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Tab Mix Plus Beta For Firefox 3.5

Tab Mix Plus is a popular that stopped working when 3.5 came out, many users were disappointed and did not upgrade for that.

However the developer of the add-on has been working on some beta versions that are compatible with Firefox 3.5.

If you have been putting up upgrading Firefox for this reason, you can safely do that now and use the beta version of Tab Mix Plus.

Download Tab Mix Plus beta (direct link to XPI), you can find more information about this version in the developers forum.

Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince Personas For Firefox

If you are using Personas, a lightweight skin changer for and are a Harry Potter fan, Warner Bros have released new Harry Potter and Half-Blood prince personas to coincide with the July 15th premier of the movie.

Currently there are 4 personas available in the series, you can see them in action below.

The good thing about using Personas over themes is that you can apply the changes without having to restart the browser.

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 1

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 2

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 3

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 4

You will need to install the Personas before you can make use of styles for your browser.

[via Mozilla Links]

Create/Take Notes In Firefox

If you are a user, you might know that Opera has a inbuilt feature that allows you to create notes without leaving the browser, a similar feature is not available for though.

If you are someone who constantly keeps on researching and would not want to use desktop note taking softwares or web to-do lists managers, the list.it will definitely come in handy.

list.it is a simple, free, open-source (MIT-license) note-keeping tool to help you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day.


list.it has several options and you can also synchronize your lists with a external server and also configure the for the add-on.

Though list.it does not have advanced features like clipping webpages, images etc, it is definitely worthwhile to install and use this add-on.

list.it is a collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Nokia Research Center, and is supported by the Web Science Research Initiative and the The National Science Foundation.

Download List.it Firefox add-on

Google Gears Add-on For Firefox 3.5

One of the biggest extension that stopped working on 3.5 was Google Gears, many users use it to access content offline in Google Reader and also for offline emails and various other services.


Though there is no official update for the , you can download and use the unofficial version of Google Gears for Firefox 3.5 on Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

However this version of Gears is unofficial beta, so if you do not like to install unstable software you might want to keep away from it.

Download Unofficial Gears for Windows and Linux or Download  Unofficial Gears for Mac OS X (Intel only).

[via Lifehacker]

Firefox 3.5 Compatible Themes

With the release of 3.5 many popular themes and add-ons have stopped working, because they have not been updated to be compatible with the latest version.

However there are several themes available which are completely compatible with Firefox 3.5.

Firefox Facts has put up a list of 10 popular themes that are Firefox 3.5 ready, some of the themes are really beautiful, so if your older theme has stopped, give a try to one of the 10 themes.

Here are some of our favorites from the list Firefox Facts put up.

Gradient iCool

gradient icool firefox theme


silvermel firefox theme

Chromifox Extreme

chromifox extreme firefox theme

Phoenity Reborn

phoenity reborn firefox theme

Image Credits: Firefox Facts

Remove Extra White Space Margin From Google Search Results

Quite recently Google rolled out some changes to their search results page, however one of the change is quite annoying.

It adds some extra white space to the left hand side margin of the results page as you can see in the screenshot below.


If you do not like the extra space in the margin, you can get rid of it by using a script, that will work on with Greasemonkey installed.

In addition to removing the extra white space in the margins, it will also change the new Google logo and use the older one.

Download Google Old Google Greasemonkey Script

Firefox 3.5 Review: Below Par And Puts Too Many Unwanted Things Into The Core

This is my personal review so I will go with my own opinions, however 3.5 is a bit faster than the earlier versions, even with Firefox 3.5 they have not learnt a lot of things they should have learnt, several things that matter in user experience have been left out, and several things including tab management which people install as add-ons but never use have been incorporated.

This leads to a larger question, people install things that are popular but never use it, and still it gets incorporated into the browser?

However things like getting Firefox to install add-ons or themes without restarting the browser gets left out of a major release, and its has been a major call for many people all over since Firefox 2.

Agreed that in Acid tests or whatever Firefox or whichever browser has been fastest, but who other than tech blogs who write about acid tests care about them? Do you as a user really care about what they are, or do you care which browser is really fast for you, in my opinion and have been much more faster than what Firefox 3.5 is, try moving the browser around after loading few tabs, the sheer moving will tell you which browser is lighter.

