user and are gearing up to catch up some Hulu videos on your newly installed 2.2 OS with Flash 10.1 installed, you will be in for some disappointment since Hulu is reportedly blocking Flash 10.1 access on Android 2.2.

According to a PC World report who got a byte from Adobe, Hulu does not own the mobile distribution rights for the content they have, so they are legally obliged to block the content from mobile devices.

According to Adobe, Hulu does not own distribution rights for their content on mobile devices and therefore cannot stream video to smartphones. With no Hulu on the iPad and no Hulu on your Android phone, isn’t time for Hulu to develop an app? Let’s hope so.

This is definitely a big blow since Hulu is one of the best resources to catch up on television shows and the earlier reasons that Flash support on mobile devices being an issue no long holds.

However, given that Flash 10.1 and Android 2.2 are just released things may change in the near future. However, don’t keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime find alternatives to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device.

Flash 10.1 Available For Downloads For Android 2.2 Froyo

Quite recently, we told you how was spotted running Flash 10.1. With the official release of Android 2.2 Froyo at the Google I/O conference earlier today and the availability of 2.2 Froyo for Nexus One customers, it was time that Adobe too released the latest version to users.

Flash 10.1 for Android 2.2 Froyo

Adobe has officially released Flash Player 10.1 beta for Android devices running Android 2.2 Froyo. So if you are a user and have received an OTA update to Froyo, you can visit the official download page for Flash 10.1 and start viewing Flash videos and using Flash applications on your device.

To download the app to your phone, you will need to open the Download Flash Player 10.1 beta on your Android 2.2 device. Flash 10.1 cannot be installed in any other way right now.

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