Skip And Bypass Megaupload Time Limit

The major problem with file sharing hosts like Rapidshare and Megaupload is that, they ask users to wait for a several seconds before they can begin downloading a file, this may range from a wait of 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

A called MU Bundle will allow you to skip the wait time while downloading files from Megaupload servers.

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Quickly Enable Or Disable Plugins In Firefox

in itself will not run content that require additional plugins, for example for running flash content, Firefox requires to run the Shockwave Flash plugin, for playing Windows Media files, it requires the Windows Media Player plugin and so on.

However there is no easy way in Firefox to quickly enable or disable installed plugins, that was till the Plugins Toggler   was created.

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Firefox Inline Search History [Featured Firefox Add-on]

Do you use the inline search (not the search web box, but the search to find text in webpages) to frequently search for text in a webpage? If you do, there may be instances where you want to search for the same text in multiple pages.


A simple trick to search smartly in Firefox allows you to search the same text without the need to type it in the inline search box again, however a much better solution is available in the form of a , that will allow you to keep a history of your inline searches.

The FindList Firefox   add-on turns the find box in a drop down list, remembering the last 15 items you had searched using the inline search.

FindList is a experimental add-on, you will have to login to Mozilla Add-ons before you can download and use it.

FindList Firefox Add-on [via Download Blog]

Option To Restart Firefox

Firefox allows users to restart the browser only when a new or Firefox theme has been installed, however there are several times when the browser performs slow and you may want to restart Firefox rather than having to close and start it again.


A add-on called Restart Firefox adds a option to restart the browser through a menu item. Once you install the add-on, you can restart the browser by visiting the File menu and clicking on the Restart Firefox item.

Definitely useful if you frequently close and start Firefox. The add-on is experimental, so you will need to login to Mozilla add-ons before you can install it in Firefox.

Download Restart Firefox

Virtual Keyboard Interface For Firefox To Thwart Keyloggers

Keyloggers are a very harmful malicious scripts, that capture keystrokes and spy on your private data and passwords. These programs maliciously install themselves, and run without the users being aware about it, making it a huge security threat.

There are several methods to thwart keyloggers and many banks do provide users with a virtual keyboard facility using which they can enter their secure passwords.

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Easy Comment Makes It Easier To Comment On Blogs [Firefox Extension]

Quite sometime back we had told you about a script that would allow you to prefill comments on blogs by automatically entering your name, email and website on the press of a hotkey.

Just came across another called Easy Comment that will help you fill out blog comments form by entering a prefilled name, email and web homepage address on blogging platforms like , Movable Type and Dotclear among others.

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iTunes Like Web Application For Watching YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing website which allows users to upload and watch videos. There are several applications we have covered in the past which will help you download multiple videos from YouTube, download a single video from YouTube and automatically repeat YouTube videos among others.


Just came across a excellent web application called YouTube App which is a iTunes like web application, which will allow you to browse and view YouTube videos in style.

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Sort Downloads Into Different Folders In Firefox

Firefox 3 has improved on the download manager, however it still leaves a lot to be desired, since you have to sort all the downloads in different folders after they have been download, with free download managers you can easily sort the downloads making it easier to manage downloaded files.

There is some delight for Firefox users, in the form of a handy add-on called Download Sort which will help you sort the downloads in different folders based on their extensions.

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