Agreed Chrome does not have extensions yet, however in dev versions  extensions in Chrome run independent of the browser, so you can kill them and still continue to use the browser, why not such features in Firefox 3.5.

When Firefox is 2nd in the market why does it have to do catch up with which already has that feature to kill independent tabs.

It’s a flaw in how Firefox has grown and how it has been able to sustain it, the add-on community grew it up to such a level that people liked Chrome but wanted it to have extensions support before they moved to it.

Firefox 3.5 has great features, but there is nothing to write home about, after few days people will start complaining how Firefox uses lots of memory, and Mozilla will start saying a barebone version of Firefox does not utilize that much memory, but Mozilla if you can build a platform that eliminates add-ons that eat up memory you would do good, rather than just blaming them for having a bloated Firefox.

I use Firefox, but not as much as I did before Google Chrome came up, once Google Chrome has something like Firebug and Webdeveloper I am dumping Firefox until they really come up with something that wants me to use them again.

I am a Firefox fan and will remain one, however Chrome stole your thunder and IE8 did it too, so buck up and do a bigger and better release soon.

Download Firefox 3.5

3.5 is out and ready and available for downloads, if you have been waiting for this now is the time to download and use the next generation browser in Firefox.


What’s New In Firefox 3.5?

Firefox 3.5 has private browsing, increase security, better productivity features, more customizations and is also better than .

There are tons of features that Firefox 3.5 has and we will be doing a detailed review of it soon.

In the meantime why don’t you give the browser a try yourself.

Download Firefox 3.5

Remove Advertisements/Ad Banners From Orkut

the popular social networking site in India and Brazil just rolled out new changes to their interface where they are now showing ads right on the top of the page.

This has irked quite a few users, who were used to seeing their friends list in that position.


However if you are user a simple will solve your problems by removing the Orkut ads for you.

Download Orkut Advertising Banner Remover

Microsoft Announces $10K Competition To Promote IE8 in Australia, Takes Potshots At Firefox, Safari And Chrome

Microsoft’s marketing campaigns sometimes do not make any sense at all, however here is another campaign they have undertaken to promote , with this competition they aim to grow their market share in the browser wars.

Rather than innovating something like Opera Unite did, they are rather taking potshots at , their biggest rival in the Internet browser industry.

The newest campaign for IE8 is targeted at users in Australia, where Microsoft is challenging users to find the ten grand that is buried somewhere on the page, however they cannot do it when they use Firefox or for that matter any other browser other than IE8, in-fact it even calls Safari the browser from Apple boring.


You can see the details on Microsoft’s Ten Grand Is Buried Here campaign, however right now this site works only on IE browsers.

Just for fun Microsoft makes fun of any browser other than IE8 that you use to visit the above site, for example if you use , you will see a message against Chrome and so on.

Surprisingly when you visit the page using Opera, you will see a message saying “your browser” instead of Opera.

Wow Microsoft we admire your guts, however a Mozilla fan and Ubiquity developer went ahead and registered another domain called TenGrandIsBuriedThere.com, this is going to be fun now. Thanks Mitcho.

What do you think about the campaign? Would you switch to IE8 to win 10 Grand? Let us know about your views and opinions.

10 Add-ons To Supercharge Blogging With Firefox

have always been adding some usefulness to in several areas, one of them is Blogging, here are some useful add-ons that will help you supercharge you blogging experience with Firefox.



1. ScribeFire (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1730)

It is one of the best add-on possible for blogging. It offers some powerful and amazing features which can be seen only in few desktop blogging clients and with its recent Integration with Zemanta, it has become more powerful than some desktop clients.

Some of its features are:

  • Ability to right click on a portion of selected text/photo from any webpage to create a new post using its editor window.
  • Ability to save your posts as drafts for future writing.
  • Integration with Blog directory services like Technorati and Ping-O-Matic and many more.
  • Ability to share the post to various social networks with a single click.
  • Support for Multiple Blogs.

ScribeFire is compatible with Blogger, WordPress.com, Movable Type, WordPress (Self Hosted).

2. Zemanta (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7571)

Zemanta is a plugin which integrates with your blogging dashboard and populates your dashboard with contextual photos, tags and links to add to your blog post and enrich it, just by watching what you are writing in your post. If you want, you can also filter Zemanta for specific keywords which are not present in your post.

This add-on basically just adds a sidebar to your posting editor and allows you to use photos, tags and even links with a single click and use them in your post.

Image Editing

As a Tech Blogger, I need to keep taking screenshots of the various websites or online services that I blog about. This is where add-ons like Fireshot and Picnik comes into picture and help us a great deal.

3. Fireshot (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5648)

It is one of the most popular add-on for creating screenshots of web pages either entirely or just the visible part of the webpage. This add-on also provides a host of editing and annotation tools, which can be very helpful in modifying the taken screenshots and insert text/ graphical annotations to it. The screenshot can then be saved in 4 different formats PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP.

4. Screengrab (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1146)

An another popular add-on for web screenshots. You can capture the entire page or a particular selection as an screenshot and then convert it into a file later.

5. Picnik (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4889)

We all know that Picnik is an amazing web photo editor. This extension simply adds a option in your right context menu, to make it very easy to to edit the image in  Picnik. Through this add-on, you can also take screenshots of the current page and import them into Picnik for any editing of the image.


Every person who is into Blogging accept the fact that commenting is an important part of blogging as well. This add-on acts as an auto-fill and can help you in automatically filling out the Comment Forms on various blogs.

6. EasyComment (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9095)

Once Installed, you just have to click on Easy Comment icon on the status bar of Firefox and insert all your details like Name, Email and Website address. That is all.
The next time you go to any website/blog and click on the Easy comment Icon, all the fields are Auto filled by this add-on and you just have to add your comment and press the Submit Button.


There are at times when you come across a great article but not in position to blog about it, and if you add it to bookmarks, there are chances of losing it if you have a huge list of bookmarks like me :)

7. Scrapbook (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/427)

This add-on gives you a collapsible sidebar on which you can drag drop the article or add it via right click context menu for later reading. You can also tag that particular page with your annotations, to help you identify it later.

Everything is stored in folder like structure, locally which can help you a great deal in organizing all your clipped stuff.

8. Read It Later (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7661)

Sometimes you want to save a page which are of one time read only. In such cases, it is not worth putting it in your bookmarks. This Firefox extension will help you in such case. It allows you to save the required pages for further reading which will be of one time interest only.


9. Shareaholic ((https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5457))

Shareaholic is a small nifty add-on which allows you to easily share your posts to various social networks very quickly.

It simply adds a button to both your toolbar and context menu that makes all the social networks like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Friendfeed and Twitter accessible. Shareholic also allows you to customize which network you want and you don’t. Shareaholic supports 30 social networks currently.

10. FireFTP (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684)

For some reason, if you want to FTP to your site, this add-ons helps you a great deal. It is an integrated FTP Client within Firefox, which offers pretty good features like directory comparison, directories syncing while navigating, support for SFTP and SSL encryption, search/filtering, integrity checking, remote editing, support for dragging & dropping files, file hashing and many more.

This is a guest post by Vikas SN a Software Engineer and a Technology Blogger from the Bangalore who blogs at Techie Blues, where he writes about cool softwares and hack you can use, if you want your guest post featured on Techie Buzz, drop us a line through the contact us form.

Develop Your Own Firefox Add-ons With Jetpack

without the would not be terribly exciting to use, however developing extensions has been the forte of experienced developers, who understand how the browser works and how they can extend it.

So it was not surprising that Mozilla have decided to introduce a new development API called Jetpack that will make Firefox add-on development really simpler for anyone who knows HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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Manage Your Firefox Form History

By default only allows users to delete all the form history entries, however if you only want to selectively delete form entries, there is no easy workaround. Form history entries are basically the entries that you have already typed in while using Firefox, with the help of form history, you will see auto-complete suggestions while filling out forms, making it easier for the user.

An called Form History Control, lets you view and manage form history entries with ease.

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Access Links In Firefox Using Keyboard

There are many users who prefer using the keyboard over the mouse, however with web browsing it tends to become difficult to browse webpages and links with the keyboard, specially navigating the links on the page.

There are few ways in which you can make it easier, by using Caret browsing, however if you prefer to not change the way you browse, a called Link Access will come in handy. 

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Automatically Sort Downloads In Firefox

Downloading files with can get pretty tedious when you want to sort files into different folders, for example image files (JPG/GIF/PNG) to images folder, MP3 files to music folders and so on.

Not that there Firefox lacks that allow users to sort downloads, but we came across another one, that allows users to create filters to automatically sort the downloads in Firefox.

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